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  1. That's what I figured...I was paying more for the name than for quality...and if the quality sucks, may as well not pay too much for it.
  2. yeah, I am still a youngun' but I should know by now not to drink the cheap stuff...my head really will thank me...
  3. A buddy of mine is coming back into town soon and a couple of us are going to get together. For some reason the plan is to do tequila shots (yeah, I know, this is probably a bad idea to start with). Anyway, we are all super poor college kids, and I was wondering what the most "budget" minded tequilla's are? For instance I like Bourbon (good stuff), but if I was new to it I probably wouldn't know any better and would go out and buy a bottle of Jack (Yeck!) yet I personally think that Old Crow tastes just as good for 1/3 of the price (not that I am much of an old crow fan either). So I don't want to go out and buy a bottle of overpriced Cuervo Gold if I can get something of similar (equally bad) quality for much cheaper. So, complete the following analogy... Jack Daniels : Old Crow :: Jose Cuervo Gold : ________ Also while I know that pretty much every cheap (ie under $15 for 750 ml) tequila I buy is going to be pretty awful, is there anything somewhat decent? I don't want the worst, the hangover is going to be bad enough anyway...
  4. How is this stuff? Thoughts, recommendations?
  5. Wow, so they get all those tastes out of just barley and water?? Pretty cool...
  6. I just got a bottle of Aberlour 10 year and love it. One thing I was wondering is why it has a distinct honey aftertaste (excuse me... finish). Do they actually add honey to the mix? Or is that just a product of the whiskey making process? What about the spices that I can taste? What gives it all those distinct flavors?
  7. I was just wondering if the quality of hard liquor will decline after it is opened? I like to leave a couple ounces in each bottle before I buy a new one that way I can have a tasting with all my other bottles to see how the new one compares...but will leaving a few ounces of say maker's mark in the bottle for a couple months (or longer) affect the taste? Is just making sure the cap is on tight enough? Also, will vermouth go bad quicker? (it is derived from wine right?) Oh, and on a side note, I just got a bottle of Aberlour 10year, I doubt I will have to worry about that staying in the bottle too long :)
  8. ok, I found a regular aberlour 10 year for $31...seems like a decent price, I will have to pick a bottle up.
  9. If I am going to get some rum to add to egg nog, how good quality does it need to be? I assume a super premium would be wasted in egg nog, anyone got any ideas for some cheap rum to add? Also, any other hard liquors that are traditionally added to egg nog?
  10. thrasymachus

    Singha Beer

    actually isn't it malt beer? I thought the bottle I had said something like that...and yes it is "alright" and definitely has taste.
  11. Is "Aberlour Glenlivet" what you guys are talking about? My liquor store has Aberlour 15 year for $60, and the "Aberlour glenlivet" for $30
  12. thrasymachus


    I had a bottle of Kingfisher in an indian restaurant a year or two ago and thought it was great but I was never able to find it at my liquor store. Then last weekend they had a whole row of six packs ($7.99 a pack...bleh) so I bought one. It was still pretty good, but seems blander than I remember it...do they maybe have new owners...an american brewery or something? Not sure if I am imagining things or it is not as good.
  13. More of a guy who likes to pretend he likes "classy" things ;) .... but seriously, any website recommendations if my liquor store doesn't carry some of that? Also, I think the "peatyness" kind of turns me off, but that is just from tasting dewars (I think that is the peat I am objecting to). Johnnie Walker Red I like better...also wasn't big on chivas regal either...
  14. Hmm...yeah, I guess if I was going to spend ~40 I may as well get the best I can find...any good places to order online?--I don't know if I can find some of those prices (and how is shipping?)
  15. Ok, so 750 ml bottles of single malt scotch in gift packs are on sale at my local liquor store...are these decent prices?: Glenfiddich 12yr - $33 Glenlivet 12yr - $34 Glenmorangie 10yr - $37 I like bourbon a lot, but don't know much about scotch (I think that is just because the good scotch is just too expensive)...anyway, I don't have much cash, so are these worth it? (I like Johnnie Walker Red best out of the "cheap" scotches I have tried)
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