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  1. Just in case anyone in this forum has ever thought about roasting coffee, a new home coffee roasting applicance has just hit the market. The Behmor 1600

    This can roast up to 1 pound to a Full City roast. It has an afterburner to deal with the smoke and can be used inside on a countertop.

    I have no affiliation with Behmor or the inventor, Joe Behm. I have been home roasting coffee for about six years now, and just purchased a Behmor. This device has gotten a great deal of favorable attention at CoffeeGeek and other coffee forums.

  2. I have two dead Caffe Rostos sitting out in my garage. After repairing the thermal cut-out and thermostat several times, I finally gave up. I am told that the newer production models, now sold only by the Green Beanery in Canada, are supposed to be more reliable.

  3. I bought the SO a Canon SD850 IS, with a 2 gig memory card, for $ 300 at Costco.com. She absolutely loves it. I do the major photography with my Canon 20D and umpteen lenses and what not, but she takes some very, very good shots with hers. It is simple enough to use as a point and shoot but has some finer control if she ever wants to do that.

  4. This is not new. Olympus has had the 'food' mode on several Stylus models for a few years now. If I recall correctly, it sets the camera to a wide aperture and slower shutter speed with some onboard flash for fill in. It gives a nice depth of field.

    I have a couple of the water-resistant Stylus cameras that I use when backpacking and don't want to haul the Canon 20D outfit.

  5. One of his mottoes is "Anyone can find good expensive wine, it takes talent to find good cheap wines".

    These words of wisdom should be engraved on a stone tablet somewhere. It nicely captures my wine-buying philosophy of primarily focusing on bottles under $ 50. I will go above that, but only if I have first tasted the wine and am blown away by it.

  6. I use my heatgun to roast green coffee. I once tried using it to sear a steak with disappointing results. I would be concerned that the airflow from the heatgun would blow off a sugar topping on a brulee before it had a chance to caramelize.

  7. A number of the wineries are up at the airport, in the industrial park. My wife and I enjoyed 26 brix a lot, as well as Waterhouse-Crawford and Patit Creek up in Dayton.

    Dunham, Whitman and Amalvi were among our favorite wineries to visit.

    PS: I saw the article in the Times and PI about you two. Are you still moving out of Belltown?

  8. Interesting commentary from a California professional. But my information comes from a close relative who runs the FS for a local school district. She does have to pay her own food costs, labor, rent and help subsidize the district. Her largest food vendor is Sysco, since commodities make up a relatively small proportion of her food supply. Clearly things are different in California than they are in Washington. She often talks about how her financial picture would be better if she could get the espresso concession in the high schools; but the ASB student government gets that.

    Her district is somewhat unique, in that many of the remaining large districts in this area have now contracted out their food service to management companies. Sodexho and Canteen are the large operators in this area, I am told. I assume that these commercial companies must be making a profit. Periodically, those companies make a pitch to the School Board about how they can take over, and make more money for the district. I always wondered how they would be able to do that.

  9. Given that most school food programs are self-supporting, and are funded only by the revenue from selling meals, the situation is not dissimilar to a restaurant. Typically, the food program is not subsidized by the district, and they have to pay their own food costs, labor, rent and the like. In some cases, the programs are also obligated to contribute a percentage of their profits to the district to subsidize other programs.

    So I can understand why the school food programs have to be run like a business.

  10. I do insurance and liability for a living, albeit on the defense side of medical malpractice. The original poster raises a very valid question, and if I was in his shoes, I would want this clarified. Adding them to the payroll should automatically cover them for worker's comp. However, not knowing what state he is in, the best thing to do is for the OP to call his insurance agent and ask them. They will be able to give accurate advice. The OP would also want to know if unpaid externs working for him are covered under his Commercial General Liability (CGL) or Business Owners Package (BOP). If you print out this reply and hand it to your insurance agent, he/she will know exactly what I am talking about.

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