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  1. I've been to 2 dinners, one in the back yard and one at the Shogren house and both were spectacular. These two guys can cook. Both dinners were 5 course affairs complete with cheese. They have a cheese guy (Steve Jones) who selects cheeses to compliment the main courses and who, in general, is a delight to talk to. A wealth of knowledge concerning all things cheese. The last dinner (at the Shogren) featured wines from Andrew Rich and Andrew himself was in attendence to give the scoop. All in all worth checking out.
  2. Just a quick correction to the review: The Salt and Pepper is made with Tanqueray 10 Gin not vodka, and the grapefruit juice is not pink grapefruit, but the Peychaud bitters does turn it that color. Nice words about Ellen, she does a heckuva job
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