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  1. Interesting point about the 3 scallops being just right and any more just filling. I've never thought about it before quite like that but I realize that that is exactly it! How weird! Why do you think that is? Simply the richness?
  2. I have seen beautiful, whole, fresh hamachi at Poissonnerie La Mer: downtown on 1840 René Lévesque Est. http://www.lamer.ca
  3. I was told that Qualifirst is no longer distributing Valrhona products. Does anyone know who is or who has picked up the rights (if that's how it works) to do so? Thanks.
  4. Wow - I just checked back, now that I'm back in Hudson (near Montreal). And I have to agree with GordonCooks suggestion: I am going to print out this forum and keep it in my glovebox. With all these great suggestions I just might have to visit Toronto more often to try them all
  5. Thanks a lot. We'll try the one today and the other when we're back at Christmas. Thanks!
  6. Visiting from the Montreal area and want to go for Dim Sum, bien sur. We almost always go to The Emerald in Mississauga. If anyone has any other recommendations I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot! Alex Shandling (sukiyumyum)
  7. I brought my two year old daughter there about six weeks ago. The service and kitchen staff were great. They asked me what she would like and then made her a special, beautiful plate of tomatoes and cheese, all cut into toddler-size pieces! It was a very positive experience. I know your child is eleven, not two, but I think my experience illustrates their attitude towards children.
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