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  1. It was Le Tarbouche. Now, with new ownership and a new name, it's run by chef/owner Jamie Stachowski, formerly of eCiti in Tysons, Pesce and a couple other places I can't recall.
  2. I'm very glad to hear this. Will be going to DC Coast on Thursday for RW, based upon the positive feedback here. I haven't done a RW at all since a vile experience at Tosca that left me with poor thoughts about this promotion. Not to mention poor thoughts about Tosca which I have never returned to. Assuming the tilapia will not be repeated on Thursday, any other suggestions aside from the sea bass?
  3. I'd really like to know this also. Perhaps, you've met some friendly cheesemakers who would welcome and appreciate having visitors who are interested in their way of life to come by and learn more about what they do and how they do it. At the very least, we'd buy their cheese!
  4. I must agree with all but cinnamon raisin. That is, if we're having an official poll here.
  5. This brings up the issue of cream cheese and what is verboten. Plain and scallion/onion seem to me the only acceptable ones. Smoked salmon/lox bits? C'mon, buy the sliced Nova. Honey-Walnut? Is this a danish?
  6. I blame Bob McAllister and Wonderama for foisting these abominations, generally from Lender's on us.
  7. Oh. Then it will probably have the quality of Aramark. Ariamark? Airamark?
  8. It must have opened for business this week. It's where Palomino/Jordan's used to be. www.ariatrattoria.com. Anyone eaten there yet? Anyone know anything about it? Ownership? Kitchen? Etc.?
  9. Last I heard, October, but I'm quickly learning to take opening dates with a grain of salt. The way they still have everything torn up along Crystal Drive in Crystal City I'd be shocked if they're ready for it to open before Christmas, let alone October.
  10. syzygy8


    Are they open for lunch? Weekends? Do they have a website? I can only find the Artisanal online store on the web. Me and the Mrs. are big fans of artisanal cheese and were hoping that when we're in NY this weekend we could stop by for lunch on Saturday. Reservations necessary? Thanks!
  11. I think you're thinking of Honolulu, which has indeed closed. Shame, too.
  12. Do they have a website or post anywhere when (and what) these special nights are?
  13. Went there about a year or so ago. We had a good, but not great meal. I'd definitely go back, but I'm rarely in that neighborhood. I remember we really enjoyed the pasta. A gnocchi dish and a tagliatelle. Good wines too.
  14. How many people were picking? Was it orderly? When we did it last year there must have been 2-3 dozen people, and when we went out to the asparagus patch and let loose, it was like a gold rush, or Oklahoma land claim when everyone ran to find their "plot of green!"
  15. What started as a simple desire to sit outside with Mrs. syzygy8 and enjoy some wine and cheese turned into something much more pleasant on our first ever trip to Palena. Wandered up the escalator at Cleveland Park and we were quickly seated outside in the sun (about a week or so ago when there were more reasonably comfortable temperatures). We asked about the cheese assortment. Types, quantity, etc. Is there enough for the two of us? Should we order two plates? Is there enough variety properly ripe that if we order two plates we can try even more kinds? She returned with 1.5 orders of cheese which gave us two bites of each kind they had ready to be served that night (I think we had seven selections). Some domestic (a bleu from PA was tasty) and many from Italy. A well done plate with enough variety of flavor, texture and milk type to keep us happy. The accompanying bread concerned me at first. (Don't recall the exact name, but some kind of Tyrolean bread rings a bell) It seemed too sweet and fruity at first glance, but it happened to be a great pair with the cheese. The wine we left to their suggestion. Villa Sant'Anna Chianti Colli Senesi 2001 ($39). Good body and mouthfeel with rich fruit that wasn't so overpowering as to steal from the varying flavors of the cheese. We were quite happy with what we got. We also left the menu sitting at our table so we could study it a little more. It was our first visit after all. Next thing you know, we've ordered the greens and goat cheese salad for Mrs., the roasted chicken for me, and the Palena fries for the both of us while we waited the 45 minutes for the cooked to order chicken. The fries were the only disappointment of the evening. I liked the variety of potato styles. Standard fries were alongside whipped potato fries and even fried lemons. But the breading/batter was rather bland and they just felt a little too oily and greasy. The sun was about to set, and we moved inside just as the chicken and salad was to be served. I still can't believe that chicken is only $9. Normally I'd never order chicken unless I was at an Asian or Mexican style restaurant, but I'd heard plenty of good things here. All correct. Served on top of some greens and garlic (seemed like spinach, but there was definitely more in there. Chard perhaps?) the chicken was huge. The skin was brown and taut, and when you touched it with your fork and knife you felt and heard the crispness. Breaking into it was like breaking into a creme brulee. And when you completed that crack, the steam poured forth from the opening with the smells of herbs and spices (I could swear I smelled anise in there!) It was hot. It was juicy. It was everything I thought chicken could not be. And it was only 9 dollars! Thankfully the Mrs. is a vegetarian, or she'd have been very upset when I said, Cartmanlike, "No, it's MY potpie!" I wish I could remember what we shared for dessert. (I should have written this sooner). But it was very good. (That's helpful, no?). Palena will find a place in the regular rotation. 9 freakin' dollars for that chicken!
