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  1. pho


    A potato and celeriac pavé?
  2. pho

    Black Cod

    Marinated in Sake with a maple glaze is a great way to serve sable/black cod.
  3. I like brothy soups, but I don't like creamy soups for the most part. Pho, Hu Tieu, Tom Yum.. all lovely. Fruit soups are great. Bouillabaisse, also lovely. Yep, I love soups too.
  4. Ling, I've noticed that since Rachel pointed out that you really shouldn't be so concerned with dieting/calories/etc., that all your meals have changed dramatically. Where as before you were drinking Diet Coke, eating powerbars, etc. Now you're eating chocolate cake, nachoes, and pork. I mention this because you really shouldn't let ANY outside influence determine how you feed your body (unless of course for medical reasons). Your body is it's own best judge. Eat to please your body, to nourish it, when it asks.
  5. I happen to know for a fact that Rick reads this thread. I also happen to know for a fact that he just posted a review on Alexa: http://www.alexa.com/data/details/reviews?...ums.egullet.com Still the class act I've known him to be.
  6. pho

    Dinner! 2003

    Hot damn that is some expertly cooked steak! Did it taste as great as it looks? Could you give a quick overview of the method you used to cook it so perfectly, Rachel?
  7. I envision an amuse of the famous salmon cornets, but done with tuna instead.
  8. Obviously Trio.. were you unable to determine Trio was the restaurant talked about in that article? It mentions the restaurant a few hundred times.
  9. pho

    Burger Club

    So like, when are you guys actually gonna eat one?
  10. A deep, dark, French onion soup is one of my favourite things to eat from a bowl. Roasted shallots and cipollini onions dressed with a bit of aged balsamic is fantastic. Slowly cooked vidalia onions (diced) until the become so soft they're nearly spreadable. Spread it on top of some toasted baguette, top it with some arugula, a drizzle of good olive oil and some coarse salt. Great stuff.
  11. And that was in THIS very thread. Not to mention the famed white asparagus thread. Obviously I was exaggerating to prove my point. You obviously aren't even aware you do it, which is unfortunate, I suppose. Because to me, I feel it detracts from your character. And before you ask, in the world of food, I mean nothing.
  12. Why exactly do you find it necessary to offer your credentials so frequently, Victor? Numerous times in this thread alone, and in many others as well. If you're confident in your stance, and in your argument, there shouldn't be a need for this. This, I feel, is one of the primary factors contributing to why you've rubbed me the wrong way (and apparently others). Not to say that your credentials aren't valid; because they most certainly are, but I've heard them 36 times already.
  13. Out of curiosity, how do you view Grant Achatz, robert? He would be my nomination for the best (if not the only) avant-garde chef in the US. I'd be very interested to hear your perception of his cuisine.
  14. Wow. This truly is a "must read" piece. Thanks for the link!
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