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  1. Anyone know where to get Indonesian ingredients aside from Hen Long Market in Surrey, T&T's or South China Seas at Granville Island? I'm specifically looking for dried asam gelugor and cannot find it anywhere which I find surprising in the Lower Mainland. Thanks in advance!
  2. Does anybody know where I can find tofu shirataki noodles? I know T&T sells the regular shirataki noodles, but I'm specifically looking for the tofu ones. Thanks!
  3. I think I've seen those at the Indian stores out in Surrey. So why not try Main St. and 49th area? Or if you google it, looks like a Vancouver based company carries them online.
  4. Try contacting Geoff and Randy at ospreyranch@telus.net They sell unpitted sour cherries for $3 per pound, pitted for $4.50 per pound. They do deliver to four various locations. Depending where you are, they will deliver to your door or sell from their truck. You need to make an order to reserve your sour cherries. I believe these may be organic as well. Good luck. ← Thank you so much for the lead!
  5. Has anyone seen fresh sour cherries anywhere? I live in White Rock, but am willing to drive out to the Fraser Valley or Vancouver. The White Rock farmers market doesn't have them.
  6. Obviously, I'm VERY late to this party. But does anyone know if Rosie's Buttercream can take color well? Does it cope well at room temperature for a few hours? And finally, does it pipe well (not flowers or anything fancy, just borders)? I'm also wondering, since the coversation earlier was of the safety of IMBC, is it considered safe or not to serve it to children? I've read that it is and it isn't safe. What's the deal? I'm making a cake for a kid's birthday party and don't want to get anyone sick.
  7. Yes thank you Flowbee! That's great to learn there's another Indonesian option out there.
  8. I'm just bumping up this thread as I'm interested to find out how you made this cake Tejon? (Hoping that Tejon will see this of course!) Did you assemble it in a bowl for the domed shape or did you freehand the dome? Did you make your own marzipan or did you buy it pre-made? Also, which recipe did you use? Sorry for all the questions -- I'm hoping you'll remember. BTW your picture is absolutely lovely and it definitely looks like you had no troubles. Ever since I had a slice of this cake at a local Swedish bakery shop I've been trying to find a decent recipe and the method to making this delicious cake. It's so very yummy!
  9. Thank you so much for the offer Gregsem, that is very kind of you! I will ask my MIL for any recipes she may have, the only problem is I don't think she has too many written recipes, just memories of the food she ate there as a child growing up. Thank you again!
  10. Thank you Gregsem for your insight. I actually had no idea what the differences were since all my MIL told me is that the spices they use are different. I will pick her brain tonight and see if she can give me a more definitive answer.
  11. Thank you so much Grayelf for your help. Funny, I'd never heard of Sate Satu before, until today while asking around and someone mentioned the name. Let's say they did not get a glowing report. I guess we'll go back to Spice Island. I wonder if the burbs hold some hidden Indonesian treasures?
  12. We've been to Spice Island in Kerrisdale and Pondok on the drive, but are there any other Indonesian restaurants in the Vancouver or outskirts area? My MIL was born on Sulawesi and is looking for non-Javanese (I know! PICKY!) But any and all recommendations would be very much appreciated.
  13. have you browsed either Yoahan or Aberdeen malls in Richmond? or T&T ← Karen, thanks. I know I really should do the trek out to Richmond and poke around Yoahan & Aberdeen, but living in White Rock I rarely get the chance to go out that way. I was hoping that one of you great egulleters would have spotted the actual product at a local retailer.
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