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  1. Oh boy, where do I begin? (We love risotto around here.) 


    I agree wholeheartedly that the broth you use is everything. If it is good quality, as are the butter and cheese, you don't even need to add anything! :)


    Another citrusy one is leek risotto with lemon zest and scented with rosemary. 

    Another delicious one is radicchio. Can also be finished with some sort of white cheese. 

    Risotto with shrimp (Can be with tomato or with zucchini or with saffron.)

    Risotto with calamari

    Risotto with mixed seafood (clams, mussels, shrimp calamari)

    Risotto with saffron is delicious with pieces of sausage. Instead of Milanese style it's called Monzese (a city outside Milan).

    Risotto with pear and pecorino (or gorgonzola or taleggio) is popular here (but I don't like it).

    Spring Risotto with new spring veg

    Truffle risotto

    Asparagus risotto


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  2. 13 hours ago, heidih said:

    Sounds wonderful. I was just reading a description of an Umbrian pasta dish where it is simmered in young wine, dressed with new olive oil and black pepper and tossed with a local hard sheep milk cheese. Totally different but the pasta in flavored liquid thing intrigues

    Oddly, I've never met a "drunken" pasta I liked. But most people are really drawn to it over here. 


    I've not been posting much as I keep forgetting to photograph the food. Plus many, many moving snafus and we are finally just getting settled. But here is yesterday's dinner out. :) 


    Here you have a yummy rose (though alcohol felt strong); truffles and egg on toast (you might have realized by now that any time truffles are available I get them. :) ); Cantabrico anchovies with Burrata; a mixed antipasto plate with pappa al pomodoro in the center (tomato and old bread soup); stuffed rabbit;  "Nana al forno" (Roast duck Arezzo-style) served with roast potatoes and veg not shown. There are three "fegatelli" ( liver wrapped in caul fat and sage then stewed) on top; and finally a coffee bavarese. And then the wine selection. No wine list, you have to get up and go choose. Which I love. 











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  3. 16 minutes ago, Hermann Morr said:



    Giallo Zafferano is an italian cooking site and they provide a translation.

    Notice the tomato sauce in the recipe is not thickened, no butter, sugar or anything, so i would not call it a gravy.



    There are many recipes in Italy and they don't all call for tomato sauce. :) 


    P.S. I don't really like Giallo Zafferano. I never use it at all. But they have some recipes too.  

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  4. 3 hours ago, scamhi said:

    Shrimp with lobster sauce

    Urakasumi Shiboritate Tokubetsu Junmai Nama Sake




    That looks divine and is something I totally miss. Do you have a recipe you love? 

  5. On 9/5/2021 at 2:50 PM, weinoo said:

    Followed to a "T," this will be the one and only time I'll make it. Oh yeah, Significant Eater loved it (but she's a junkfood junkie and probably ate lots of boxes of Kraft while away at college); I was not as impressed. I don't make macaroni and cheese that often (give me spaghetti cacio e pepe any day), but when I have, it's been light years better than this was.

    Was it the evaporated milk? 

    My family prefers stovetop, I have never tried it with evap milk. 

  6. Officially back in Tuscany with a celebratory lunch! So there was a summer parmigiana, a plate of cheese and salumi with crostino nero (paté), and another with some kind of ricotta, pici with meat sauce, ravioli filled with braised beef, maltagliati with wild boar sauce and a sprinkling of panforte on top, vegetable soup, beef tartar, and a dessert of pastry cream, ricotta and crumble of brutti ma buoni cookies. Wine speaks for itself. 😅 was too hot for Brunello.










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  7. In the middle of heat wave and needing to clean out fridge, we made a version of  straccetti alla romana (normally you mix the arugula through so it wilts against the thin slices of beef (think carpaccio or steakums) and that happened after pic was snapped. We also cook the beef a little differently.  And there’s a dollop of basil mayonnaise I needed to finish.
    And my version of insalata russa, which uses some of the tricks mentioned in the potato salad thread, like adding vinegar to hot potatoes. Italians normally put a TON of mayonnaise. But I keep it lighter. 



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  8. I have a ton of wineries to recommend for Etna if you decide to go. 

    If you go to Catania, I agree about fish market. And I haven't been in about five years, but the pastries (cannolis etc) at Pasticceria Savia were amazing. Not to mention the arancini. 

  9. Our last Lombard outing was in Franciacorta, where they do classic-method sparkling wine. I needed to visit a winery client for work so we added in a tasting and then ate at Lake Iseo. Though they do serve lake fish, this is what we ate. 😃 Pasta with lobster, mixed seafood, whole-roasted turbot and mixed fried stuff. Last pic: A Franciacorta vineyard in all its glory. A welcome gray day because it was super hot. 







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  10. 7 hours ago, Wait. Wot said:

    We hope to be in Tuscany next April. We are planning a six week tour of Italy.

    You will love it and Italy needs tourists! :) If you need any recommendations, let me know!

  11. On 7/10/2021 at 12:38 PM, Duvel said:

    My parents decided spontaneously to come over for the weekend, and I decided to take them out (for the first time in forever). Things are relaxing and we can go without prior testing …


    I opted for the Woinemer Craft Brewery, a local brewery pub with great beers. I secured a place in their roofed beergarden …




    Woinemer Helles to start with …




    My father opted for the Black Currant Stout, a seasonal offer …




    Schnitzel galore - this one with a condensed beer sauce …




    Schnitzel stuffed with Handkäse and Sauerkraut …




    Schnitzel with liquid Kochkäse & red currant jelly …




    Little one had a cheeseburger (that was not so great), but was very content with his dessert 😉




    Fab! I want to go here when I'm next in Germany!

