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  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuart_spivack/678419327/ This is what it looked like although it was not coconut I thought it was slightly vanilla/rum in flavor.
  2. Two weekends ago in Delaware we had this dessert that was room temp it reminded me of smearcase/buttercake it had a crust but had a flan like custard which was drier than any flan I had ever had and it had NO syrup. Flavors were good. I had never seen or heard of this one before. Everyone keeps saying flan cake but flan cake has a sugar syrup component and this did not. It was served from a sheet pan and was not refrigerated. What is it? Any ideas?
  3. I imagine the chocolate would be moister and more dense so I may have to try that. I have also postulated that the reason why the crumb is not as dense is because of the butter. I used regular old american butter. Oh dopey me! I want to try it with european fat butter. Plugra perhaps. I keep forgetting these recipes were orginally intended for european butter.
  4. We want to go somewhere for 7 fishes and I just don't feel like cooking them this year. Any recommendations for a good place that does the 7 fishes?
  5. We want to go somewhere for 7 fishes and I just don't feel like cooking them this year. Any recommendations for a good place that does the 7 fishes?
  6. I have once again taken up the great madeline this time for thanksgiving. I have made so many recipes that I now am perplexed. My husband having grown up in France is no help here. He says the majority of madelines he ate in France were stale and more solid than cakey. I have made a few recipes CI, epicurious, Dorie Greenspan's last night. Dorie's flavor was right on the money but mine came light and cakey. I froze them to see if a good solid freeze would firm them. I read David Lebovitz about blé sucré and the syrup and that fascinated me. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives/2007...est_madele.html http://www.doriegreenspan.com/dorie_greens...o-hesitate.html Maybe the syrup firms them up. Baking blogs are all over the place about the madeline issue. Do you have a favorite recipe? Does your version come firm or light? Is there a trick that I am unaware of? Was my husband the only one who associates firm with stale? Chime in folks
  7. I've looked into them as well, but decided to go with another company. Let us know if you do order from them. luis ← Who did you go with instead?
  8. While reading David Lebovitz's Room for Dessert I found a source for vanilla near to me. I had never heard of them before, surprising because since 2000 and the great flood/inflation of vanilla beans; I have been always trying to track down vanilla beans, good vanilla and the like. http://www.kcjvanilla.com/ Has anyone used them? I can't believe they have been so close to me and I have not heard of them before.
  9. While digesting my daily food blogs I came across this http://eggbeater.typepad.com/shuna/2005/11..._perfected.html Shuna is a huge talent. I think the blue pumpkin is just something I have to make a few pies with. Anyone see any? PA, DE, MD? If you have please post.
  10. I am having a throng of people for thanksgiving. I am making my own bread but there are some people coming with very plain tastes and I want to put out an assortment of rolls, bread on the table. I cannot find a place to get very good bread out in Chesco. We have a few road trips to the airport to make on Wed before. So up Route 1 and 95 would be great. Is there no bread this way? Help Help!!!
  11. JerzeeTomato

    Beef Tenderloin

    clean the silver skin, tie off the roast, cover with a coating of good butter salt and pepper, maybe some granulated garlic, cook at 500 degrees for about 20-25 mins, this is for med rare center. let rest and slice thin. It is very good. I make a horseradish sauce to go with it.
  12. I bought a 15 qt LC dutch oven for 223.00 at Tuesday Morning. They hae them in that size all the time. It had no box but was in pristine condition.
  13. Note, from left to right 11 cup, 14 cup, 20 cup. and I have had all thee running at the same time on many, many occasions. ← I have a cusinart, a hamilton beach, a black and decker, a la machine(yup and it still works) and one still in the box that I have not ever opened. The cusinart 11 quart has 2 sets of bowls.
  14. 3 bowls. 1 extra hand mixer and an old Hamilton Beach in the basement just in case. Pick one up at a garage sale for 5.00
  15. Check out this recipe from Nick Malgieri -- it seems to fit the bill. ← Make a limoncello syrup or you will be very drunk. Limoncello is potent.
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