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  1. Probably because I live in Chicago, but Geno Bahena is the first guy that came to miund when I saw this thread. Ixcapuzalco rules.
  2. Yikes. Sorry to hear that. I think we're likely to go with the 3 or 4 course option. Hopefully we'll have a better experiecnce that you did. I hope so, it's something of a special occasion
  3. I'm going to be celebrating a special occasion at Avenues a week on Tuesday. I do not know anyone who has eaten there since Chef Bowles took over. I was wondering if anyone here who has eaten there recently had any good ideas about the best way to order? 3 course? 4 course? Degaustation? Any menu highlights. I agree with Inventlux that the full-on tasting menu is probably the ideal way to go, but I'm not sure if I can really afford it Has anyone here here tried it? Cheers in advance!
  4. Have to agree with that. It's too bad, because in theory the pairing of Roland Liccioni and Arun Sampanthavivat should be rather exciting, but in reality it seems to be pretty mediocre from all the reports I've heard. I guess things like this work better in theory then practice a lot of the time (see 99% of all so-called "super"groups for further evidence).
  5. Back in the days that seemingly everyone in England was scared to eat beef (when was that, 97? 98?) the supermarkets started selling more unusual meats like Kangaroo. I bought some once, mainly for the novelty. Sadly, I was 19 and, like most students, knew next to nothing about food. I remember liking it, but would like to try it again.
  6. VeryApe77


    I'd agree with that. I thought it was an entertaining enough look at what happens to a trendy restaurant long after it ceases to be trendy. But hardly a restaurant review.
  7. Cat Cora is an Iron Chef....Um, I really hate to sound stupid, but who is she?
  8. Actually, comments like that were probably the reason he got hired in the first place. Which is a bit sad really...
  9. Yes, an little English channel called Channel 4. The Food Network is the only channel allowed to show cooking shows now?
  10. Not sure about the wine list at TA, but I am pretty sure that the previous sommelier at Trio did leave with ChefG.
  11. Yes, I'm not sure about labeling Trio under ChefG as being "stuffy, boring" is really correct. I found it to be quite the opposite! Still, the new Trio sounds very good. I will try to go ASAP!
  12. I have to say, I find all the ill will towards Jamie Oliver on this board a bit creepy. A little similar to all of the Emeril-bashing. Some people truly do hate to see others succeed. A huge amount of my friends would probably never have started cooking if it wasn't for JO. I personally couldn't stand him when he first came out, but after being given one of his first books as a gift I was hooked. It was the first cookbook I owned and, although I don't use it much any more, it was certainly the start of my culinary journey. if it wasn't for him, I'd probably be eating microwave meals. The same could be said for many of my friends. If someone could explain to me what's bad about this, I'd be very grateful, as it's obviously impossible to like Jamie Oliver and be a food lover. Having said that, the restaurant sounds like it needs some help (although it's hard to take that independent article all that seriously). I know a bunch of people who have eaten there, and I've never heard such mixed reports in my life. Some people loved it, some people had the same reaction that Moby did. Like Carrot Top said, it sounds like he needs better partners and better support systems. I believe it's doing very well though, so who knows if that's going to happen.
  13. It's interesting to see the line being drawn between a food critic and a restaurant critic. I think Bruni is a restaurant critic and thus social and aesthetic matters are bound to discussed. The concept of "food comes first" is a nice idea, but I think we all know that it's not always true, especially in a city like New York. I don't like Bruni's writing all that much, but the idea that he should only discuss the food in a restaurant is a little naive. As Bux says, the interests of the general public are not always going to be 100% aligned to those of people who are posting on a food message board.
  14. Chains have no soul. Ah, but I do love a well made chicken pot pie or tuna salad. marlena Let's not be too anti-chain here, there are also many acclaimed restaurants that have no soul (been to Charlie Trotters lately)?
  15. I'm somewhat amazed by some of the hostile responses here. The fact that Rosengarten is not some elitist snob seems to be really hitting some people hard....
  16. Thats the problem? Hmmm, each to their own I suppose. I didn't take that as being that terrible a comment. After all, he prefaced it with "For me...". The mans entitled to his own opinion (for now, at least). Not trying to defend Mr. Nadeau, I have no idea who he is...I just fail to find anything really offensive about the article.
  17. I honestly don't see the problem with this article. Could somebody fill me in, I'd genuinely like to know.
  18. VeryApe77

    Per Se

    Thats not really the Per Se website per se (sorry) typing in www.frenchlaundry.com takes you to the exact same place. I'm suprised that they haven't updated the Per Se section of the website though. It's been like that for ages.
  19. My SO has had the very good fortune to land an internship at the National Tropical Botanic Garden on the south shore of Kauai. This is very exciting and a dream come true for her. The downside of this is that she's not going to be making a whole lot of money. Of course she would love to sample some of the local food. Any suggestions, or links to older threads? Cheers!
  20. Nice big article in the New York Times Food and Wine Section about Green Zebra I'm going to be eating there tomorrow for the third time. It's going to be hard to get a table soon...
  21. OK, thats what I was thinking of! Yeah, I'd check out Tea and Sympathy if I were you....
  22. Well, I'm from England, so maybe you're thinking of something else, but when I was a kid I used to eat a lot Flying Saucers...they were little flying saucer-shaped pieces of rice paper filled with sherbert. If these are the same thing you're thinking about, I would suggest going to the Tea and Sympathy store. I seem to recall them having a good selection of English penny sweets.
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