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  1. Well, of course, serving alcohol to a minor (under age 21 where I am) is a crime. That may not be your philosophy as a parent and you may think it overly intrusive by government, but there you are. Your position as a parent is not good if someone does not agree that children should be socialized into moderate consumption by trying the stuff. Officer Friendly can show up at your door.

    I'll educate my daughter about wine because I'm obsessed with it. She'll learn to appreciate it the way she'll learn to appreciate other agricultural products. Wine is a wonderful way to learn about geography, history, agriculture, business, politics and a slew of other things. But drinking wine will be for adults the way other things are like driving and voting. Our society expects that a certain age level is required to assume the responsibility. I think teens are mature enough to drink at age 18, but that's not the rules I've been given to follow. So until the law changes or the rules change, she'll not be drinking until she's legal.

  2. Well, ADNY is really a pretty small business and this discussion of Operations Management is more related to some place like, say, GM. Maybe Yum brands needs to forecast how many pre-frozen jalapeno poppers they need on hand for the next millenium, but that's way more boring than actually talking about restaurants like ADNY.

    I have an MBA and this is an awesome discussion that helps me remember why I didn't go into Operations.

    I agree with previous posters that the discription of the French restaurant heirarchy has increased my understanding and the book looks pretty cool.

  3. My MS lasted from week 9 to week 14. Ginger ale, those Altoids ginger mints, and naps helped, but I was completely miserable the whole time.

    As soon as I couldn't drink, I had cravings for scotch. The wee one is 10 months old and come to think of it, I still haven't had scotch. And oh my gosh, I wanted sushi so bad. That's another thing on the "don't" list. I loaded up on that as soon as she was born and I was mobile.

    An old wives' tale is that you crave dairy with a girl and that sure was it for me. I NEEDED soft serve every day in the 2nd and 3rd. Not hard ice cream, it HAD to be soft serve. One day, I even went to the Dairy Queen drive through twice.

  4. After reading the whole tasting note, it appears that this is one of those wines that brings out the literary tendencies of some reviewers. I personally haven't ever tasted a "brooding" syrah. The wine sounds like a character from a Thomas Hardy novel. The other notes in the same article are more descriptive and less flowery so I guess this was probably the last wine tasted. You know how it gets at the end of the night :biggrin:

  5. I'm not a "fanboi" of Cellar Tracker - but after using lots of stuff I find it the best for the purpose. The purpose is a comprehensive software that has all the bells and whistles, yet is simple enough that a computer novice could use it. I wouldn't use Excel for the same reasons I wouldn't use Access or MySql. Why reinvent the wheel? Unless you are a computer geek that enjoys building your own, there's no real reason. Heck, why not open up Microsoft Word and build a table?! Makes no sense in the long run.

    Celler Tracker is web based which seems to make it more user friendly and portable than just Excel itself. Anybody with a web brower can check it from anywhere including your cell phone when you're in a boring meeting.

    The reason I'm not going to post a PC Magazine type usability matrix of all the software options I looked at is that I'm not going to pony up the cash to buy all that stuff. If someone wants a retired internet company owner/stay-at-home-mom/wino to do that, PM me to send me the software.

  6. Just have to say, I am so freaking delighted with the Quakertown store. I walked in there the day after they opened, went into the temp controlled wine room and nearly passed out with joy. I have been pining away for a good wine selection since moving to PA 3 years ago and at last my prayers have been answered. I'm dragging my husband to the grand opening even though he doesn't drink.

  7. I have owned Cellar for a number of years but I like Cellar Tracker better. I once started programming up a MySQL database with my husband (we're both professional computer geeks). Then I discovered Cellar Tracker had done EVERYTHING I had thought of and more. And it certainly uses the power of the internet to help you compare with other collectors. I think an Access database would make you nuts unless you enjoy data structures more than tracking and tasting wine.

  8. Congrats. I passed the intermediate with merit last fall on home study. I'm hoping to take the advanced this fall or (more likely) next spring. It's a wonderful course and I had a great time with it.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. The pictures, the food and the family was all gorgeous. Every night, we sit down in the sunroom with our 8 month old daughter to share family dinner (even though she's only just smooshing graham crackers around). I think it's the very best way to pass on our values and love to our children. And where can I get the recipe for the blondies? They look awesome.

  10. Just last weekend a friend served me a glass of Shiraz blind. It was undrinkable. I nearly fell on the floor when I went into the kitchen and saw the bottle. It was my first and hopefully last experience with it. My everyday French or Australian wine-in-a-box plonk is way better.

  11. an open letter to the Chairman

    Mr. Newman,

    I first moved to PA 1 1/2 years ago from Massachusetts. I thought THAT state had terrible liquor laws and selection. We being Puritans and all. I was astonished that PA had state stores that had crummy selections, stupid sales staff, and lousy hours.

    My hat is off to you. Thanks for letting me buy a cork screw in a store that sells wine. It was just insanity that I couldn't before you came on board. Thanks for opening the stores on Sunday just in case I need to pick up a bottle for dinner. Thanks for bringing in winemakers for tastings. Thanks so very very much for the Chairman's Selections of really great wine as discount prices. Thanks for the Premium Stores that are worth the drive.

