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  1. Was waaaay out of my price range when I visited there... Had to eat much more humble, but just as tasty, vittles..
  2. Hiya Channie.. Welcome... Certainly not an expert on Indian cooking, and turmeric is not high on my list of things in indian spices to get all picky about... http://mccormick.com/content.cfm?id=10077 if it is of any help... Perhaps the growing conditions/variety effect the color? Does the color effect the taste? You will have to let one of the Pro's handle those questions... I guess, if you are looking at buying jars of the stuff for comparison taste tasting, it could get spendy... If you can buy small quantities... from bulk containers, you might have a chance to determine which taste yo
  3. Looks like anything that can extrude vermicelli can make that... A Sev press, or a ratchet powered cookie press with very fine holes.... If you have the cookie press, you can make your own disk to shape them, a blank of aluminum and an electric drill....
  4. Lets most dals get to pressure cook for a brief time, then use the cold water method to bring down the pressure... Chana Dal has a bit more body so we leave under pressure for a little longer.. Trial and error... emphasis on the error is the way with the new style pressure cookers.. no more whistles.. soupy or semi firm, they all taste good. It does take a while to get the texture dialed in...
  5. As they used to say in old science fiction movies "It sounds crazy, but just might work" It won't taste like fenugreek, but the same notes may be played on the palate... all depends on your ratio.. betting it will take a bit of experimentation.. Good luck, and give us progress reports...
  6. jw46


    A small electric heating pad set on low, enclosed in a cardboard box would provide enough heat for proper fermentation...
  7. Indeed an impressive piece of kitchen equipment, but don't be intimidated. Has almost every attachment that is made, from Grain Grinder to Ice Cream Maker, ours is about 12 years old and gets frequent use. Hasn't killed it yet.
  8. When I buy Limburger, or any other aromatic critter, I use our vacuum bag sealing machine.. Super sucks it once then puts it in another bag a does it again.. NOT having to listen to wifeys comments about the aroma is worth the expense, plus the cheese keeps for much longer under vacuum..
  9. Hmm.. Sort of like Everyone is Irish on St Patrick's day?...
  10. Old style bottle with rubber gasket and wire device for keeping lid secure works fine for me...
  11. Here in the states they might be called "Boiler Onions" much more intense onion flavor than the Walla Walla sweet, or Vidalia onions which are much better eaten raw on burgers or something..
  12. After being discharged from the military, I lived with my parents for a while... It didn't take long to realize that it was a serious crimp in my lifestyle, since any guests I had were relegated to the unfinished basement... Exited stage left. So now I had an apartment, behind the steel mills.. not exactly the most savory neighborhood, but there was always something happening... people getting offshift having beers on their front porches on hot summer days at 2AM Absolutely no cooking skills, learned by trial and lots and lots of error... Guests invited for supper, always attended with some
  13. jw46


    http://www.ndtvcooks.com/recipes/dessertrecipe.asp?id=270 http://www.lokpriya.com/cuisine/rajasthan/...jiridhania.html found these with a quick google search... Not tested by me.. so you are on your own...
  14. I don't know how specialized a slow cooker would be, or if you have access to one but sounds ideal for something that has to stew for a lengthy period of time. Sorry, have no help in your quest for the recipe... But my curiosity has been aroused.. will follow this thread..
  15. Somewhere in my memory is a statement from the Dalai Lama that eating meat is allowed, as long as it is not killed for your consumption... Belly up to the counter @ McDonalds...A life is not taken for your personal benefit.. Though I have no citation to post here.. will search for one...
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