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  1. Odd - well maybe i just have to go back during truffle season
  2. But oh how much did it cost at La Rosetta. The prices there almost made me roll over - not that the seafood wasn't good but wow i think i spent more there for the food i got then anywhere i have ever been. I did the 4 course truffle tasting at Sapori D'Ischia in queens last week - and overall it was very fun but not really a great truffle expierence. The dishes tasted fine but didn't really sing white truffles - no pasta with shaved truffles either - everything was either truffle butter or cooked in. Again i say go to the place but don't expect the same thing as you would get at Cafe Boulud
  3. I found this thread by accident. Holly you are a wonderful wonderful man. Your site pointed me to Carmen's and it saved my trip to philly. Such a good breakfast might have been one of the best i ever had. I would gladly spend 12 bucks any time for that french toast - oh and the pancakes - wow! I got to go back.
  4. thanks all for some great ideas - so many places to go to. Two places that I love - first one is rai rai ken - its a ramen shop on 10th btw 2nd and 1st ave - most of you have probably tried it but i just keep going back there - the ramen has a distinctive flavor and brings a smile to my face every time. The other place is tab toe sushi on 5th street btw B & C - its real real small but a great place - basicly i shouldn't even talk about it because if too many people find out about it they will probably close down (its a family operation - if it gets too crowded - which is very easy then they usualy close for the night) - sushi tastes very good - and the free salads that come with some of the sushi dishes are a meal in themselves (tuna tataki with lots of greens and cold soba noodles as one example). Happy eating!
  5. I have been watching your shows, reading your books, at eating your food for awhile and would just like to thank you for above all us just being yourself - being open and teaching all that you know. Now on to my question. I am working towards opening a tiny burger/hot dog counter and was curious what your ideal burger is like ? Any burgers in nyc make you go wow? Thank you for sharing with this forum - hope to meet you one of these days - hey maybe at babbo (can I wear shorts?)
  6. I love your reviews in Times - honest and straightforeward - thanks. Simple (well maybe not that simple) question - what is your favorite place to eat in New York City ? Thank you, Joe
  7. hey all - thanks for a great sunday afternoon eating exstravaganza (sp?) and thank you Suzanne and HWOE for very gracious hosts. As usual the company was great - and so was the food. I still laugh a bit when i think of Kirk making that burger to end all burgers - and that it turned out so good! Pictures should be up sometime tomorrow or the next day.
  8. As will probably happen with others - i am scratching my original idea of chicken pot pie (might still make it who knows) but instead am going to try a green tea cream pie - because well why not! enjoy the snow all
  9. I think I just lost the will to live. I think i am going to have to resort to irational mesures. I will run down to chinatown - screaming DURIAN!! DURIAN!! at all the chinatown produce dealers and one of them will throw one at me to stop - THEN I willl somehow get them to make a meringue with it.
  10. BurGrimes!! that is just the funniest thing I heard read today In the end - personally at least - I want them to put forth there best burger. I mean sure if i was reviewing the place as a whole i would make sure that it is consistant but right now we are on a search and in th end places will stand out. I don't think that will change if they know we are coming or not.
  11. I am in for the pie potluck - getting to try that much pie has to be good for you. I am not decided yet but tomorrow i am going to try out a chicken pot pie that might make the cut - any already making that (not that we both can't) ? Of course i might want to be more adventurous - hmm Joe
  12. Great to meet you Lauren ( btw cool avatar pic) As usual I had a great time hanging with all of you. Truth be told that was the best burger i have had in awhile - go Blue Smoke! So when are we going to set up a BBQ Ribs trip to Blue Smoke?
  13. As usual I am behind - is it possible to add one more for blue smoke? sorry to be such a pain - it's my nature Joe
  14. Jeffrey, First I just want to say that I am a huge fan. I want to thank you for taking the time to answer some questions on eGullet. Your two books have reawakened the foodie in me and have helped me shed some of my food phobias (vegetarianism went out the window when i landed in paris a few months ago) and for this i can not thank you enough. And now my question: I am interested in your method of research. On a general level I understand your attention to detail. Your ability to wrap yourself around any subject by attacking it from many different angles. What I am more interested in is on a simple level. Do you have a notebook with you at all times ? If you do have a notebook do you feel this changes how people react to you in certain situations ? Or Do you have an amazing memory that helps you recapture the sights and smells of a thai market or countless meals at a slew of restaurants without ever writing something down till the next day? Thank you, Joe Ruvel p.s. I am thinking of going to Japan for a year to learn as much as I can about the people, language, and especially the food. Would you suggest Tokyo or Kyoto ? Maybe somewhere else? Thank you again.
  15. Just wanted to say a snowy hello to you all. Sorry I did not make it to Landmark - at the last minute my thanksgiving plans started early. And then on return i was sick - always a fun prospect. But now with snow on the ground, I can finally get some time to sit infront of the computer and well go to the Burger Club forum page of course! Did I hear somewone say beer club? Joe
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