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  1. We ate there on a trip to Perth in 2002 and have been trying to get back for a longer stay ever since. My husband still sighs over the bread rolls and the beef - a pinnacle that no other restaurant has ever reached. Gorgeous - and worth the flight to Perth from the east !!!
  2. I made PUDC last week as my father requested one (claiming he had not had one in over 20 years!!). I had to use tinned pineapple as being the end of winter in country Australia the fresh were awful. I cooked the rings in butter and brown sugar until soft and the sauce went thick and arranged in the cake tin. The main difference was that I spiced up the cake mix itself with chinese five spice and extra ginger and tossed in a can of crushed pineapple. I was delicious. Would highly recommend spicing up the cake
  3. Hubby and I will be in Canberra for my 40th ( ) birthday next month and I am looking for a suggestion of somewhere to go for dinner that is really good. I havn't lived in Canberra for years and only visit rarely so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Don't mind what style of cuisine (or price really) as long as it is outstanding and memorable. Please help!!!
  4. Go for fondue. They can dip what they like (marshmallows, fruite etc) and love it.
  5. Made the most delicious cake with LOTS of smashed pumpkin (butternut squash). Made this one into rock cakes. YUM!!
  6. Ok from the Aussie point of view: If given a choice I will ALWAYS go cake (and if it has a cream cheese icing then Yay, Yay, Yay.
  7. Am so depressed. In the middle (nearly) of winter here (was 10 degrees today) and am craving those zucchini flowers. Oh well, will go back to rattatouie and braised lamb shank.
  8. Grandma was a legend in our family - a legend for "DON'T EAT AT HER HOUSE!!!!". I had warned my current boyfriend but appaently to no avail. She offered him "lasagne" and HE ATE IT!!!. Then he ate the lemon cake. Sounds reasonable? Yes, until you knew Grandma. The lemon cake was made (from packet mix) and set on the sink in case 'company called'. When company had failed to show (a week or two later) the cake was placed in an empty icecream container and doused with lemon juice - then placed in the freezer. Each time a visitor came to the house the cake woulkd come out of the freezer and, upon no takers for the cake would go back in. See the picture - freeze, defrost, freeze, defrost, freeze rinse lather repeat Yay Grandma. Lasagne is a story for a whole other time!!!
  9. My husband regularly says he would be happy to eat steak and mash every day but as the "pesky" woman I require some variety. Seeing Sklinseys photos - my husband would have eaten both steaks in one sitting (and has done) being the big, boofy rugby boy that he is. I got him to eat quiche by telling him it was bacon pie!! I have to "hide the vegetables" like he is a four year old - the amount of grating etc that goes on in this house is scary. Although I think he would die of shock if he found out he at celeriac (mash), jerulem artichokes (roasted), cabbage (braised), cauliflour (roasted ) and the list goes on.
  10. I don't care if it is retro, I refuse to stop making bread & butter pudding, and I am sure my guests are happy about this. Most people are annoyed if I don't and first time diners at our home almost swoon when I bring it out (unless it is crepe suzette night then everyone swoons - best dessert ever). There is something to be said for these "retro" favourites that keep on keeping on. They strike a nerve in us and we want that nerve struck again. (although I completely refuse to eat frog spawn or junket!!!!!!!!)
  11. Yay - curly parsley. After watching all the food channels denigrate one of my favourites am glad to see you grow it too. Great blog (although I second Old Foodies question about the gravy - looked damn anaemic to me).
  12. First ever bite of duck prepared by a french restaurant. Crisp skin and melt in the mouth flesh. Finally understood the word unctuous.
  13. Great blog Mizducky!! With the goat the the prementioned riff on osso bucco, that's what I would do. Brown the floured goat pieces. Then brown off the onion, some carrots and celery and then deglaze with stock or wine (??? if allowed). Pop your goat pieces on top and pour over a tin of tomato pieces. Slow roast for several hours at 150 degrees and serve with cous cous. Works just as well for any braising meat with a bone (especially lamb shanks but I add cummin). Any leftovers, shred meat from bone and add steamed, cubed potato, carrots, pumpkin etc to make the best ever meat pie with either a pastry top or a mashed potato one - YUM
  14. Don't worry about being called "fancy" they still appreciate it and talk about it for far longer. I catered my neice (and god-daughters) baptism over 4 months ago and it is still being talked about for being so delicious and "unusual". For all that I made beef and vegetable samosas, baked vege frittatas, devils on horseback, cheese and asparagus vol au vents (which went more quickly than anything else ) mini sausage rolls and chicken wings (mini ones, both satay and hoi sin). All these hot foods combined with two each of cheese and fruit plates plus dip, biscuits and cruidites have my baby sister touted as the best hostess in Brisbane. We had extra food for a BBQ later in the evening but no-one could fit anything in and they would not believe it was not "fancy food". Good luck on the big day.
  15. Beautifully written Chris. I fully believe in showing people how to prepare really "quick" meals and then trust that the feeling they get from doing that will make them want to explore longer preparations. This in itself, I believe, makes a cook.
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