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  1. As I understand it Topwater was gutted by water. Another report I've read says it was lifted off it's foundation and floated 10 blocks. The local shrimp and oyster industries are, to put it mildly, "in a world of hurt."

    At least I got one last meal in at Topwater in May.

  2. Hubby and I went to Hugo's on Sunday. I had a grouper dish baked in banana leaves and rubbed with chiles. It was served with a pyramid of black beans and rice. Hubby had the chicken enchiladas. Everything was top notch. In fact, I think we had the same waiter we had the first time we visited Hugo's 2+ years ago. For desert we had the churros. It came with their hot chocolate for dipping. :smile:

  3. Had some free time today after my morning meeting in Denton. First stop was Ravelin. I found it pretty easily. Functional unassuming building on North Locust in Denton. The counter person was helping another customer, so I perused the cases. I wanted one of everything! It all looked so good. This is the kind of bakery I wish I could find in Houston.

    My turn with the counter person - I explained my tasting mission and that I would be making return trips in the near future. She made some helpful suggestions on popular items and also said when I come back to come earlier in the day (I got there around 11:30 am) as they had sold out of several items. For this trip, I settled on (1 of each):

    -Dark Chocolate Caramel Truffle

    -Chocolate Mousse Dome



    -Chocolate Macarroon

    -Chocolate dipped Meringue

    -Almond cookie thingie (I don't recall the name)

    Mind you, I hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet and my eyes were WAY bigger than my stomach. :wacko: Alas, no camera with me on this trip either. :sad: Oh, and everything there was so reasonably priced. All my items came to a mere $12!

    I thought I ought to stop for some "real food" before diving into the sweets, so I headed for Rudy's. On the way there, I spyed "Candy Haven," a local chocolate and candy shop. I bought a 1 lb. assortment (will take that to my mother when I head up to NE Ohio tomorrow AM). Then on to Rudy's.

    There was a good lunch crowd (interesting mix of folks, too). I just loved the fact that this place is also a gas station! :laugh: I ordered a brisket sandwich, some Rudy's beans and a soda. I'm generally not a huge bbq fan. The food was good though (and VERY filling).

    After Rudy's, headed back to my hotel room where I've just finished devouring the Mousse Dome :wub: It's an item that should be refrigerated, so I had to eat it first. I am stuffed, but I can't wait to try the other items.

    As I was driving around downtown Denton I made mental notes of where Joey's and some of the burger places are. I'm coming back here Sunday night and am staying through next Wed, so lots more opportunities to eat coming my way. :smile:

  4. So now that you've made all that you did, what is your take on all of it?

    The Nutella Tart was my favorite - we ate that ourselves and didn't take it to our co-workers today! :raz: The caramels are quite tasty. I've never tried making caramels before, so it was very good experience. The Pave (I used 8" pans as it was all I had) is very light. I wish the ganache was more chocolately, but that may be related to the specific chocolate I used. I'd like to try it again with Pierre's specific chocolate recommendations.

    P.S. - Thanks for lightening up my photo Josette!

  5. Many thanks for all of the suggestions. I will be back in the area this Tuesday and will commence gastromic exploration. :raz:

    Theobroma - haven't gotten to Ravelin yet, but I will do my best to get there this week. I'll let you know!

  6. I've been spending an increasing amount of time in Denton County for work. Other than bbq at Rudy's and sweets at Ravelin, where should one eat? I've heard tell of a UNT hang out called Tomato, but haven't hunted that down yet. Any other suggestions?

  7. OK, I'm in too, but I can't start until next week. I have 7 of my husband's relatives in the house at present, and they have taken over everything, including my kitchen. :angry: There is Playdoh everwhere, and I don't think it would enhance the flavor of Herme's recipes.....

    I do need to get back to my baking, though. I've been neglecting it too long.

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