  16. I'm a soft taco person too, but didn't know they'd divvy them up like this. What do they charge you for that? Is there even a button for such a mix on their registers??? Usually I just get chicken, w/tomatoes, corn, lettuce, sour cream and then add the hot sauce on my own. Sometimes grab some of the lime wedges by the drink dispensers and squeeze them on.
  17. Many a fun time was had at the Peppermint Lounge circa 82/83. (another child of the 80's). The Ritz was also a winner.
  18. You could do a very good Penn Quarter crawl. Starting from the 9th street exit of the Metro (cause who'd wanna drive after a night like this?): Zaytinya-Ellas-McCormick&Schmick-GordonBiersch-CaucusRoom-Zola-CafeAtlantico-AustinGrill-Jaleo-Andale-DistrictChophouse-RosaMexicano-Fado-RFD-Matchbox. Plenty of old school, some ethnic, and a dartboard assortment of quality beer, wine and liquor. You could eat all night by grazing appetizers throughout, or have a full scale meal at any one of them and be happy (except for Biersch, Fado and RFD). And I think I've probably left out a few other joints to stop off at that others could add.
  19. I was just going to post this here and I see how you beat me to it. If I was her SO, I'd want to shoot myself! Holy freakin' kill me now! edited for typo
  20. If I understand correctly, our traveler is heading north (from Richmond) to the beltway and connecting to I270. If this is the case, they will not be driving by the Old Town exits (Washington St. or Rt. 1) from the beltway. They would need to travel several miles in the opposite direction (toward the dreaded Wilson Bridge) to get there. There are probably better options that are on a more direct path toward their ultimate destination. You're right. I didn't notice 270 and was just thinking the 95 corridor.
  21. Old Town might have the best variety of choices and it's a relatively short hop off the Beltway.
  22. Ha! I think my favorite lines were something like (doing this from memory): Fool on the Floor: He's putting the lobster in the blender. I think he's going to blend it! AB: That's usually what happens when you put something in a blender.
  23. Before Grandma moved back to NY from FL in 1998 or so, I used to go to Hollywood/Fort Lauderdale pretty frequently. Rustic Inn was always on the list and while I can't say I've had the greatest seafood of my life there, it was fine each time. It's very much a "it is what it is" kinda place. Messy, newspaper, loud, wandering toddlers, cold pitchers of beer. I always liked it. I think it must have been about 1997, maybe my last trip to Hollywood, the wife and I wandered in to Taverna Opa which had just had its grand opening only days beforehand on the intracoastal. In fact, I think it was right next door to Billys Stone Crab. Anyway, we were really impressed with the place. Greek food, which relies so heavily on fresh local seafood did really well for us in that location. They put together a quality menu. I particularly enjoyed the kind of "make at the table" hummus (or some such kind of bean dip) that's now become a regular kinda thing with the guacamole at the Rosa Mexicanos of the world. Anyway, I saw the website for Opa and it seems they've opened up several locations. I've heard informally that it's turned into more of a party joint for the 20-ish "beautiful people" and isn't quite like I recall. I'm going to be back down there for the first time since 97 in a couple of weeks. Rustic Inn is on my list, but was wondering whether Opa should be. Does anyone have an update? Cheers!
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