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  1. LarsTheo, Dry Fenugreek leaves are easily available in Indian grocery stores offline or online. Ask for MDH Kasoori Methi. Check out Monica's blog that she hosted in late April. She has a very good methi patato recipe which uses these leaves and she has a photograph also of the box. You can check the blog here Shan has very good spices, especially their pre-made mixes for meat dishes, like keema curry and rogan josh. For chat masala, I prefer the MDH Chunky chat masala, much tangier and less spicy than Shan. Cheers!!
  2. Well, not exactly. Panjiri is the generic name for the material. After it is made, it can then be shaped into either Barfi or Laddoo or into a daliya/halwa/porridge type of cosistency. In most cases, shape of the final product depends on the Saas (M-in-law) or Daadi/Naani, so that they can give the bahu/daughter/grand daughter whatever they were given, when they had kids...Kinda Sweet revenge!!! I'll check with my mom next time I call her about the recipe. Cheers!!
  3. eGullet is in no way associated with this discount offer. We have not been approached by the restaurant about this and you will see that the voucher is in fact a general offer and makes no specific reference to this site. I have no problem with a restaurateur joining eGullet and starting a thread for the sole purpose of promoting their business, but I do object to the name of eGullet being used without permission in promotional activities. eGullet do not in anyway endorse this restaurant, we have no connection with it and we have no knowledge of it other than what has been posted on this thread. eGullet is happy to consider making arrangements to pass on discounts to its members, but only by prior arrangement with the management. ← Andy, You are correct. It is a universal discount and not specific for eG. I guess, I must have misunderstood when I got that information. So anyone, including eG members can avail of that discount. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Cheers!!
  4. It sounds a very special discount. Buy one main meal and get one free. You may see the details at this link. eGullet discount voucher Cheers!!
  5. grub, recipes are from a tandoor cookbook. i need to get modifications from my wife. will post. ← Try www.nishienterprise.com. Click on Tandoor--> Accessories. They have some 39" long skewers. I think they are NJ based. Good Luck
  6. Agni is open now. I spoke to one of the owners and they have soft launched this week. About 70-80% of menu is available and more is being added on a daily basis. No connection to Indian Zing. Lets keep this thread about Agni. www.agnirestaurant.com 160 King Street Hammersmith London W6 0QU Ph: 020 8846 9191 Head Chef is Gowtham Karingi (Ex-Head Chef of Veeraswamy in Regent Street, Michelin Starred Zaika and Utsav, both in Kensington High Street) Manager is Neeraj Mittra (Ex Manager for Chutney Mary and Cafe Lazeez) A special discount is available for eG members. Contact the manager and refer eGullet. Cheers,
  7. You are right about paranthas. I have been eating them for 40 years.. cant get them off my back.. Love 'em so much. To keep your old clothes still fitting you, try to cut the carbs of paranthas. Instead of all atta, try to add some protein like soy flour. This will make the dough a little less carby. I typically use 2.5 to 1 ratio of whole wheat flour to soy flour for paranthas, ever since i started to watch my carbs. What kind of gridle is that?.. Round tawa or some other type. Typical curing is to slather any cooking oil and heat it up in an oven for 30 minutes or so before using. (Make sure it does not have any plastic parts) Do it a couple of times for good measure and it should be cured after 1 or 2 actual uses, when you make paranthas on it.
  8. why would the solids be salty?? (Assuming that you have used "Un-salted" butter) for making ghee. Have you been using the salted butter for making ghee? It is not clear from your response. From you quote, it is clear that one must NOT stir the heating butter to achieve danedaar result. Will try that next time.
  9. Just make sure to buy the unsalted sweet cream butter and heat it up good till all the milk solids disappear. You will see brownish froth on the top (takes about 20 -25 minutes) Just sieve it into a clean bottle and let it cool. Desi ghee is ready. I am not too sure about Danedaar. But what we make from this process tastes and feels as good as Indana or Amul back home. Incidently, we buy the unsalted butter from Costco or Sams Club. For the remaining milk solids (brownish frothy stuff) left in the pan, throw in some atta, salt, pepper and ajwain seeds and make some dough. Heavenly wonderful paranthas for next day!!