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  12. We are moving from Milan in a few weeks time so have been doing some day trips to places we wanted to see before leaving.

    We went up into the Lombard mountains above Lecco one day and ate in a typical Italian bar that happened to have homemade ravioli. Hamburgers are a thing now in Italy, so I figured I was safe eating them since the ravioli menu featured ingredients I don't like. The ones pictured are made with deer. Imagine my horror when I got a microwaved burger that had been put on the panini press. It was inedible. My fault, I know. Served with pretty good wine though. I'm a huge fan of Inferno. Not so much Sfursat (I don't love wines made from dried grapes). All followed by homemade strudel (delicious) with unidentified caramel sauce (?) and a homemade, quite unpleasant, genziana liqueur.







    Better luck for me on next day trip to Lago di Garda. When we are not in a pandemic, I go to Vinitaly every year for work. We went to one of my favorite places to to go to down the lake during the fair, and had fabulous food and views. I had pan-fried faraona (guinea fowl, but the Italian names sounds better! 😃) With chanterelle mushrooms and sauteed bitter greens. There was also a filet and a mixed grill at my table, as well as paccheri with shrimp and zucchini. Followed by tableside crepes suzette and homemade baba. Places are Sirmione and Desenzano del Garda. 







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  13. We went out for pizza the other night and our table ordered the "giro pizza" menu. Not sure what it's called in the US! Where they bring you meter-long pizzas of all different types until you are full. We were in the 'burbs of Milan where they like thick-crust pizza. This was thicker than I normally like, but not as the thick as they usually do here. So here we've got mortadella and pistachio, very popular here now. Then anchovy (it was terrible), vegetarian, pear and gorgonzola (This was the best of the night followed by the mortadella one) and finally sausage and rabe. 







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  14. 3 minutes ago, scamhi said:


    I LOVE, love, love my Zalto glasses, but they are so delicate, I'm always afraid to use them because we are so clumsy. I can break something just looking at it. 😃 I first learned about them years ago when visiting Benanti on Mount Etna. We did a side-by-side tasting with "normal" glasses and Zalto and everyone at my tasting rushed home and bought them. 😅

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  15. I've been doing a lot of kabobs lately, inspired mostly by this thread! These are lamb, served with tzatziki and a big salad with lettuce, tomato, kirby cucumbers, carrots, celery, olives, mushroom, onion, red pepper, assorted seeds and sprouts (I have a weird obsession with sprouts lately!)




    This is a sort of salmon Nicoise, again with the sprouts. 



    And this last is "Melanzane Mimosa". Basically grilled eggplant with eggs and a vinaigrette made with some anchovy. 


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  16. Coming in here late. Of course there is no hard and fast rule, but I personally feel it’s really difficult to generalize. I know someone said this, but often picky eaters as kids can grow up to be picky eaters as adults, can’t they? I have known kids who grew up saying, “Nothing green on my plate!” to saying the same thing at age 30.


    I am a mother, and tried the “Eat it or starve” route but I am sure other parents can agree that it doesn’t actually work! My kid will definitely not eat and skip dinner if he doesn’t like something. I remember as a child, thinking spaghetti and broccoli was the best thing ever. I tried to get my son to eat it and he threw it up all over the table and pretty much won’t eat anything cruciferous, even if it means going to bed hungry. So yea we can try to “train” their palates, but tastes are tastes. At the same time, I think we are also sometimes guilty of thinking “Oh the kids won’t eat that, let’s make them chicken fingers!” And it kind of becomes habit and palates get “trained” to easy foods.  I remember my husband taking our toddler son (at the time) out to lunch at a fish restaurant and ordering him tortellini (a kid favorite in Italy) because he “knew” he’d eat and didn’t want to go sightseeing with a hungry kid. But when my husband’s spaghetti and clam sauce arrived, my son ate the whole dish and my husband ended up with the tortellini.


    That said, this same kid will eat through an entire container of liver or spleen pate as well as wild boar and other game, all fish, including anchovies or smoked, lardo, all kinds of smelly cheeses, many different cuisines, and is thoroughly offended at the thought of a kid’s menu. He eats a vast array of foods yet, I still consider him a picky eater. And I, like many other parents, try to constantly get him to taste new things and dare I say, change his tastes (a few more vegetables in his diet sure wouldn’t hurt.)


    Is this thread only about China (just delete this part if so)? If anyone is interested in what goes on in Italy, it changes up and down the entire boot and across people’s homes. So no chance to generalize. I’ve been to people’s homes in Sicily where the kids eat first – fried cutlets and fries – and are sent off to play while the parents eat the “real” food. Whereas I’ve never been to a home in Tuscany where the children ate something different and weren’t expected to sit “composed” at the table until they were “excused.” 


    P.S. This is of course my personal experience with my kid. I was never a mother in the US, only Italy. But I was a kid in the US and we ate the adult food and that’s what I try to do with my son as much as possible.

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  17. Some gorgeous pizza lately on this thread! 


    We tried making LA-style Korean barbecue. It did not suck at all. 😃 Then there was some yaki soba. And finally some pasta al forno with meat sauce and béchamel (leftover from making Lasagne food gifts for my MIL).




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