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  1. I'm a proud eGullet mom here to announce the arrival today of the Ratatouille DVD Bonus disk (exclusive to Walmart), featuring my kids Ian and Robyn making crepes with Robert Irvine. (There are also segments featuring Emeril, Rachel Ray and Altn Brown). We spend lots of family time on eGullet, and the kids wanted me to let everyone here to know about the DVD release. Helen
  2. Pam, thanks for motivating me to cook beyond the seder meals. Everyone loved the brisket sandwiches on your rolls (served with the baked potato chips from the passover thread). Every time I have to crack eggs for yet another recipe, I think of how many eggs you cracked and realize that I've got it easy. After Pesach, you deserve a week of restaurant meals, and a whole lot of R&R.
  3. Thanks for the roll recipe! It will be leftover brisket sandwiches for lunch today.
  4. Happy Pesach to all!!! At our seder last night, there was talk of a Passover cooking article from last Sunday's Wall Street Journal that was made up of recipes that contained ingredients that are traditionally not used for Passover (mustard, soy sauce, cornstarch...). My family and friends were outraged at the editor for allowing these recipes to be published as kosher for passover. I don't have the article and can't seem to get the link. Has anyone seen it, and what do people think of this?
  5. Pam- you are AMAZING!!! The amount and variety of pesach food you prepared is an inspiration. A couple of questions.... what is shmoo? And, can you please post your matzo meal muffin recipe, the sandwich cravings have begun. Five more days of this never ending meal- oy!!
  6. Tempura California Rolls have turned our local Japanese restaurant into a family affair. My kids would never go with us for sushi- but this makes it acceptable for them, and I get to eat the raw stuff I love. I do draw the line at only allowing one tempura item per meal- in other words, no tempura rolls for dinner AND tempura ice cream for dessert!
  7. Does that mean that it is a kosher place?
  8. What about Mac and Manco's on the Ocean City Boardwalk?
  9. We moved from NY to Suth Jersey a few years ago and what we miss most are the kosher Long Island Bakeries-specially Zomicks. Whenever our friends and family come to visit, they bring challah, challah rolls, black and white cookies and a flat round cake called"meltaway" that is just like having the top third of a very dense and crumby crumb cake. I have seen these cakes and challahs in Shoprite in Cherry Hill, NJ too. The trick is to find out the delivery day and buy a bunch when they are fresh- they freeze very well. We've been known to eat the meltaway right out of the freezer!
  10. Two new restaurant favorites of the season for the local crowd- both in Margate. First is Lobianco Coastal Cuisine at 8409 Ventnor Ave 609-822-0600- small place- BYO- great food- my favorite is their grilled Romaine with blue cheese and bacon- not your usual salad course and any of their entrees are a good choice. It is owned and run by a couple who put great care and effort into their food. Bill for two is about $90. Next, south on Ventnor Ave is a small place (BYO also) called Dune that specializes in amazing seafood. I don't have their specific info at hand. I made my reservations for these two places for July 4th weekend and will bring my out of town guests. If you want to go to either place on a summer weekend, you really need to call for a reservation. I still suggest Tomatoes in Margate- it is always good (see my reply above). You can PM me if you want anymore specific info on the area.
  11. We just got back from our Bermuda Anniversary trip- had a fabulous time!! We had the best meal of our lives at the Newport Room in Southampton. We chose the tasting menu with wine pairing (something that we rarely choose) The food was amazing and the service was perfect. Here's a teaser of what we ate... - Pork Belly w Sunchoke Puree, Fried quail egg and five spice sauce paired with Pouilly Fume, Chatalain 2002 - Lobster w Hatian Mango, avocado puree and cucumber foam paired with Flanghina, Fendi Di San Giorgio, Campania 2003 (a new wine for me and I loved it.) - Seared Foie Gras, Roasted Pineapple, Duck Vanilla Jus paired with Chateau Guirand 1er Cru, Sauternes, 1996 After that we had fish, lamb, cheese and dessert courses. The sommelier Mohammed Mossad should have his own television show- he shared his knowledge of the wines he chose in a manner that was both informaitve and entertaining. An evening I will never forget!
  12. Thanks Monica- i really enjoyed your blog- you've truly inspired me to learn more about your cuisine! Helen
  13. Aloo Tikki by another name.. Correct?? Or you can come over here and we can do a Pakora Chai Party...!!! ← Aloo Tikki sound perfect! Will you be making them this week, or can you provide us with a recipe? No deep frying AND has vegetables- WOW! Don't know what I'd do without egullet- first I learned about roasted cauliflower (my favorite thread) and now aloo tikki- without you my kids would eat no vegetables. Thanks Monica!!!
  14. Monica, i'm having the best time checking your blog every few hours- it is fabulous!! I'm going to the grocery now to get what i need to make the potatoes (the interesting twist is that i'm keeping kosher for passover this week and your recipe fits right in!) As for the fritters for my son, can you do one that combines potatoes and lentils or peas- i want to show him that he might like things that are out his normal (and sadly limited) diet and plain potato fritters feel too much like his usual french fries. Thanks!!!!
  15. Monica, can't wait to see your dinner pics. I did some asking about the Pulari I asked you about yesterday. The mom is from Indian from Guyana and the pulari are a type of yellow split pea fritters colored with tumeric that they eat often. The tamarind sauce is HEAVY on the garlic. Is this something you make too?
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