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    Sparkling Shiraz

    If your daring, try Sparkling Shiraz with a Roast Turkey dinner. It seems to compliment all the tastes on the plate
  2. Hello Alton, You can have any wine in the world. What is it ?
  3. Do I have to pay "Poppage" if I bring it to a Restaurant?
  4. Bumping up this thread, and still slightly off topic................ Had the Quintarelli Recioto Della Valpolicella, 1993 last night. What a mind blower! The color is still exceptional, Sweet candied, almost madiera like nose. Viscous in the mouth with flavors of Caramel, prune, and a hint of chocolate. L o n g...... finish. What an alternative to Port
  5. And........... That is one of the major problems in the Wine Biz today. Many years ago, I was selling Kistler Dutton Ranch for $16.99 a bottle. We liked it, and we were selling a ton. Our distributor was more than happy to keep the juice flowing. Then............ Spectatorized, Parkerized NO MAS VINO. Fast forward to 2004. We don't even see a bottle. Kistler illegally ships to our customers......... and they (some of them) don't want it, and want to sell it to us! So now we should buy at Retail, and resell ( and people will buy it) at a higher price. We have now entered the world of the 4-tier system
  6. You are right about that Carolyn. The old flying stogie used to be wonderful. And.... Ole Georges Duboeuf sold a load of wine because of Flowers on the label
  7. I just goy a pre-sell from Kobrand yesterday ( how ironic) for Connecticut $399.00 a 6-pack (66.50) go figure for 2001 Oreno
  8. Great report Craig. These wines have been fantastic in all recent vintages. especially Crognolo. It's really a bargain, for the quality. However.... the boys and girls at Kobrand have been pushing up the price of Oreno. I guess they can read reviews too, and sadly it will approach the "C-note" a bottle price tag
  9. I'm ready. We are armed and dangerous ! whole bunch of new "RM's" * Champagne Chartogne-Taillet * Champagne Pierre Peters * Gaston Chiquet * L. Aubry Fils * Larmandier-Bernier * Pierre Gimonnet & Fils
  10. Here's a few in Connecticut Michael Skurnik Martin Scott Worldwide wines
  11. Gotta love that "sell at cost" but we'll make it up on volume !
  12. Hey Trish ! Did you ever drink the Billecart ?
  13. Poached Lobster or Crab would be my choice. Now if you want some really wonderful Food Champagne, seek out thes Terry Theise selections. * Champagne Chartogne-Taillet * Champagne Pierre Peters * Gaston Chiquet * L. Aubry Fils * Larmandier-Bernier * Pierre Gimonnet & Fils * Champagne R. Geoffroy
  14. I had this wine once long ago on release. Found it Big, jammy, full of fruit and really extracted............ A nice experience. It was nice then. It seems that aging Zins rarely reward us with pleasure. So why don't we drink them young?
  15. winebill

    Superbowl Wine?

    Well.... just like Thanksgiving is an American Holiday, So is Superbowl Sunday ZINFANDEL !!
  16. If you paid $12.75 For this stuff , then you got a real deal. (at least for your pocketbook) SMARG sells for $189- to $210- Wholesale to retailers in the NY metro area. If a Merchant wants to take a loss........So be it, But the truth is , nobody makes any money on selling it, except Paterno. There are so many "other" PG's that .... taste better.......... cost less........and that the Retailer makes a decent markup on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. So can we conclude that that it is possible to get a "corked" screw top wine ? Has anyone expierienced this ?
  18. ALAN GOLDFARB | Free Run Juice Welcome to Oakville, California
  19. One pet peeve I have is when the Restaurant does not keep up with the vintages. "sorry sir ,but we do not have the Chateau Blah Blah Blah 1982. Try the 1984 at the same price ,it's just as good !"
  20. Oh Boy !!!!!!!!!!!! I thought we were here for the enjoyment of the grape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. winebill


    From the wine glossary Viognier Hmmm a "Clonal relationship to the Chasselas grape variety." Time revisit Swiss wines
  22. Two wonderful Pedro Ximenez to seek out Bodegas Toro Albalá, Founded 1844 Don PX 2000 Pedro Ximénez grapes of perfect maturity are carefully selected from the best vineyard sites and left to concentrate in the sun for two weeks. The must is bottled directly from tank after clarification. Don PX Gran Reserva 1975 Select lots of Pedro Ximénez are destined for oak barrels, sealed and left for decades in single-vintage state. After a minimum of 25 years, vintages are selected for release only when they have attained classic character. Opaque, black mahogany color with a caramel-like bite.
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