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  1. In response to "Expansion plans? Where ISN"T there a McDonalds?", I offer the following evidence. "Salads help boost McDonald's profits CHICAGO -- Resurgent U.S. sales thanks to two new hit products helped McDonald's Corp. profits rise 12 percent in the third quarter -- the latest evidence the fast-food giant is emerging from a lengthy slump. The success of entree-sized salads and McGriddles breakfast sandwiches, along with extended hours at thousands of U.S. restaurants, helped McDonald's impress Wall Street on Wednesday with better results than expected. But the company said it needs to address continuing problems with spotty U.S. service and sluggish sales in Europe, its second-largest market, in order to keep its turnaround on track. First-year CEO Jim Cantalupo, who has slowed McDonald's breakneck expansion pace to focus on sales and service at existing restaurants, told analysts more time is needed to achieve the main goal of the company shake-up: sustained, profitable growth." This is an excerpt from an article in the Contra Coast Times- Business section. (Emphasis added.) Additional research would yield more such results. Yes they are doing well, but they haven’t been. Also, I realize my added emphasis could cause parts to be taken out of context, but my dislike of McDonald's is endless. "Re: decline of McQuality, I say "Bring Back the Beef Tallow!"" Exactly, almost. The changing of the French fries was the beginning of the downfall. I understand they have to sell to Hindus, who make up a fairly large portion of the population. However, if cows are sacred to Hindus, why are they going into a place that is known for its hamburgers? I don't go into a vegetarian restaurant and ask for a steak.
  2. "Welcome, GSBravo." Thank you, I discovered this website while Googling one day back in September, and have been reading thru the forums and such getting up to “speed”. A few things I especially like- the EGCI and Dispatches from a First Job. I have no aspirations to be a professional chef, I just want to cook really good for those I cook for. ”But I'm not sure it's all that clear that McDonalds is in serious trouble. Their stock is hovering around its 52-week high, and it seems to be maintaining its market share -- after all, it's not the only fast-food franchiser to have gone through a difficult period over the last few years.” Regardless of stock value, which can be a lot like Grammy nominations, McDonald’s has seriously scaled back its expansion plans. And I think that they will see a loss in market share if the current trend continues. I haven’t eaten at a McDonald’s in the last year, I am tired of the crappy food and piss poor (can I say that) service. They should take a serious look at Hardee’s, which in the last 3-5 years has greatly turned itself around. ”It's possible that what we think McDonalds core business is might be different than what the people running the company think it is.” I’ll second that, but it was hamburgers, value, and service that Ray Kroc pushed, along with the merchandising thing. I just think that they don’t operate like that anymore. However, most consumers are so “brand washed” that they’ll fall for it.
  3. As they are losing their battle for fast food dominance, McDonald’s is now trying to mount an assault on another front. Check the story here: McDonald's to sell clothes and toys Ray Kroc is probably spinning in his grave over what McDonald's has become today. They no longer value their core business, which is hamburgers. Sure they're cheap, and not too good, but lately...they've gotten worse and worse. Back when they concentrated on their core business they were better, i.e. the McDonald's that was around when I was younger. Now they seem to be trying to keep up with every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Until they return to their core business, they will not see the successes of yesterday.
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