    Now if only you can get better educated sales folks and maybe a few "super stores", I'll be so happy. I'm used to stores the size of Walmarts with a better selection than just ONE type of sake. Also can you do something about having to buy a case of beer at a time? That's just nuts. How come I can't buy a 6 pack of Sam Adams for a reasonable price? Can you also do something about being able to ship into PA from wineries? My state rep informs me that I can ship to the state store and they'll then be happy to give it to me, but that is also nuts since small wineries won't do that. Also, I would join the state wine club, but can you flat fee or discount the shipping prices?

    Hope you read this,


    Wine Junkie in Quakertown

    Overall, I'm a happier camper than when I moved here :)

  12. I can't believe I'm going to ask this but:

    If I was crazy stupid enough to go out and buy a BN, what producer should I go with? And my tasting note of GdB last year said something about Banana Flavored Bubble Yum so let's skip right over them.

    Let's also say I am in the market for a real Beaujolais down the road - something indicative of the Gamay grape as it should be tasted. Suggestions?


  13. Florida Jim,

    I've been meaning to ask you, what ever system do you use for keeping your tasting notes? You seem to have all this info always at the tip of your tongue (so to speak!)


  14. This is interesting because it shows that lots of wineries are being established in states other than CA. Being in PA, I'm just delighted that there are local wineries that offer very drinkable selections that aren't an arm and a leg. For daily consumption, who needs overpriced Napa stuff? With the increasing emphasis on the slow food and sustainable agriculture movements affecting the way we eat, I think we'll see more of this as people want "home grown" wine to go with their dinners.

  15. Katie,

    I live in Bucks County. My nearest "real" state store is probably Doylestown. The one here in Quakertown seems to specialize in rows of Franzia Wine in a Box. I nearly passed out the first time I went in. I'm certainly willing to pick up in another store location in the Philly area.

    I'd be delighted if you could call your distributors. I'm thinking of the Egly-Ouriet, Billecart-Salmon, and the Besserat de Bellefon as potential purchases. I know I can pick up some of the domestic stuff people mentioned in Doylestown.

    My tee-totaling husband asked me last night, "What do we need champagne for? The baby's not going to drink champagne is she?" I love him, but his idea of throwing a party is buying Doritos and extra Diet Pepsi :rolleyes:

    Thanks again!

  16. Thank you all for your suggestions. They all sound super yummy. Now I have to research what is possible/available here in PA. I may need to make a road trip to Jersey if the state stores can't provide. I'll post some tasting notes in a couple months or so. A champagne tasting party seems an ideal way to celebrate!

    So far no sticker shock. If I want to be amazed at prices, I just head over to Babies R Us :laugh:

  17. I'm expecting in October. If you were going to pick one (or a few!) bottles of champagne to have around the house, what would you pick?

    I have always been partial to American sparklers, but I figure this is a terrific time to get some input from the experts. And also celebrate the fact Mommy can drink more than a couple ounces for the first time in months.

    I know it's a girl, so PINK champagne suggestions would be welcome (I know, it's kinda cheesy!) :biggrin:

    Oh yeah, I guess I should mention that it doesn't specifically have to be sparkling wine from the Champagne region.

  18. Welp, here's what I'm doing because I'm in a similar position. I'm doing the Intermediate WSET course as home study this "semester." I'm very pregnant and having to forego the tasting section for now which is the only reason I'm doing it at home. I didn't think going into labor during a wine tasting would be very politically correct!

    I made the decision to do formal study because I personally respond better to structured learning. I've read books and drunk a boatload of wine over the last 20+ years, but feel my knowledge is a little too anecdotal.

    That said, I hope to take the Advanced course next "semester" and attend the tastings so I can get my foot in the door of the business through networking AND taste wines I wouldn't get a chance to taste otherwise. I've also considered volunteering or scoring a part-time job at a local winery or distributor for down the line when my "Stay At Home Mom" gig becomes manageble :raz: Unfortunately, here in PA, the stores are state-owned so the wine shop route is out for me. I think that would be the most enjoyable because you would be dealing with consumers making choices about wine on a daily basis.

    So I guess it really depends on your learning style and how much time/money you have for on-the-job training as to how you proceed.

  19. We had a discussion on this a few months ago. It's a sparkling wine so the can is a portable bubble container. The can handles the pressure of the bubbles like a beer can does so this is a new application of an old idea.

    I'm all for sparkling wine being more portable and safer than in glass, although I haven't tasted this stuff yet. The straw is definitely a bad idea, but their market demographic probably would think sipping "champers" out of a pink can would be super cute. I sure as heck would have 20 years ago.

    It's a Niebaum Coppola product and named after Sofia Coppola. Here's their website: http://www.sofiamini.com/

  20. If I were a Mondavi and tired of playing the corporate game, this is exactly what I would do. Cash out and let the Marketing/Finance weenies take the plonk side of the business and go to bat against the other multinational conglomerates. Take my money and get the cool side of the business (e.g., Opus One). And take that private. And do whatever the heck I want with it to make wines I like. Without needing to meet Wall St. earnings expectations and coming up with products I hate putting my name on.

    Hope that's what they are doing. If so, they must be happy people who have had a burden lifted from them. The wines with the Mondavi name on it will only get better.

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