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  1. Hmmm. Would they react the same way if a patron took a leather wallet out of their pocket to pay their bill? A bit extreme...
  2. This is a funny thread. All these insecure cooks! It's just a cry for attention, huh? When my husband finishes his meal in about 60 seconds when I'm just taking my second bite of salad, then it's "his way" of saying it was good. He does, occasionally, say something like "this is great!" which is a nice change. I think we're at the point in our 15 year relationship that if he, out of the blue, said something like "Honey, you are such a wonderful cook" or "gee, you look incredibly lovely tonight" I would put a knife in his throat and say "OK, who is she?" !! I love it when my friends compliment my cooking. I do sometimes say something silly like, well I should have used more blah blah blah, but usually I say "I know, isn't this great?!" One of the best compliments I got was from my son Max. He was eating a Hershey bar in the back seat of my car and said "Mom, y'know how you always say there's a difference in chocolate, and really really good chocolate?" and I said "yeah.." He then said "This Hershey bar tastes like crap!" Last Valentines Day he got a $39.00 box of Lindt! Kids are expensive!
  3. Oh! I thought bagged was some culinary term I hadn't heard! Yes, I do that too, the bags of assorted baby greens etc. The organic ones are good. A little pricy though. I've got some arugula coming up in my little herb garden. This is my third batch. I hope it gets to a decent size before a freeze comes in. I also planted three kinds of basil, sage, rosemary, greek oregano, parsley, and cilantro (which of course went to seed ages ago). The dog decided to take a nap on my dill in June, so he killed it, but he smelled better! Whatever we don't use, I'll try to dry like I did last year. About 4 years ago I planted three mint plants, apple mint, pineapple mint, and spearmint. We have now transplanted them everywhere around our house and, being a weed, the keep multiplying and are now the size of bushes!! I love the smell and according to my husband they're a good natural bug deterrent. We don't use any pesticides and try to be as environmenatlly friendly as possible. My husband is a bit extreme sometimes. Is it better to use tons of soap and water to wash an empty olive oil bottle out to go to recycling, or is it a waste of water and should I throw the damn thing out? Y'know? Like you said earlier, I love fall too. All the great squashes and pumpkins. I have a GREAT recipe for pumpkin soup that you will love It's cooked right in the pumpkin!
  4. Or maybe a couple of prozac for that VERY happy meal!
  5. I'm so glad your meal turned out great! Pardon my stupidity but what is a bagged salad? Oh, and I figured out that EVOO is extra virgin olive oil (duh!) The morel flavor must have been a great addition to the soup. Y'know I think I'll try a version of that with parsnips which I love! Especially roasted ones-yum! How about a roasted parsnip, potato, onion puree maybe with a garnish of (seeded rye bread) garlicky croutons! We should get paid! I worked late yesterday too (12-8). today is 9-5. Along with an hour commute(CT) I get home late often. Last night I made fluffy scrambled eggs and sauteed portobellos on the side and a mesclun salad with that wasabe dressing. All that talk: I had too! I'm going to look for that cookbook you mentioned. Your story about the professor is hilarious! Did he also invite you to his pad to see his "spore prints"? Haha! I've gotta get some work done!
  6. Hi Babyluck: That is so funny about Mr. B being on a diet. So is my husband! Off and on and off and etc etc. I.E. He'll say he's off carbs so I can't make any of my favorite quick starches like PASTA, couscous, polenta , etc etc., then around 10:00 pm, he'll devour 1/2 box of chips(yuk)ahoy, or another of my son's treats!! And red meat or anything resembling an organ?? forget it! He thinks my tastes in food are so wierd, but he also love my cooking(when it's normal stuff!) I'm sure you're cooking by now. Have a great dinner! Oh yeah, about the wine. I haven't a clue since I haven't had any in many moons. I decided if I wanted to live past 30, I'd better quit! For me it was a wise decision, but probably put some liquor stores out of business! Ciao!
