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  1. Thank you so much! I never realized my initial post was answered, so when I decided to make shike again (a year later!), I found my initial post, complete with answers. I'll try this! Thank you!! I love this site.
  2. Hey y'all! I've been looking and looking for the method of making shike, the Korean dessert with rice? Does anybody have a method? It would be great to make some to beat the summer heat!
  3. I know Joyce Chen sells some flat bottom tiny woks...I bought a 14inch one and got a little 7inch one for free.
  4. Thanks....that sounds like something I would do too! For that reason alone, I've replaced all of my non-silicone spatulas with silicone! To tell you the truth, I haven't done ANYthing....I've just been waiting for a kind answer to my dilemma. So far, I've tried soaking it with soapy water and scrubbing it with a scrubby sponge. I've also tried prying under neath it, but it's REALLY hard so nothing came off. I'm more worried about the parts where there's just little drips of plastic...I would think the larger parts would be easier to scrub off. I think I'll try scrubbing it with some steel soon. Sigh...
  5. Umm....so, I was distracted over the holidays and I accidentally left the stove on with my little copper Falk pan and a silicone spatula (with a plastic handle!) in it. When I came home 20 minutes later, my entire kitchen was filled with smoke because the plastic handle of my silicone spatula (I know, I know...bad design! But it was one of the first silicone spatulas on the market) had completely melted into my precious copper pan. 1) How the heck do I remove the burned/melted plastic from my pan? It's isolated to the inside of the pan, which has a stainless steel interior. 2) Is it still safe to use this pan? Thanks!!
  6. It tastes like really strong, salty yeast, and it's not nasty at all--Australians like it because it's tasty. I get mine at PFI--a food import shop here in Seattle--and I've seen it at those expensive shops that sell British Isles/South African/Australian things. Marmite tastes similar (Australians would disagree), and I've seen it at lots of regular grocery stores. ← To my Americanized tongue, both vegemite and marmite taste like salty fish to me!
  7. lorea

    Butter Bells

    I've had my butter bell for a couple of years now, but I don't always use it because I get mold too. I like butter and all, but I have to change the water every couple of days.....even my plants don't get that kind of treatment! It's definitely an interesting product though!
  8. I just wanted to report in..I purchased the Stainless version (because I really wanted the easy-to-clean part) of this pan and made a big fat pot of curry in it last night. Beautiful! It made enough curry for 6 people. The chicken cooked up nicely in it (no splatter too, since it was so high), and everything simmered nicely in it. The cleanup was a breeze. My only fault with the pan is that the little handle on the pan/pot and handle on the lid got hot...what is up with that? I think that's a fault with all All-Clad's pots though. I love it!!
  9. lorea

    tomato concentrate

    You can probably guess from the quantity needed - if it says teaspoons or tablespoons, most likely, it's just paste. Anything more than that would probably be sauce.
  10. Well, if you see the pan/pot in person, it looks like it's the same dimensions as All Clad's casserole pan, except it has a long handle and short loop handle instead of 2 short loop handles. I think you could use it for the same things you would use the casserole pan for - plus, it has the added convenience of having a long handle, and it's cheaper too!
  11. Here's a link! MC2 version Stainless version Since it's the same size as their 6-qt "stockpot", I figure I could use it for similar things. Anybody have experience with all of the LTD/MC2/Stainless lines? Which would you choose?
  12. I'm thinking about buying the All-Clad Deep Saute Pan (it's also called the All-Clad Ultimate Saute Pot). I was wondering if anybody has had any experience with these saute pans? If so, what do you make with it? How's the performance? Thanks!
  13. I know this is an old topic, but I just wanted to bring it up again in case anybody else had any input as to the Minosharp. Also, has anybody had any experience with the Global MinoSharp Professional Knife Sharpening Kit? Does this even compare at all to the Spyderco system? Thanks!
  14. Oops, the prices are there now! I'm leaning towards Rubicon...based on past experiences on this forum, it looks both like it has good food and it would be a good value to do DAT there.
  15. The annual SF Dine About Town (DAT) is here again...where are you all planning on going? Any notable places to try on that list? Also...the website doesn't show prices this year...anybody know what they are? Funny that they didn't post prices this year...
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