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  1. Today Nouveau Falero had biological Atlantic Salmon fillets from Ireland. Don't know how often they get it. -Steve
  2. Anyone here has gone to the Whampoa Gourmet Place complex in Hong Kong? Curious, overall how's the food in the different food stalls at Whampoa? Any specific places I should check out? -Steve
  3. I think Le Piment Rouge owner Hazel Mah still gets lots of favourable press(Lesley Chesterman's very negative review of Le Piment Rouge being the exception). I remember it was only a couple of years ago, Hazel Mah was named Canadian restaurateur of the year by a Canadian restaurant trade magazine(what a joke!), for her running of Le Piment Rouge. -Steve
  4. Mr. Cutlets, I'm often disappointed that I can't cook a steak at home as good as the steakhouses do. For one thing, I don't have a high powered broiler or grill, that the steakhouses have. Besides that, I need your tips for the cooking up steaks at home. For example: Is a heavy duty cast-iron pan, the best for cooking steaks? After both sides of a steak are seared, should it be finished in the oven? Should the steaks I get, be as thick as possible(to get the best cooking results)? Should the steak be at room temperature, before it's cooked? Thanks for any answers. -Steve
  5. Thanks very much Robert for explaining everything regarding the resto guide. I brought it up to you, with absolutely no malice intended. Several people mention serious charges. You would be the person to clear it up, once & for all. Have a good day. -------- Steve
  6. I also enjoy the dragon beard candy in Montreal. Enjoy this thread very much. If possible, please post more pictures of the Chinese desserts you enjoy. ---------- Steve
  7. Fully agree with those people who say, to not take everything so seriously regarding enRoute choices for 'Best New Restaurants.'. It's only enRoute, Air-Canada's in-flight magazine that they distribute free to their customers(otherwise it's not available to the public)! Restaurant top lists put out by publications are frequently flawed by my eyes. A worse example than this? The London-based Restaurant magazine for the last two years, has come out with their 'Top 100 restaurants of the World' list(has been discussed on eGullet in several threads). When they first announced the 'Top 100' two years ago, I noticed one Hong Kong restaurant. It was the Felix making the top 100. I immediately told my food writer friend in HK. She was incredulous, saying along the lines 'how could that restaurant make it, with such awful food!' People go there for people spotting, ambience, & the incredible view. There're hundreds of restaurants in HK with better food than the Felix(the other restaurants in the Peninsula HK hotel offer better food). To her horror, Felix made the 'Top 100' list again this year. There's a discussion of the Felix in the eGullet thread Spoon by Alain Ducasse, where my HK friend discusses the restaurant. Also, a food writer friend in Vancouver, says the annual Vancouver Magazine's Restaurant Awards are very flawed(some of the winners are bizarre choices). ----------- Steve
  8. Lesley your suggestion to me is now done. It was originally discussed in the 'Terraces' thread at the Montreal section. I have now posted the question to Robert in the 'Terraces' thread, & have quoted the allegations. Thanks. ---------- Steve
  9. Upon the suggestion by Lesley I found the quotes, that made charges against The Voir Resto guide, that I want Robert Beauchemin to answer. That I should post it here, instead of the enRoute thread. Here's another posting, regarding this. Hear's another allegation, that I would like Robert to clear up. --------- Steve
  10. Lesley I posted this question to Robert here, as it relates to his creditability(yes I really did think long & hard about it, if it should be posted here). The Cluny inclusion in enRoute is being discussed here, where his creditability is now questioned(him being one of the two Montreal-based restaurant panellists). ---------- Steve
  11. Robert, I need to ask you here. It was charged by a eGullet member here awhile ago, in a discussion at the Montreal section, that for your annual Montreal resto guide, you have told certain restaurants they will not be reviewed for the book, unless they buy advertising in the book. Is this true?? This is a very very serious charge!! ------------- Steve
  12. Culatello, I just re-read your earlier postings on this 'Pizza in Montreal' thread. I agree with you, on your ingredients for a great ultimate pizza. Your suggestion of Buffalo Mozz. for the ultimate pizza, & how it should be used is fascinating(cut & drained on only put on the pizza in the final two minutes of cooking). My only concern with Buffalo Mozz(it's the best tasting no doubt), is its high water content, & you solve the problem with your technique. Among the few things I've discussed so far with the owner of La V.C. is the cheese they use on their pizzas(Saputo Mozz for all their pizzas). Maybe down the line they can experiment more. The only pizzeria in Montreal that I know making a Naples-type pizza(using tipo '00 flour), is Prato Pizzeria(next to Schwartz's as Rex stated). Their pizza is very good(among the best in the city). I'll ask a second time, on this thread. Is their regional differences to the pizzas offered within the Montreal-area? As an example, is their noticeable differences between what's offered in the east end of Montreal, compared to the west end of the city? Do the people in the West Island get a different pizza, than in downtown Montreal(sauce, toppings)? ---------- Steve
