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  1. Yeah! Harolds's is definitely the fried chicken king. It's true, there are many others, but Fresser hit the nail on the head, the one on 53rd St. next to Mr. G's (I think it might be a Co-op now) is definitely the best. Do not be distracted by any other menu items, just stick to the chicken. You also have options as to how you want it dressed, hot sauce, mild sauce, salt and pepper. Don't forget to eat the two slices of white bread underneath the mountain of chicken and fries. The fact that they're saturated with chicken grease only adds to the experience.
  2. What did mama ever do to hurt anyone? I love MaMa almost as much as I love my mama, especially the shrimp tom yum in the space age foil packaging. i've got a 2 year old box of corn pops in the pantry. i love corn pops, and can't bring myself to throw this out, even though it's stale. cat hair tumbleweeds in the corner by the fridge manischewitz pancake mix frozen tater tots side towels from various kitchens that i've worked at a 1 gallon jug of sweet baby ray's bbq sauce 2 jars of nutella, with Kobe's smiling mug on the label
  3. beer snobs aside... two places in chicago pour a mean pint of guiness. gunther murphy's 1638 w. belmont and fado's 100 w. grand
  4. yes. hot doug's is a good time. i really should visit more often, as i live right down the street from it. at any rate, you should check out Superdawg in the northwest side. supposedly, they make their own dogs there, but i've never been able to verify this. they definitely taste a hell of a lot better than 99% of the other hot dogs i've had, and are also significantly larger. don't forget to grab some onion chips, and while you're at it, ask them for an extra pickled green tomato or two, it's worth it. superdawg 6363 n. milwaukee let us know how you liked it...
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