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    Apple Crisp

    The recipe I use is from the Black Dog Summer on the Vineyard Cookbook. It's simple and quite tasty. Here's a link to the book at Google Books. If that is too much work (it's a long URL), google Black Dog apple crisp. http://books.google.com/books?id=yszCvKs-SBMC&lpg=PA208&ots=reynWw-v25&dq=black%20dog%20apple%20crisp&pg=PA208#v=onepage&q=black%20dog%20apple%20crisp&f=false
  2. I'm in Upper Bucks and have friends down in Glenside who are coming up for dinner. The goal: a place that serves good Chinese AND has a full bar since Mai Tais are apparently a need. Anyone know of such a place? Be nice to find some place in Lower Bucks/Montco, but we're willing to go as far as Allentown. Gonna google and such, but if anyone has a rec, I trust eG over all
  3. LindaJ

    Avec Eric

    Well, I'll take actions over words. Le Bernadin is owned by a woman and Chef Ripert has had many women in high positions in this kitchen. Ref Bourdain's account of his kitchen in Kitchen Confidential. A woman is his Chef de Cuisine at his new 10Arts in Philly. Somehow I don't think she'd work for the guy if he told her not to make the mayo a few days out of the month. I don't think relating some "old chef's tale" that the old guys bandied about to justify keeping women out of their domain translates to sexism. Many people are told stupid things when they are learning their craft. This sounds pretty bogus to me and sounds like it was taken out of context. I'll watch.
  4. I'm so glad you found Tussock Sedge Farm beef to be worth trying again. If you're picking up your meat, Bolton's Market is on the same road as Tussock Sedge. They have been farm raising their Turkey, Chicken and Beef since forever. Here's a link: http://home.comcast.net/~torriechristy/index.html I got my turkey for Thanksgiving last year based on a rec from friends. We brined it according to Alton Brown's Good Eats recipe and method and got the BEST turkey I've ever eaten. And I'm originally from Mass, the home of massive Thanksgivings. I was very pleased. Basically, if you have the transport and time, you can get in on a share at the Blooming Glen CSA next year for your veg, greens and some fruit; pick up your beef and poultry from Tussock Sedge and Bolton's at the same time. If you team up with another family to "share a share" as I have, you only end up going a couple times a month to shop for real home-grown food in as much time as getting the sub-par stuff from the supermarket. Anything else I need, I pick up at my local farmstand which is a mile down the road. I love where I live
  5. Tussock Sedge Farm is across from my CSA in Blooming Glen up here in Bucks. I haven't tried their beef yet, but hope to soon. They have some variety packs which look to be a good deal. I can guarantee you there is plenty of free parking Check out their web site: http://www.tussocksedgefarm.com/
  6. Wow guys! Thanks so much for all the responses so quickly. I'll be looking up the web sites of these places and maybe walking around a bit next weekend. I should have mentioned that we have little kids in tow much of the time so if you can comment on family friendly options, it would be good too. Obviously, I need to check out the food court for pizza and chicken fingers type stuff. You guys, as always, rule!
  7. A really good friend of mine is at HUP and will be there for some time awaiting a heart transplant (long story - 38 year old guy thinks he has the flu and it ends up 89% of his heart fails in one day). The weekend before last was without a doubt the worst 48 hours of my life. So far, I've sussed out the MOST inefficient McD's in the world in Children's Hospital and some chain sandwich shop at the Penn Tower. The caf is surprisingly not so bad, but I'm not sure how I feel about "hospital sushi." It just doesn't work for me. Can you guys give me some hints of places near so I can post it for friends and family that are visiting him? Even food carts that don't suck would be good. Also, be real specific about where places are located. I'm not originally from this area and really don't know Philly at all yet. I would greatly greatly appreciate any recs you guys have. Thanks in advance.
  8. I heart Tony big time. And, being of Polish descent, I was all psyched up to watch the Romania episode to see any similarities/differences in cuisine. But, this episode did suck a lot. On his blog, he basically said he told it like it was. His trip was ghastly and we got to see it in vivid detail. Without spoiling too much, there's nothing cuter than a maniacal kid with a flamethrower. I'd watch again just for that. Made me re-think birthday presents for my niece. Way more useful than another Barbie.
  9. Just so ya know, your former neighbor is properly a wiccan. Wiccan types do not use the term "warlock" as it denotes evil. Both men and women may refer to themselves as witches on occasion. I am neither a wiccan nor a warlock, but I sure do know some nature-based religious trivia! I SO want a salad and steak right now.
