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  1. I agree with Pam. Up here in the upper left hand corner of the United States, we also call them seven-layer bars and I have never heard them referred to as millionaire bars. Interesting regional variation on the name.

  2. Sometimes I want food as art, and sometimes I want food as nourishment. I have been in many places where Applebees or the chain equivalent thereof was the best place to eat in town. Food choices depend on options, and not everyone lives in Manhattan, and not every local eatery cooks with care and love.

  3. In light of the apple varieties readily available in the Pacific Northwest of the USA, I like to use Granny Smiths, Braeburns, Golden Delicious and Jonagolds. I planted Golden Delicious and Jonagolds in my back yard specifically for use as pie apples and other cooked apple dishes. I like to spice my pies with cinnamon, nutmeg and a dash of clove and allspice.

  4. Generally speaking, most North American food markets stock ground beef with a range of fat content. Depending on the use, I usually buy ground beef with 8-10% fat content. A certain amount of fat is necessary for moistness and a tender mouth feel. If I am buying ground beef to brown off for a sauce, I may buy something with a 15-20% fat content for the price savings and merely drain it as you did.

    A friend of mine is fanatical about fat, and when she uses browned ground beef, she puts it into a colander, drains it and then pours simmering water over it to do a hot-water extraction of any remaining fat. After this process, the meat bears a remarkable taste and texture similarity to sawdust.

  5. Take a Ritz Cracker, spread with peanut butter, top with a whole marshmellow. Run under the broiler until the marshmellow is toasted to a golden brown. Pop into mouth while still warm. Repeat as necessary.

    PS: The peanut butter burgers look interesting. I wonder how it would be with some five spice powder added.....

  6. I would have to disagree with Rebecca on finding good smoked salmon almost anywhere. I agree that in most major and minor cities on the West Coast, most major cities on the East Coast and some of the major inland cities like Chicago, yes, you can find smoked salmon. When I tried to find some in Omaha or Indianapolis, to make my signature smoked salmon fettucine for friends, people looked at me like I was crazy.

    Now on the other hand, in New York City, I can think of several delis and butcher shops that have items easily the equal of some of the stuff at Salumi.

  7. If I recall correctly, the 'off season' starts in November and goes to March or April. Those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest will note that this corresponds to the height of the rainy season.

    PS: Kudos to the Guinness, steak and mushroom pie at the Irish Times pub and this last Tuesday's tasting menu at Camille's, both in Bastion square. Boos to the Irish Times pub who tried to foist some sort of weak lager upon me and had the gall to tell me that it was the IPA I had ordered. Suffice it to say that I have been drinking IPAs for twenty-five years and make them myself as a homebrewer. Don't try to tell me that Molson or whatever the heck that was is an IPA.

    PPS: My wife tells me that I should let this whole IPA thing go, but I am not yet ready to do so. Can you tell?

  8. My wife and I returned just two days ago from spending four days in Victoria. We decided to do the Empress high tea, theorizing it is one of those things you should do before you die. $ 152 CDN later with tax and tip, we were somewhat neutral about the experience vs. the cost. The ambience is lovely, the tea excellent and the little sandwiches and pastries adequate. It was a pleasant experience, but the next time we feel it necessary to take tea in Victoria, we will go elsewhere.

    PS: The bill breaks down to $ 55 times two for tea, $ 9.50 times two for a glass of adequate champagne, and the remainder tax and tip. The very same tea at the Empress goes for $ 26 per person in the off season.

  9. From a leadership perspective, I don't think Virginia made many points after she selected her brigade and started the meeting with "I want to show that I can win even with a bunch of losers" or whatever words to that effect she used. Not exactly Motivating The Troops 101.

  10. I have owned a Capresso MT500 for about two years now. Not once have I had a problem with coffee overflowing or getting the filter holder askew. Almost all the problems with coffee overflowing are one of two causes:

    Using the carafe to fill the water reservoir. The carafe holds more than the reservoir, and you can overfill the reservoir, which results in coffee overflowing the full carafe. If you fill the reservoir more than the 10 cup mark, you will have overflow.

    Not putting the carafe fully into position under the filter holder. The filter holder has a spring-loaded plunger that fits into the brew-through lid. If you leave the carafe hanging out so that it does not engage the plunger, no coffee drips through the filter holder. It then overflows over the top.

    Having actually read the owners manual before using it, I have not had these things happen to me. It is my favorite drip coffeemaker ever; so much so that if it broke tomorrow, I would most likely go out and buy the exact same model again.

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