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  1. winebill

    Sparkling Shiraz

    If your daring, try Sparkling Shiraz with a Roast Turkey dinner. It seems to compliment all the tastes on the plate
  2. Hello Alton, You can have any wine in the world. What is it ?
  3. Do I have to pay "Poppage" if I bring it to a Restaurant?
  4. Bumping up this thread, and still slightly off topic................ Had the Quintarelli Recioto Della Valpolicella, 1993 last night. What a mind blower! The color is still exceptional, Sweet candied, almost madiera like nose. Viscous in the mouth with flavors of Caramel, prune, and a hint of chocolate. L o n g...... finish. What an alternative to Port
  5. And........... That is one of the major problems in the Wine Biz today. Many years ago, I was selling Kistler Dutton Ranch for $16.99 a bottle. We liked it, and we were selling a ton. Our distributor was more than happy to keep the juice flowing. Then............ Spectatorized, Parkerized NO MAS VINO. Fast forward to 2004. We don't even see a bottle. Kistler illegally ships to our customers......... and they (some of them) don't want it, and want to sell it to us! So now we should buy at Retail, and resell ( and people will buy it) at a higher price. We have now entered the world of the 4-tier system
  6. You are right about that Carolyn. The old flying stogie used to be wonderful. And.... Ole Georges Duboeuf sold a load of wine because of Flowers on the label
  7. I just goy a pre-sell from Kobrand yesterday ( how ironic) for Connecticut $399.00 a 6-pack (66.50) go figure for 2001 Oreno
  8. Great report Craig. These wines have been fantastic in all recent vintages. especially Crognolo. It's really a bargain, for the quality. However.... the boys and girls at Kobrand have been pushing up the price of Oreno. I guess they can read reviews too, and sadly it will approach the "C-note" a bottle price tag
  9. winebill

    Your favorite sparkler?

    I'm ready. We are armed and dangerous ! whole bunch of new "RM's" * Champagne Chartogne-Taillet * Champagne Pierre Peters * Gaston Chiquet * L. Aubry Fils * Larmandier-Bernier * Pierre Gimonnet & Fils
  10. Here's a few in Connecticut Michael Skurnik Martin Scott Worldwide wines
  11. Gotta love that "sell at cost" but we'll make it up on volume !
  12. winebill

    Your favorite sparkler?

    Hey Trish ! Did you ever drink the Billecart ?
  13. Poached Lobster or Crab would be my choice. Now if you want some really wonderful Food Champagne, seek out thes Terry Theise selections. * Champagne Chartogne-Taillet * Champagne Pierre Peters * Gaston Chiquet * L. Aubry Fils * Larmandier-Bernier * Pierre Gimonnet & Fils * Champagne R. Geoffroy
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