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  1. I live in Woodbridge. I am looking for a good Indian restaurant that serves good tandoori food. My husband is not keen on Indian food and I thought that Tandoori would be a good compromise. I live near Iselin but I am unsure what restaurants there would fit the bill. Also will take recommendations for anywhere in central or northern NJ. Thank you in advance.
  2. As sad as it is, I grew up on Lipton and have gone back to Lipton to save money. Again sad to say, my tea of choice is Bigelow English Teatime in the bag form. Both my husband and I are out of work. I wish I knew as much about tea as you folks do. I love tea, hate coffee, and would like to learn about different types of tea. Perhaps I am not as adventurous as the rest of you. But I have learned a lot from the forum.
  3. ************************************************* Where do you find surpuls bookstores that offer magazines? NJFoodLover
  4. I remember reading an article about the Woodbridge Wegmans (which is right down the street from me YAHOO!). Wegmans had made a decision not to build any stores in NJ north of Woodbridge. I'm not positive but I think the belief was that the upscale grocery story market is saturated. I think the article was in the Star Ledger several months ago. NJ Food Lover
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