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  1. Tears of joy are running down my cheeks! Three of my favorite eGulleteers in one place at the same time, how awesome is that?!!! Love everything so far, the tripe and cheese look amazing! Hope I can keep up with you all and this exquisite foodblog! With you in spirit. Much love, yetty
  2. Klary, could it be that Mirandar made your yummy spekulaas cookies?
  3. kartoffel, did the cookies look anything like these? It is such a coincidence that I had to gasp out loud at your post. A friend brought me some of these deliciously addictive cookies, but I cannot figure out what the filling is either.
  4. Ah Leung, simply fantastic!!! I'll be making this to break the fast tonight. As always, thanks for sharing all your hard work and for being such a great inspiration.
  5. Might be the way to get hubby into cooking. I can get everything here except for candlenuts. Any substitute? Both versions of your lemongrass kebabs look great! Thanks. ← Sue-On, When we were in the States and couldn't get candlenuts, we substituted macadamia nuts for added texture and richness.
  6. spaghetttti

    Toysan Foods

    Those descriptions sound absolutely delicious, definitely drool worthy!!! I want to try making "salted chicken"....hmmm, maybe tonight...thanks Ben and Sue-On
  7. Hi, Klary.... It's Ramadhan here in Indonesia and what a lovely way to break the fast with some delectable poffertjes. I really made quite a mess baking them in my brand new cast iron poffertjes pan. Totziens from Bandung, yetty
  8. Hi Michael, Hope this helps: Daging = meat cincang = minced/ground ....ground meat (beef) Kacau = beat/mix/whip/stir .... beat those eggs up, dear I've always loved this thread and will hold it close to my heart.
  9. ....when you read this post and screamed out loud "PERCY"
  10. Ahaaa, no wonder it looked good to me....I'm Indonesian....
  11. Actually Kathy, it doesn't really look that bad. I'm sure it must've tasted good, huh? Uh, what is it?
  12. Bryan, I wonder if we could see an actual place setting with the plates and napkins that you were thinking of using. (Maybe with some of your gorgeous food, too ) Also, what glassware/stemware?
  13. I'm. So. In. Love. With this blog. With the glorious photos. With the food. WITH PJ!!! I'm so happy to see some fish pants!!
  14. This is most interesting to me. Other than eating cheese plain, what are some good/appropriate vehicles for some of these cheeses? Crackers? Bread? Which textures go with what? I'm also curious to know how the cheeses are best incorporated in recipes.
  15. There are several Sundanese restaurants and warungs that serve dishes in the manner of West Sumatra (Padang style). Ampera and AA Laksana are warungs that are gaining popularity for laying out some of the tastiest fried and grilled chicken and fish, crisp raw vegetables (lalapan) and sambals, freshly fried tahu and tempe as well as some of the (IMVHO) best perkedel jagung I have tasted.
  16. Here are my chicken sate (satay), nekkid as they are, eventually were dressed with a thick chunky spicy peanut sauce or alternatively dunked in a chopped shallot, birdseye pepper sweet soy sauce. I generally like a mix of white and dark chicken chunks, but this was all breast meat. Served with steamed rice and acar pickles of cucumbers and shallots.
  17. gfron1, what a great idea for a topic! Thank you for starting this! A few weeks ago I went through Schiphol Airport and picked up some cheeses. The first one I got was a breathtakingly gorgeous young Gouda which was promptly gobbled up. Excellent. This is a herbed Gouda, which is slightly salted with a tang. I haven't opened this one up yet. Does anyone know how this will taste? Klary, what you do think?
  18. I recently came back from Geneva, Switzerland where I had some of the most wonderful pave chocolates and truffles. They were too delicate to withstand the trip back to Indonesia and melted upon arrival. However, these are some of the bars that I brought back and have yet to open up and try. I think these will be the first to taste. Don't really know much about chocolate and I'm nowhere a chocolate connoisseur as many of you are here, however, I'm loving this thread, really educative. I'm learning about smoothness, subtle fruitiness and acidity as well as flavor combinations and finishes. Are these your average run-of-the-mill mainstream brands? What do y'all think?
  19. Oh, I do bother with spongecakes such as these. They are sumptious
  20. This was from TrishCT in Showstopper Jello Desserts Rachel Perlow's method and technique in RecipeGullet is here : Rainbow Gelatine Mold
  21. Divina, perhaps Viaggio di un Cuoco is his show "A Cook's Tour"? Here in Indonesia we have No Reservations on Discovery's Travel and Living, which also airs DFA and ACT. The most recent NR was on Sicily and the spleen sandwich! Has the NR Indonesia been aired yet? I wish I could've met AB. Tony, you are in my heart and prayers.
  22. Haven't been eating much lately, but today this was the most delicious thing at afternoon coffee break. I guess wingko babat would be an Indonesian version of a coconut macaroon.
  23. <snip...> <...snip> When we're in NYChinatown, we inevitably end up at Sun Hop Shing, mind you the dim sum is not very good, but it's the nostalgia that always sucks us in. It's a little place with cart service. Cheap cheap, too. The beef balls are probably the main reason for our pilgrimage. They are bouncy, flavorful and satisfying. We also absolutely adored Dim Sum Go Go on our first and only visit a couple of years back. They had a very nice selection of dim sum, hot and fresh. I'd love to go back.
  24. ...tm..., I apologize, all this time I've been miscalling this salad, it should be karedok. This is the karedok recipe that I use. Never heard it called zedoary before. Our name for that particular spice/root is kencur. In the link look down at the fingerroot, you can see that it is slimmer and smaller in comparison, but IMO kencur has a slightly stronger taste than that of ginger or galangal. A little definitely goes a long way.
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