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  1. I just did this.

    I made a new recipe which I'd seen on the Great British Menu series on BBC. It was a beef and Guinness stew, but with ginger and soy sauce added. VERY nice.

    Anyway. I made a special trip to the butcher for the beef, and the supermarket for everything else. I wanted it to be perfect, as it was for the in-laws. :raz: The item which I made the biggest deal out of purchasing was the little box of mushrooms. I'm not a mushroom fan, though I don't hate them as much as most people who know me think. I knew they were an important part of the dish, and I figured I'd just slice them up finely so I wouldn't be squicked out by the texture (the source of my dislike for them, really) and no problem.

    I made the stew. It was *amazing*. Compliments abounded. As we all sat at the table, finished and contemplating the iron pot with the leftover stew, I realized that the stupid box of mushrooms was still sitting in the fridge. :rolleyes: The recipe called for them to be added towards the end of the cooking, and I'd just forgotten in all of the hubbub of having the in-laws over.

    Freudian, I'm sure. Thankfully, my husband likes the things, and he did something with them the next day. And I now know that the stew is just lovely without them, and won't be bothering to make the special purchase next time!

  2. I have to agree with some of the above teenager posts. My mother baked alot when I was young. In addition to the traditional cookies and brownies, she would also bake lots of cakes based around whatever was in season at the time. So, lots of apple cakes in the autumn, for example.

    Perhaps not every single one of my friends appreciated it, but many of them did. I had a lot of comments from them about how great her baking was, and they would really look forward to visiting our house. This was no group of gourmands, just good friends from random groups at school (jocks, or drama kids, etc.)

    If you only feed them Oreos, they are going to grow into adults who think baking is a Betty Crocker Warm Delight bowl. :hmmm:

    However, I do understand the frustration behind this post, and I do sympathise. I think my usual standard is that if I'm serving it in my home, I want it to reflect well on me. Or, if the item has a place of prominence somehow in the event. Once bitten, twice shy, though. I will remember if a particular group of people refused something I put a lot of hard work into, and I will certainly not make the same mistake twice. :biggrin:

  3. It was an extremely busy weekend, so I didn't have time to reply when I should have, but thanks so much for the responses here about that old thread! When I am home, I use the recipe (the Gourmet one listed earlier) as my old standby for a rich chocolate cake. I just didn't have access to it where I am at the moment, and really didn't want to settle for something I hadn't made before.

    Thanks again! :wub:

  4. alright, I'm looking for a chocolate cake recipe from a thread we had here a couple of years ago. It was the result of a some of compilation-contest thread where many members tried several recipes and there was a final decision as to which recipe was the best.

    It's an extremely rich cake with coffee in it.

    Yes, I have tried to search recipe gullet but strangely enough, I can't seem to find it there. I'm going through pages of results of a forum search on 'chocolate cake' but I think this is going to take a long time, and I'm on my father's dialup connection. *yawn* I have the recipe written down back home, but I don't have access to it here, and I'd like to be able to make it for my friend's wedding shower on Saturday!

    Any help here would be appreciated! :smile:

  5. Chufi beat me to it! :biggrin: FEBO is the way people go for fast food in Holland. There are also many falafel shops, the biggest being the Maoz falafel chain.

    I've lived in Germany as well, but I can't really think of a chain that they have which isn't also elsewhere. They are extremely fond of doner kebabs (sorry I don't have the accent on this keyboard) from the popular Turkish snack bars which are everywhere.

    *edit* nope it's come to me, Nordsee is a big German fast food chain, featuring fried fish. And there are various medium-sized chains which serve bratwurst, etc, Weinerwald being one of them.

  6. particularly the raspberry.

    Indeed! The raspberry Godiva filling is by far my favorite of their offerings, and to be honest I don't usually like fruit fillings.

    My chocolate tastes are fairly simple, though, and I've really come to appreciate the average cashier checkout Ritter Sports which are so popular in Germany (and now readily available in the US! I noticed loads at Trader Joes last time I was home). The milk chocolate is fine, but I also love all levels of their dark chocolates, as well. mm..