  10. Well it's that time of year. I'm doing Thanksgiving for the first time. I have albout 10 adults. 7 children and 1 infant (on forimula/) coming. I reserved an 18-20 lb turkey today from Bolton's Turkey Farm in Silverdaletoday. Whatcha doing? Looking for advice, sources, etc
  11. I would have gone, but for more pedestrian reasons. The weather sucked. It was raining much of the day. I still need to bring my niece there so she finally finds out that cheese comes from milk which comes from cows.
  12. I think I'm beginning to panic. I stupidly volunteered to do Thanksgiving because my husband's family has done the following in the past 1) deli sliced turkey breast with canned gravy and/or 2) turkey loaf in those frozen pans. I mean, really. A girl originally from Massachusetts just can't handle that without being appalled. They are the sweetest people in the world, but their idea of gourmet cooking is throwing a jar of queso cheese over a chicken breast. Can you old pros help me out? How big a turkey to feed 10 adults and 7 children (ages 7 and under)? I'm thinking about 18 lbs? Should I do 2 10 pounders instead so there are more turkey legs? To top it off, I probably have to make White Castle style hamburgers for my father in law who only eats ground beef as a protein.
  13. This is so sad. My husband and I ate at his Manor House resto about four years ago. The food was wonderful, but a little too fancy for my "hamburg and french fries" guy. We went for Saturday lunch and were the only folks in the place. Chef Tell cooked to order and then hung out in the dining room enjoying a quiet day with a wonderful view of the river. I always meant to get back there and never did. Anyway, a wonderful guy. He'll be missed.
  14. Sexond the rec for Keystone in Montgomeryville. That's where I bought my "splits" bottles with reusable "tasting" corks for my 'cellos.
  15. The Farm is having an Octoberfest on Oct 27. Info on the webpage at http://www.hendricksfarmsanddairy.com/9.html. I only live about 10 min from Telford so I might check it out.
  16. LindaJ


    Strawberries are the easiest things to grow, at least in temperate climates. Mine are blooming now and threatening to take over the backyard. You can even grow them in strawberry pots if you don't have a yard. They are not an unpleasant ground cover either for the remainder of the year. It's basically the only thing I grow successfully because they need so little care. I only have three rows and I pick tons in season. I preserve mine in the best way possible - making strawberry flavored liquor from 100% proof vodka and simple syrup. A wee dram of it on a winter's evening is enough to remind you that summer will indeed come again. The smell and taste of a fresh, ripe strawberry picked in the warm morning sunshine, still damp from an evening shower, is the essence of my childhood. Proust's madeleine was just a damn sugar cookie compared to that.
  17. I entertain a small group every other Sunday. I have about two big parties (40-60) every year. I stress SO much about the food, but all the other stuff I have down. Shoes - I don't make people take off their shoes since I'm in a house, but some clean freaks in my neighborhood just have the big mat at the door and have it pre-populated with shoes. If guests don't get it, just ask nicely and blame the neighbors. A sign might help - I use signs to direct traffic to bathrooms. Yeah, it's impersonal, but at least you don't have to embarass people when they realize they are the only ones with shoes on. Gifts - Flowers: Hand them the vase. Wine: "Let's save this for after dinner. I already have wine out." Food items: Put it out or do the same as with Wine. Latecomers - "I'm sorry, we've already begun, but we've made up plates for you and kept them warm." Seriously, if someone is delayed by traffic or something and calls, that's acceptable and I'm just grateful they made it. If they don't even call, that's just rude. They get leftovers. I pretty much don't have people who don't RSVP, but they get a call a la the Miss Manners scenario. Clean-up - Declutter the entertainment area first - all stuff that would just hinder circulation/cleaning gets put away. Place trash/recycle containers labeled so people do their own thing. Clean as you go putting food away as it is no longer being eaten. Wash dishes as you need to; resort to paper/plastic when necessary. Prepare materials for take away plates ahead of time so people can take leftovers. Get a Roomba. Get a Scooba - I couldn't live without them. Roomba can vacuum while you put away food. Even my 2 1/2 year old uses it to clean up "mess". I'd say it takes me 5 minutes to clean up after a small party; about 1/2 hour for a large party (which is mostly breaking down banquet tables, throwing away disposable table cloths, taking out trash, etc.) The folks who stay late are always rounded up to help.