  13. My review of La V.C. was based on trying one of their pizzas. As times goes on, I'll try their other pizzas, & keep asking more questions about their product(so far I've tried two of their pizzas). Culatello, what other pizzerias in Montreal that you have tried, you consider at least very good? ------------ Steve
  14. I think I have the same problem in Canada, convincing people that great Chinese restaurants, don't only operate in the Vancouver-area. That many of the best Chinese restaurants in North America are in the Toronto-area. Particuliarly in the Chinese satellite towns of Markham & Richmond Hill. I have a friend who keeps telling me about the Chinese satellite town Monterey Park(& San Gabriel Valley) in the LA-area, & of their many many great Chinese restaurants, but San Francisco gets most of the talk in the media. ------------ Steve
  15. Anyone with an update on what Ward & Diane(Fandango founders) are up to now? --------------- Steve
  16. fireweed, thanks for the retraction & warning. ---------- Steve
  17. Just checked, Xacutti made the cut last year, for 'Best New Restaurants' in enRoute magazine. ----------- Steve
  18. Tried to get the biological Loup de Mer fish today(Monday) at Nouveau Falero, but they didn't have it anymore. They told me, there's a very very very limited supply of this fish, & they get it very very rarely(the only place in Montreal that would carry it). According to the person there, they might not get this fish again for 6 months. This Loup de Mer comes from France. I told him to contact me ASAP, when they next have it in. -------------- Steve
  19. fireweed, I'll check out your suggestion sometime soon, when I have the time. I seem to recall that the Rosalie restaurant had an elaborate French Toast item, when they first opened(wonder if it was any good). Don't think it's on their menu anymore. ------------ Steve
  20. I've been thinking of asking for more comments about this restaurant for a long time. I know that Lesley Chesterman frequently raves about L'Orchidee de Chine. And it gets lots of favourable media press in Montreal, & in the Montreal guides. But besides all that, I don't anyone knowledgeable about Chinese food ever recommending this restaurant(in particular Asians). The few times that I have ever mentioned L'Orchidee de Chine to Asians, I get a dismissive response(as if to at least imply, this restaurant is for non-Asians(& or tourists)). From what I gather, they don't even have the menu in Chinese(usually a very bad sign for Chinese restaurants). At lunchtime, L'Orchidee attracts a big business crowd. I tried once this summer to dine at L'Orchidee during lunch, but they had no tables left for people with no reservations. Anyone with comments on this restaurant, besides what Lesley has commented? BTW, another Chinese restaurant in Montreal, that gets lots of press, but I can't seem to find anyone knowledgeable about Chinese food to recommend it, is Le Piment Rouge restaurant(Lesley has heavily panned this restaurant). ----------- Steve
  21. Checked out Nouveau Falero Wednesday. They had biological Loup de Mer fish on their counter!!! Is it worth getting? Would this be farm-raised fish? They were charging quite a bit more for the biological Loup de Mer, than compared to their non-biological Loup de Mer fish. And found out on my visit, that last week they opened upstairs(so now they offer more products). --------- Steve
  22. Yes, I went in the middle of the afternoon. Important thing I forgot to mention in my La Vielle Cheminée experience. It`s the first time ever from my personal experience that a wood burning oven, actually imparted a smokey flavor to their pizza. It goes without saying, the pizza that I ate there was excellent. ----------- Steve
  23. Culatello I spoke with Tony & Gaetano(head chef). I had pizza #15 I think(bacon, ham, ... etc), & I added the oyster mushrooms. Take care. --------- Steve
  24. Thanks Culatello. Based on your recommendation, I went to La Vielle Cheminée(right spelling) for the first time today. It was arguably the best pizza I have ever tasted. Had a nice talk with both the owner & head chef, & they both told me about their interesting unique wood burning stove. Warning!! They're now at a new location(close to their previous location). ---------- Steve
  25. I would be interested to know outside of North America(specifically in Asia), what brand of soy sauce do the Chinese restaurants use(for cooking and/or dipping sauce at the dining tables). ------- Steve
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