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  1. Sooo I need to last a week on $10 and I like eating healthy. What do I do
  2. Not sure on many of the details. Someone I know got a case of it because of their relationship with someone involved in Coca Cola and the pic is taken from them. The website is gonna be up soon I guess, but it isn't finished yet http://www.cokec2.com/
  3. Everytime I go to the grocery store I see sushi rolls for sale and seeing that I've never had sushi I'm tempted to try them out. Has anyone else tried sushi from the grocery store? Do they usually make it fresh that same day? The only thing that has been holding me back is that I think it might not be safe to eat it. I'm interested in finding out.
  4. tuna in spring water boiled eggs sweet relish mustard miracle whip onions on white bread
  5. I didn't like that oatmeal kind mostly because of the cinnamon ice cream. If it would have been vanilla ice cream I probably would have liked it. Cinnamon ice cream=barf.
  6. I went to the store today and they got a new flavor called Chocolate Chocolate Cookie and it has chocolate ice cream with chocolate creme filled oreos and ribbons of fudge throughout. It rules, but it says limited batch on the container so they probably won't sell it very long!
  7. I had one of these today. It did taste good. The commercial is misleading though. It looks like it comes on a bun the size of the chicken blt sandwich, but it is actually really small. I was surprised at how small it was.
  8. The Domino's pizza sucks. I got one and there was barely any meat on it at all. It was all onions, peppers, and mushrooms, and a few shreds of meat on it I couldn't even really recognize as meat. If the McDonald's cheesesteak is anything like Jack In The Box's get rid of it as soon as possible! Jack In The Box's has to be the worst cheesesteak I've ever tasted.
  9. I just saw a preview for it while watching Date Plate. They will be working at his restaurant and the cameras are there to catch it all
  10. Jamie Oliver restaurant snubs Clinton Even being a former president of the United States isn't enough to guarantee a table at Jamie Oliver's landmark London restaurant Fifteen, it appears. Bill Clinton was reportedly turned away from the television chef's restaurant because it was full and staff refused to bump other patrons with a booking. Fifteen, which is staffed by rookie chefs recruited and trained by Oliver in the television program Jamie's Kitchen, is so popular diners have to book three months in advance. The former US president wanted to visit the restaurant during a recent visit to London and a staff member rang Fifteen on a Thursday, seeking a booking for the following Saturday night. "It was impossible because that's the restaurant's busiest night," an unnamed staff member told British newspaper The Daily Mirror. "It would have meant cancelling a booking of other guests who made reservations weeks ago and that just wouldn't be fair. "If we're full we're full, and there's nothing that can be done about it - even if it is for the former president of the United States." Fifteen is booked out at night until 2004. A spokesman for Oliver confirmed that Clinton had been turned away. "Jamie was sorry the restaurant was unable to accommodate Mr Clinton, but his attitude was c'est la vie," he said. "Mr Clinton is of course more than welcome to come back at any time but he will have to give the restaurant a bit more notice." http://news.ninemsn.com.au/Entertainment/s...story_51809.asp
  11. They were showing a commercial for it on tv last night and I only caught about 5 seconds of it. I believe the name of it is called Ciao America and from what I understood from the short part of the commercial I saw, he will be making more well known American-Italian style dishes.
  12. I think I still see the whoopie flavor in stores. If I'm not mistaken it has chocolate ice cream, chocolate soft cookies, and marshmallow swirls. -edit- I was right. Here it is on the website http://www.benjerry.com/our_products/flavo...m?product_id=48
  13. I do Cherry Garcia is my favorite, but I've tried many of the other flavors and liked them as well. Bad thing about Ben and Jerry's is that it contains twice as much fat as other brands, such as Blue Bell.
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