  10. Aloo Tikki by another name.. Correct?? Or you can come over here and we can do a Pakora Chai Party...!!!
  11. Monica, Very good and quick adaptation of Aloo Methi. You are right, cleaning fresh methi leaves is a pain.. We have started using the frozen one because I like a lot of methi and this Kasoori methi packet is better for this version that you show here. Good job. Talking of this dry methi leaves, have you used them to make Methi parantha. This is what we do. Take a fistful of leaves and grind them even further using your fingers. They almost become like coarse powder. Bake the tandoori plain parantha, slather some butter/ghee/oil on it and sprinkle the methi leaf powder. Heavenly Methi Paranthas!!!
  12. Episure, Gola gappas / Pani Puri shells are easily available in Indo/Pak stores all over the US. I have surely seen them in many states from NY to Florida. Also available is Pani puri flour (which is a combo of semolina and atta, I guess.)We have made fresh pani puris at home using this flour and after some experimentation (and a little tip from my mother in law, when they were visiting) they came out perfect. We had Gol gappa / Papdi feast for 3 days in the last month. I will surely try the Vodka one next time. Monica: What is the ratio of vodka or rum in the pani puri water. Do you mix it with the pani puri water or fill up neat vodka in the gol gappa???
  13. Great blog Monica...very interesting...It is already 3 days old and you only announced it today in the Indian forum@#$%^ Not be left behind i am making chicken pulao today using the Shan rogan josh mix.. I'll blog about it to my wife and myself later in the day.. Cheers!!
  14. deliad

    Indian Food

    Flotch, Looks like you wanted to post this in the Indian Restaurants thread. This thread is about Indian Food News and Media. And which Richmond are you talking about, Richmond, Virginia or Richmond California or Richmond UK??
  15. Pan is right. Kashmiri cuisine does have some curries, even if they are yogurt based, like Yakhani they still qualify as curries. Rogan Josh is another dish that I would put under curries. They dont use turmeric that much so their curries may not always be yellow as the rest of north or central India.
  16. Someone I know is associated with this new Indian restaurant callled "Agni" on King St in Hammersmith. Online menu looks good. Here is the link I'd be interested in knowing how the place and food is. Please share your experiences. Cheers!!
  17. For all practical purposes, you can consider Pakistani cuisine as more of a regional Indian cuisine. The fact is that there was no Pakistan 60 years ago. It was all un-divided India. So the food that people eat there was known as Indian food before 1947. When India got divided, basically the states like Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan and Gujarat got divided. Just like the present day India, each state or region have their unique style/flavor of food and spices, same is true of the region that became Pakistan. Hope this clarifies some.
  18. Makhan is hindi for butter and Makhani is buttery. The pronunciation should be mukh (say it like muck but instead of "k" ending it has "kh" ending, put emphasis on "kh" and then say "nee".
  19. Wow, Those sweet yellow rice. Covered with almonds and kishmish (raisins)!!!! Yum!! Yum!! Most of the menu will have a yellow hue on the Basant Panchami day. Kadhi Chawal for Lunch, Makki roti for dinner. When we were kids, my Mom would actually make all of us wear something yellow on that day. Cheers!
  20. Knowing that the Mahashian family (MDH owners) belongs to the western Punjab (now in Pak) area, and in some punjabi dialects "Chunky" is a word sometimes used to describe "something with a kick" similar to "Karara". My guess is that Chunky refers to that. You are right though about its quality. Consistent and much better as compared to other brands. They could improve their packing though.
  21. Hi...I'm new here and I noticed you mentioned dal makhani. I recently took my first trip to India and had the yummiest dal makhani (amongst many, many, many yummy things) and I'd very much like to try making it myself. I've been unsuccessful in finding a recipe that seems authentic (they don't call for the marathon simmering) by doing a google search. I was wondering if you could be so very kind and let me know a recipe for it? You'd make someone very happy if you could! ← Randalle, In this very thread, just a few posts above, I have provided a link for the recipe of Dal Makhani. Let us know how it goes..
  22. I am sure Monica will share her Dal Makhani recipe. In the meantime, here is a link of Dal Makhani recipe that will come out very well. Click here We make it the almost the same way, though we do not use the curd (yogurt) and add the cream towards the end. Enjoy!!
  23. Nothing slow cooked this weekend. Though I will be thawing a mutton keema (minced goat meat spicy dry curry) that I slow cooked about a month back and froze the leftovers. Planning on some Lobhia (black eyed peas) this weekend and bake some Tandoori methi paranthas.
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