  18. I knew the eGulleteers would have the answer. How terribly obvious that I should do the foods I want! NEVER occurred to me. Maggie, lobster is it. I moved to PA from New England 4 years ago and I miss lobster SO much. I now live in the land of the cheesesteak with a man who has never eaten fish of any kind. My mother, who passed in October, used to go to the fish market and buy a pound of lobster meat whenever she wanted to really treat herself. She'd gently heat it on the stove top, melt some butter, and that was dinner. So lobster rolls on New England style hot dog rolls are on the menu. Before I moved out of New England, I didn't even know our rolls were special! This stuff can be made and sourced easily with no real cooking. My mom's family was Polish and I greatly miss pierogis. Pierogis are everywhere here, but they aren't real authentic. They are potato in a pasta shell and deep fat fried. Pretty bland actually. Our pierogis normally had seasoned cabbage in them or potato with farmer's cheese. They are only pan fried or boiled, never deep fat fried. And no one here has ever heard of the most wonderful pierogi in the world - blueberry! There's a Polish deli about 20 minutes away. If they don't have them, I'll order from http://www.milliespierogi.com/. That's all I've really decided on at this point. But I'm going to have a real hard think of the foods that are not only my favorites, but have a story and meaning for me - that represent parts of my life that I'd like to revisit. The kids are just going to have to deal with the lack of chicken nuggets.
  19. To my great surprise and dismay, I will be turning 45 in April. I would like to throw myself a little party with family and friends. My friends have told me that I should really do something special and they'll help. I don't want to cook or I want stuff that I can cook ahead and freeze. Well, I love cooking, but I get carried away and make myself crazy. I'm not willing to get it full blown catered, but I'm open to farming out some of it. There will be wee little children so no stuff that is too weird or expensive that would be wasted on them. I do LOVE wine and will have some fancy beer and wine, especially after the little ones are in bed. I have the cake covered - a friend who is a cake professional will do it. I have mixology covered - an accomplished friend is bringing over his bar and mixing. In terms of numbers, we're talking about 40 people coming in and out during the event at various times. My husband mentioned a pot luck type thing. Have I really become so elderly that my invitations should mention that covered dishes are requested, like a church benefit? Any ideas? Really I'm at a loss. I do small parties and large BBQs all the time, but this has me stumped.
  20. Absolutely agree. This is crock pot material. Slow cook for 6-8 hours on low and it will be wonderful. I just made something like this recipe last week and my husband loved it. This is the guy who does not like "chunks" of meat. It will fall apart and melt in your mouth. On mashed potatoes, egg noodles or on hoagie rolls.
  21. On the premise that living well is the best revenge, I'm all in on the concept of Governor Newman. I'll also be e-mailing the usual suspects with my voter outrage.
  22. Cello - It's not just for summer. Latest cello experiement - Cinnamoncello Because of lack of time, I just purchased cinnamon sticks from the spice rack at the grocery store. I used the Spice Islands brand (I know, I shoulda got better). I put most of the spice bottle into half of a bottle of Smirnoff 100 proof vodka back in September. It was supposed to be ready for Halloween, but my Mom got sick and passed after a brief illness on 10/27. Now as life gets back to normal, I took a peek yesterday. MAN, this stuff will blow your socks off. Much nicer than what I remember schnapps to be. I combined it with 2 cups of simple syrup and then added another cup of pure water. This stuff is gonna be awesome for my posse of Cello addicts come the holiday parties. So easy since there's really no filtering to do - just remove the sticks. I never got a chance to post, but at our August end-of-summer blow-out, somehow 5 bottles of raspberry, orange and strawberry cello got sucked down. I'm out of stock! Next experiment - time to try cranberry and see if it's ready for Christmas/New Year's. Happy Celloing all!
  23. Well, to jump in, I sadly moved from Massachusetts to PA. I am not a beer drinker but enjoy the odd one during hot summer days or the Christmas specialty brews. But I will not pay $10 for a six pack in a bar and I will not buy an entire case just for a couple of beers. And friggin no one sells my Sam Adams Cranberry girlie-beer brew except in holiday assortment case packs. Needless to say, my beer drinking has declined a great deal. PA is far more annoying than Mass in this respect. Someday, when my ship comes in, I'm moving to CA where I can buy what I want, where I want and have it shipped to my door. It's a dream...
  24. As a former resident of MA, I have to say that the fact that this is actually on the ballot is a huge step forward. In the past few years, MA has allowed package stores (what we call liquor stores) to be open on Sundays, allowed some gas station/convenience stores to sell beer and wine, and started to allow some shipping from wineries (depends on whether the winery wants to deal with the paperwork). It used to be that if you wanted a beer on Sunday, you had to go to a bar to buy it. There is some long term political (aka money) support from package store and bar owners against making the purchase of any alcoholic beverages easier for the consumer. I was up there last week and the only people against this law are the package store owners and the state police. Their argument is that stores that sell groceries won't "card" as diligently as a package store for underage purchases. I would think the opposite would be the case as they already card for cigarettes and have no incentive to sell these "forbidden" goods since most of their sales already come from other items. I'm hoping consumers support their rights and vote for the new question. edited for clarity - I was tired when I wrote it and some parts weren't very logical
  25. Just want to add my positive comments to those above. Thank you so much for such a thoughtful show.
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