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  1. I actually ate at Hema's last night for the first time! I thought that pretty much everything we had was very good. I do have one complaint though. And it's a big one. I ordered the Vindaloo and was a little upset when I tasted it (expecting to get my head blown off and to break into a hot sweat) and found that it packed no heat at all! Needing a second opinion, I pretty much forced my SO (who cannot deal with food which is in any way hot) to summon up the courage to try it, and even she agreed that it simply wasn't hot or even spicy in the least! What's that all about? Do you have to ask for it to be made hot? This seems a little silly, especially as the menu specifically mentions that it is 'very hot'. I dunno. Maybe it's simply not the thing to order there. Shame, I was looking forward to having a nice vindaloo as it's the kind of thing I only feel like maybe once a year or so and I'd heard that Hema's was the best place in Chicago to get one . I guess I'll try elsewhere and return to Hema's for other dishes.
  2. I'm under the impression that things have turned around and that the mothership is back on top (I'm basing this on what a few friends have told me). Anyway, I was there (as St. John, not SJB&W) a couple of months ago and had an amazing meal. So, basically, yes it is worth going back. In my opinion.
  3. VeryApe77

    Bone Marrow

    Excellent. Thank you very much Russ. Can't wait to do this, the dish at St. John has long been a favorite.
  4. VeryApe77

    Bone Marrow

    OK, I'm going to risk sounding stupid here, but never mind.....how exactly does one go about checking that the marrow is jellied under the browned cap? I'm making this next week and don't want to mess up. Or is it fairly obvious?
  5. Huh. I was is New Orleans for a few days last week and actually dined at Upperline on the very same day! I doubt you would have seen me though. I had an event to attend and had to eat at the very uncivilized time of 6 PM! I was pretty much the only diner there. I was very sorely tempted to get the Jefferson menu as well, but went with the "Taste of New Orleans" menu instead. A great meal, and very reasonable - 7 courses for $35 and I was truly satiated (as in, I could barely walk out of there). A wonderful place indeed.
  6. I just read Liquor by Poppy Z. Brite. I think that most of her books have been Ann Rice-style gothic horror novel thingys but this novel is all about food and, most of all, the day to day life of a chef. It's kind of a mixture of Kitchen Confidential and A Confederacy of Dunces (the NOLA setting is a very major part of the book). I liked it a lot - in fact I finished it in about 3 hours. I'm kind of surprised that it hasn't been mentioned here before, but I think it may have only just come out? Well, anyway, I'd recommend it.
  7. From the Wine Spectator article That sounds so....porny.
  8. Wow. Sounds great! I'm very excited about the Panna Cotta!
  9. Anyone eaten here yet? I'm going on Friday night and was wondering if anyone had any opinions about the food.
  10. Brian Unger was just on NPR discussing his role as a Judge in the Flay/Sakai battle (Link Here) He made the point that IC has always had at least one judge on the panel that is by no means a food expert, and that this was the position he was filling. I didn't have a problem with the judges not all being huge foodies myself, I thought it was pretty much in the spirit of the original.
  11. Just saw this on Pagesix - Knowing how much most dentists charge in the US, this alone could be to blame for the restaurants losses....
  12. The Restaurant certainly has it's share of yelling, cursing and double-crosses But gritty realism?
  13. Wasn't that Chodorow's wife? Edit: Looks like it was. Sorry.
  14. The former! It's been a while but I think I remember a taxidermied Zebra, and various animals of that nature. From what I can tell, I think "incongruous and random" sums it up pretty well. Of course, if the food was amazing, it would be a different story....
  15. Have never been, but used to live just up the street. For months before it opened, there was no obvious clues that it was going to be a restaurant...it simply appeared to be a lavishly decorated house filled to the brim with stuffed animals. Me and and my flatemates assumed that a Bond villain lived there. Never thought to actually eat there...which seems to have been a good thing. EDIT: My younger brother, who is a bit of a Shoreditch twat (and is also, it must be said, more fashionable, attractive and generally popular then I am) assures me that Lounge Lovers is "the coolest bar in London". He tried to take me there when I was in London last but it was too cool to be open during the day. I was secretly disappointed.
  16. Ate there 2 weeks ago and both brownies and eccles cakes were on the menu....embarrassed to admit it, but I often look at the menu online, and Eccles Cakes at least seem to be on there regularly. My meal was excellent (despite my squeamish dining partner) and my serving of Veal Heart was pretty darn large
  17. I might have missed something earlier on, but is there any real evidence that Bruni has no "deep knowledge of haute cuisine"?
  18. I found this article rather confusing. There are indeed plenty of outlandish snacks in America, but I don't think that buffalo wings, bear claws and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups fit into that category. I grew up in England and have known what collard greens, grits and pork rinds are since I was a kid. I can only assume that the target audience for this piece is people who live under a rock? PS. No more anti-Marmite comments please. It's highly tiresome.
  19. Quick question about the A&H (this seemed as good a place to post as any) - do they serve lunch? I'm going to be in London for a few days soon and wanted to see what the all fuss is about.
  20. I've got to watch out for you. OK, maybe 'intrigued' would be a better choice of words...or maybe not. Still haven't got round to trying this out, I've been eating all the candy I bought instead! I have to admit though, that I was quite wrong to say liver...it was actually duck kydney!
  21. I was at a candy store in Chinatown (Chicago) yesterday, after some lovely dim sum. I bought a bunch of pretty basic candies, but was also tempted by a dried duck liver. Looks like it's vacum sealed. I've yet to open it, so I was wondering if anyone has had this before. How does one go about eating it. I assume like a peice of jerky? Or I am way off mark here? Any ideas would be appricated.
  22. Every recipe I've tried from Jamie's cookbooks (I have all three) has been delicious. They work. I concur. Also, I can safely say that a LOT of English kids of my generation were introduced to good, basic cooking through his books, including me and my 2 younger brothers. I don't see what can be so bad about that. He can be a bit daft at times though.
  23. Hey, I'm ashamed to say that I've never really eaten proper Korean food before. However, I'm planning to rectify this next Saturday. I know there are a ton of places in Chicago, so I'm looking for some advice on the best spots. I was thinking of going to Hai Woon Dae on California, as I have heard good things about it, but I would love to hear some other suggestions. Cheers!
  24. I agree with pretty much everything above - and let's not forget Coleman's mustard (or English Mustard in general), Bacon Sarnies with HP Sauce and Pasties. Let's also not forget that there are many people out there (myself included) who LOVE Marmite.
  25. A little off-topic, but I heard they were tying the knot. I read it on Page 6, so it must be true Edit: Stephanie Marsh is that "blond Texan from Boy Meets Grill"
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