  7. Absolutely, I use oven mitts. I've been a believer in them since I used a towel or something in someone else's kitchen, and burned my thumb badly when the weight on the tray shifted and my hand went crashing into the broiler coil.

    My mother-in-law also thought they looked a bit silly, and had avoided them because her own mother used them, but now has started using a pair since seeing me with them. :D Yes, they aren't as easy to store as a towel, but imo, are a far better option.

  8. What a nice thread! :)

    I have to agree about De taart van mijn tante. I have been there for the atmosphere (even though it often features children thundering back and forth along those wooden floors), and I love their hot chocolate, but none of their cakes has left me craving more. They did have nice apple pie.

    There are some nice places to get baklava in that area, though I don't have the names at the moment. We are in that area quite often on Saturdays!

  9. yeah. Glad to see the comments re: "sorry, we're out of that." :hmmm: I've been there a few times in the past (it's obviously not local to me anymore! ) and they never had the beers I wanted. Specifically, I was always looking for Coopers (Aussie beer), something they had on their great big ol' list of beers they have heard of- I mean, beers they supposedly stock. They never had it. ever.

    ev-er. :rolleyes:

  10. hey, I like airports, too. :)

    Here in Amsterdam, there is a nice little 'beenham' stand which sells hot ham rolls. Just chopped ham (not deli style, but actual ham) which has been cooked on the flat grill. Small soft roll, cut into, ham plopped in, and 'mustard sauce' added to the top.

    No, it's not haute cuisine, but it's a nice break from the legion of Burger Kings and McDonalds' there.

    It's also just a nice, perfect size. And nothing fried. (nothing against fried food, but it's a splurge for me, and I'd prefer to not be 'on the go' when having it.)

  11. Every once in a while I hanker for a Monte Cristo Sandwich.  A great lunch menu item from the '70's.  I could go for one right now. 

    Ham, turkey and swiss on two slices from a pullman loaf, dipped in egg, sauteed in butter and then given a good spank of confectioner's sugar before serving.

    Bennigan's (the chain) still serves one, a very good one in that. Although, it is the heaviest most dense sandwhich I think I have ever encountered.... I mean, a deep fried ham sandwich with sugar and jam, wow...

    My son waits tables part-time at Bennigans while going to school. He told me he has never seen anyone finish one of them.

    Then he's obviously never waited on me. :unsure::biggrin:

    Mind you, it's been since late high school/early college that I even had one of those things. (10 years ago) I loved them.

    If we're talking about menu items that were popular once, but not anymore, then I agree with whomever mentioned gooey brownie sundae-style desserts. Please don't get me wrong, I love the delicate and fancy ones, too, but there's just something nice about a hot, rich brownie and some Haagen Daaz. :wub:

    Simple carved roast dinners seem to be 'out', and that's a pity.

    mmm spinach dip...

  12. I don't think you're actually supposed to eat these. They're a token for a donation, like a plastic poppy or a plastic yellow ribbon. They're all made from the same plastic, just dyed different colours.

    mm love that vintage Jinmyo. :wub:

    I'll eat any of the peanut butter-based cookies, and I confess that I really like the um... caramel and coconut ones. Those are really more like tiny candy bars or something, though.

    (it's been a few years, btw... are we still allowed to call them Samoas? Last I knew, the name was changing.)

    (and yes, I realize that's a regional name. If you haven't heard of the name, then, well, it's not from your region. :smile: )

  13. Or you could say what I thought when I read this: "Why on earth would anyone eat cool whip with brownies?"

    I'd be really annoyed.

    uh, second me on this one. I'd be :angry: , and that exact thought would be in my head.

    Seriously. Is this a regional thing? I've never, ever had a brownie served to me with any sort of ...whipped topping... on it. Yes, if it's a brownie sundae, fine. But just brownie, solo? no.

