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  1. If you're the type who cherishes simple but refined seafood in its best regional expressions -- imported oysters on half shell, "naked" lobster roasted in melted butter, sushi, crab cakes, cioppino, fried softshells -- in a nicely refined (but very noisy) setting, you'll love Harry's. Be sure to try the tartare of big eye tuna and yellowtail. Other-worldly
  2. A possibly appealing offer for SWoodyWhite: The notoriously particular dining critic for the main Delaware paper, The News Journal, is seeking some likely candidates to join him on future beach-area reviews, and the thought occurred to him (a rare occurrence), that folks such as SWoody and Der Brucer may like to contribute their expertise (and get a free meal in the bargain.) I tried to e-mail SWoody directly, without success (apparently I have a less-than-powerful status on eGullet that forbids me aquiring e-mail addresses). SWoody, if this sounds like something you'd like to join me on, please drop me a line (eruth@delawareonline.com) or call me at (302) 324-2885. Always enjoy reading your posts! Thanks Eric Ruth
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