  7. Yers, any nuts would do. I love the candied pecan idea (because I love sugar and anything sweet in a salad!) Maybe if you added some scallion or thinly sliced vidalia it would be a nice contrast. The figs-just plain I think, sliced any way Or, if you feel like getting really fancy,maybe some thinly sliced deep fried turnip slices(or any root veg). I love any kind of cheese on any kind of bread. How abt garlic olive oil rubbed baguette slices sprinkled with grated grueyere and thrown under the broiler?
  8. The soup sounds wonderful. I love turnips! Morels are the best mushroom I've ever eaten in my life, but unfortunately I haven't had any fresh ones since I was a kid and we'd find them after a rainy day. I haven't cooked with the dry ones much at all. I would also do a light baby greens salad but with the figs and something crunchy like toasted walnuts. The dressing maybe could have a bite to it like try a red wine vinegrette, but instead of using dijon, add a little wasabi paste. (or you could use a bit of both). Along with your bread and cheese...When's dinner?!
  9. If I had one night in Philly I'd try Morimoto. Of course you and your companions would have to love sushi. (I would definately order the uni appetizer I saw on Food TV's documentary!) I'm sure it's expensive so it may be best to get the boss drunk enough so he buys dinner! Jane
  10. Me too. Have over 30 books, but tend to look at a few versions of same dish before starting it. (Of course when baking I follow exact recipes.) Joy of C Julia C Bittman Anna Thomas' Veg. Cooking 1 and 2 Madhur Jaffreys Veg. Indian (great books and I'm not a vegetarian). I also like to read cookbooks and fantasize! Also love to collect really OLD cookbooks and wacky plastic spiral "women's League" or "Church Group" cookbooks. My mother recently snagged the original Alice B Toklas cookbook for about a buck at a flea market! She joked to the person selling it that she was going home to bake brownies. No brownie recipe, damn!
  11. The canned artichoke bottoms and hearts of palm are a great buy and the frozen creme brulee are great-you get two in a box-and each one is in it's own crockery container, that you can re-use forever. Of couse I have about 8 of them now...maybe time to throw some out.
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome. And Jason, thanks for moving this to the correct topic! I'm still trying to find my way around the board. This place is in East Hartford, called Pho 501, at 501 Main St. If you're ever in town I'll take you to lunch! My mom, who's 78, and totally into new and different foods, told me about having Pho while visiting in Virginia with my brothers family, so I've been looking for it ever since. I had also heard snippets about it on NPR etc. , and also about College Inn coming out with a canned version of the broth. So funny-I found the "Vetnamese Beef Broth" by College Inn at Ocean State Job Lot! I have yet to try it. I spotted this place after eating lunch one day at "Ok it's fast and cheap" Subway. I couldn't wait to go the next day and usually try to get there 1-3 times a week. Last year the owners went on vaca. to Viet Nam for three weeks, and when I read the sign on the door, I almost started crying! I'm such an addict. Ciao, Jane
  13. Hi, I'm new so be kind. I like this site a lot. My favorite Pho place in the Hartford area (still my secret since I can find it empty at times!) only serves Pho, wonderful melt in your mouth beef slices, or fresh firm shrimp or both!. The broth is rich and fragrant, with a bit of onion, scallion,noodle, cilantro. Of course, lime , basil and sprouts on the side. You can also get it to go either already put together, or "you make at home?" in separate containers, with the raw meat and noodles still cold so they don't get overcooked. So cool. Apparently they have a spicier Pho and a chicken one on Saturday which I haven't tried since I only work around here. The only other thing they make is Bang Quon(sp?) which the owner calls "steam roll". They give you about three rolled rice crepes filled with finely diced and seasoned pork and mushrooms, steamed, then topped with sprouts,cilantro, and round firm pinkish brown slices of something that looks like bologna. What is this stuff? I don't think it's fish cake. Is it bean curd? I asked and she said "it's very good" which was enough for me. It's really delicious and served with a sauce of red chili, sweet vinegar and fish sauce. $5.00! I'd appreciate any thoughts. THANKS!
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