    (btw, since you asked: My reaction would have been similar to those above, regarding placing the Cool Whip next to the brownies.)

    (oh god, this woman has irked me, and I wasn't even there. :laugh: )

  14. oh, boy. Breakfast cereals are a big comfort food for me. And I'm so glad to read someone else admitting to eating half a box in a day! (I've currently got a hell of a cold, and polished off a few bowls of corn flakes yesterday as I couldn't be bothered to make anything else)

    My absolute faves are Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch (heaven, can't allow it in my house because. Luckily, it isn't sold over here!), and Honey Crunch Flakes.

    Cheerios with sliced banana always makes me think of my grandmother, who always served them that way.

    Here in Amsterdam, I have come to really enjoy one of the local store-brand crunch grandola cereals. It's amazingly good.

    And on a regular basis, I eat corn flakes. Usually with some sugar. :cool:

  15. hey, excellent detective work, rjwang! :smile:

    I think it could account for the taste difference. Though, far be it from me to stop anyone who is wishing to do an on-the-spot taste test. I haven't tasted them side-by-side before. I just know I was struck by the taste when a friend in the US offered me some with my morning toast. I thought it was an old jar or something (but of course didn't say anything!), but she kind of chatted on about how much of it she goes through, etc... the jar was pretty new. hm.

    ah, eG, solving life's mysteries..

  16. I love my small set of Henckels 5 star series. I like the handles a lot, very comfortable. We get a lot of use out of the bread knife and sausage knife, and I personally use the chef's knife (being the chef in this house, hah) every day.

    Funny: When I mentioned wanting this particular set of knives, then saying offhand that it was a famous German brand, my German husband looked confused. (all Germans know all famous German anythings. It is so they can always say exactly what their country produces which is better than XYZ product. :raz: ) I did a search online for them, and he said "OH. Zwillings!" And since, I've noticed in stores here, they are also refered to by this part of their name. Because of the 'twins', their trademark symbol.

    mmm knives :wub:

  17. I totally agree with the On The Border thing. Just toss out any expectations of it being 'real' Mexican, and it's actually quite a good fix. I went on my last visit to the States, and will certainly be back.

    Red Lobster. I actually dislike the cheese biscuits (I think it's the greasiness... and the texture... oh wait, possibly the taste, too. :laugh: ) I do, however, admit to enjoying copious amounts of crab legs. I am personally the reason why RL can't do that all-you-can-eat promotion anymore. Thankyouveddymuch. :cool:

    Those two places are really 'it' for my chain restaurant cravings. Chili's had a nice turkey sandwich on garlic bread that I loved, but last I heard, they ditched it. feh. And if I need something quickly, I've been known to stop in at whatever sandwhich shop is around. Luckily, all of the fast food places I genuinely like are on the wrong coast. Jack in the Box (man, those Sourdough Jacks were good. And the pumpkin pie milkshake promotion... yum) and In and Out burger.

    On the east coast... if I must have a fast food burger, Wendy's is the only option. Bacon cheeseburger. Taco Bell is okay, if you don't look too closely.

    btw, my avoidance of fast food places is not due to food snobbery so much as it has to do with my waistline. Long ago, I did a self-assessment, and realize the mediocre calories weren't worth it. I can appreciate a good burger and fries, but if I'm going to indulge, it needs to be of better quality.

  18. You know, re: Kinder Surprise eggs in Germany... I have always really enjoyed them. Our last batch of toys, however, weren't as cute as they used to be. (I picked up the Kinderegg Advent Calendar on one of our last trips. We go to Germany at least once a month.) It was disappointing.

    Why yes, I am a grown woman. :rolleyes:

    Anyhoo. Leberkaese?? I refuse! :laugh: My in-laws foisted that stuff on us for dinner once, buried in hunks in a pay-fry which consisted of nothing but it and carrots. Does it have any discernable taste? Because I just couldn't get past the spongey texture.

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