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  1. for chocolate work, depending on the %, it seems that clarified would sub just fine...again, this would depend on the % used as I still assert that buerre sec is quite different than clarified. nice work on getting a response from the author; makes me want to get the book
  2. Can't vouch for the above reply to your question (while it certainly sounds good on paper) but don't forget that for every pound of flour there is a half pound of water...
  3. INBP forms an important segment of the leaders in the French artisanal baking industry; the other organisation is les Compagnons du Devoir. And of note, some compagnons are employed by the INBP, and some compagnons take classes there as part of their formation. While I have not been to the INBP, Mr. Rosada, who is generally recognised as the nation's most accomplished artisanal baker/teacher, is a graduate of their Master's program. I hope that answers the question; and in the interest of full disclosure I have not attended the school.
  4. dougal: While I respect your convictions and your desire to critique the book, some of your allegations are wrong. I would rather save my breath but, yes, use of bromates in flour is illegal in California. This is just one example. I am sure that Michel and the others would appreciate your feedback and I think you should offer it to him. RE: Dogmatic teachings...I think I know "who that came from."
  5. I submitted material for their (Pastry and Baking North America) January issue and I have been too busy to follow up with the editor. I never received the magazine with the recipe/formula/photos that I submitted. Maybe I'll drop him a mail as he was supposed to be moving a few miles from here. The magazine is very nice; a huge step up from the Pastry Art and Design in terms of content and pic quality.
  6. i can't say that i've tried but i have a hard time imagining that a home or even bakery produced clarified butter would be an "acceptable" substitute for dry butter, as is commonly used in laminates in France
  7. And I quote from the ariticle: "With the sourdough, the subjects' blood sugar levels were lower for a similar rise in blood insulin," says Graham, whose findings are being published in the British Journal of Nutrition. "What was even more interesting was that this positive effect remained during their second meal and lasted hours after." He says that it's likely that the fermentation of the sourdough changes the nature of the starches in the bread, creating a more beneficial bread. " END QUOTE FROM ARTICLE Respectfully, this is not "new" news. What is best is sourdough bread made with a significant portion of whole wheat flour. We've known about the complex fermentations occuring during "sourdough" fermentation and how they yield a more digestible and generally more "healthy" product. This is kind of like bran muffins; probably the worst muffin to ingest from a nutritional standpoint due to the significant amounts of sugars required to make it "tasty."
  8. LONGGGGG overdue... This book is an absolute must buy for Pastry/baking pros!!! If I had any gripes about it, it would be that I would've liked some more pix. The pix that are there are very good quality, and I knew already that the info would be good; just not THIS GOOD. Disclosure: Michel Suas has referred me professionally.
  9. i am not qualified from a statistical standpoint, but in America, there seems to be more total women involved in the pastry community. the bread baking community seems to be somewhat dominated by males, for seemingly obvious reasons...heavy bags of flour in France this is much different, with both professions being dominated by very very talented men in the end i value diversity above all; once one experiences a diverse workforce that is well managed, it's hard to deny the advantage the CIA classes in Greystone were like 90% female...consistently...go figure...it's all dough in their pockets at any rate
  10. Dancing Bear is related to Blackberry...fyi Last time I had simply outstanding service and food at Bubba Shrimp in Gatlinburg...outstanding
  11. great demo; thanks readers should be advised that Europain is now every 2 years per the website! yay
  12. francophonic (french speaking) thread readers should check out this tv report regarding French bakeries from the France forum...here: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showto...dpost&p=1495419 hope this link works best
  13. all i can say is wow wow wow thanks
  14. Yes. He has certainly contributed greatly to the artisan baking movement in America. Mr. Rosada helped with the book. It will be good.
  15. i've used the gold in the place of red with no problems; i wouldn't do the opposite without increasing the % of red
  16. http://www.chipsbooks.com/bakingas.htm turns out they just revised the edition and now include a DVD
  17. www.chipsbooks.com there's a great book about German Baking found here. It will run you about US$150 (I figure if you do the search then you'll find other great books too) no affiliation
  18. thanks for posting docsconz if i were a cook then i would kill to go to such an event
  19. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=44350 Here is a link to a question I posed to James MacGuire when I was employed by a 32,000 square ft bakery that marketed itself as "artisan." I honestly think that part of the reason they employed me was to feel better about calling the bread artisan..."see, we have a real artisan baker that works here overseeing production." Ok ok, the bread looked and tasted pretty darn good for the most part (not the best but hey we were making 2 thousand baguettes an hour). MacGuire didn't take the bait and delve into the areas which seem to be most divisive among traditionalists, but readers of this thread might find it interesting. More food for thought...
  20. bingo now, what legislation (in the USA) exists to qualify one as a craftsman/artisan? *nothing* maybe that's the problem? thoughts?
  21. (message forwarded to my wife)
  22. unfortunately dee vine won't ship to TN...am working on the usual loophole techniques
  23. LikLing: the invitation is still open to spend some time chez moi, but I'm in TN now.
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