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  1. I am heading up to Hudson NY for a weekend late September. I have never been to this town before and it seems to have allot of interesting restaurants. Can someone give me some recommendations. I am considering Crimson Sparrow and Fish & Game. Thanks,
  2. Another article from Second Helpings: Out with Citrus Grille, in with St. Eve’s Steve Christianson, former chef-owner of the well-known Citrus Grille in Airmont, said today that his new Ho-Ho-Kus restaurant will be named St. Eve’s - a play on his first name. Christianson and his wife and business partner, Judi Christianson, had hoped to open in January, but construction delays will likely push it to February or March, they said today. Their 110-seat BYO will feature a communal table and semi-open kitchen with a woodburning grill and rotisserie, dishes made from organic and local ingredients, made-from-scratch root beer and ginger ale, and a “water list” featuring different kinds of still and sparkling water. Christianson has still not decided whether he will serve his signature Citrus Grill dish, pecan chicken. Christianson was an original partner with Kevin Kohler at Cafe Panache in Ramsey, but the pair split up and Christianson opened Citrus Grille in 1992. Both chefs earned four stars from The Record, together and apart. Christianson lost his lease for Citrus Grille and closed the restaurant earlier this year.
  3. From Second Helpings: New Steve Christianson restaurant: January 2011Steve Christianson, owner of the former Citrus Grille in Airmont, N.Y., is planning to open his new Ho-Ho-Kus restaurant in January 2011, according to his wife, Judi Christianson, who will be the restaurant’s manager. The couple had expected to open in the fall, but were delayed by construction on the 611 N. Maple Avenue building that will be home to their 125-seat BYO. The restaurant will have outdoor space and a private party room, and Judi Christianson said her husband’s menu will be “more innovative” than at Citrus Grille. She said they will not reveal the Ho-Ho-Kus restaurant’s name until closer to the opening. Christianson was an original partner with Kevin Kohler at Cafe Panache in Ramsey, but the pair split up and Christianson opened Citrus Grille in 1992. Both chefs earned four stars from The Record, together and apart.
  4. I am traveling to the area as a couple and am looking for recommendations for dining. I want to stay away from the chains, hotels and tourist traps. Any recs would be greatly appreciated. Some one had suggested "What If" - Any thoughts?
  5. I used to go to Sakana all the time when Doug was the sushi chef. Sakana is at 25 Rockland Plaza in Nanuet. When Doug left to open Wasabi in Nyack, I stopped going there and followed him to Wasabi. I love Wasabi, but it is not very convenient to the Wyckoff area. i'm glad to hear that Sakana is still very good.
  6. I was there last night too. The restaurant was decorated nicely and had comfortable seating. Servers wanted to rush us out, and there was a serious language barrier. We managed the rush by only ordering appetizers first and then our mains after we finished eating our apps. All of our food was fresh and nicely presented. The food was good, but certainly not transcendent. I found the fish to be slightly over salted, and the rolls we had were minced fish which I personally do not care for.
  7. Let me know what you think of HoHoKus Sushi Cafe. I think the sushi restaurant in Ridgewood that you are referring to is Sakura Bana. It has been in Ridgewood for many years and recently closed for renovations. They are now back open and I haven't tried it since. I have heard mixed reviews about it. PS At HoHoKus Sushi Cafe, try the tuna taco and the firecracker shrimp.
  8. I'll have to try Sono. Thanks for the rec. Regarding Ridgewood, I have recently been to Kumo, Gen, and Wild Ginger. Gen was by far the better of the three places. Though I still like HoHoKus Sushi Cafe much better. I didn't like Kumo at all - the fish didn't taste fresh and the rolls were made using minced fish instead of chunks, which I do not care for. Allot of my sushi-loving friends like Nagoya - I've been there - They have lots of alternatives for the non-sushi lover too.
  9. Flirt is all about the scene. In my opinion, the food is secondary. They were allot better when they first opened. It is allot of fun, great music and atmosphere and byo at Allendale. Another location in Suffern went in where Wicky Lounge was and serves alcohol. We have been going to HoHoKus Sushi Cafe for the last year or so. Small place, traditional decor. They have this amazing tuna taco on their special menu that is something like a ceviche. Their fish is extremely fresh.
  10. Today a new Japanese Restaurant opened at 371 Franklin Avenue, Wyckoff. I received the menu as a mailer. Standard fare with some interesting special rolls. The owners of the restaurant also own Sakura in Millburn.
  11. Now we know where Chef Toufayan will be ..... Amici, Too, the new restaurant from the owners of Wyckoff's Cafe Amici that's coming to what was once the original Cafe Amici location in Ho-Ho-Kus (get all that?) will be opening later than planned. Late August or early September is the new estimate, chef Arthur Toufayan said. (From Second Helpings)
  12. Cafe Matisse in Rutherford has a very nice outdoor patio in the rear of the restaurant.
  13. Have you tried Cafe L'Amore in Oakland? Go To http://www.cafelamore.org/htmls/dinners/page4.html for their pizza menu.
  14. I knew I could count on you to point me in the correct direction - Everytime I am up in that area, your referrals have always been right on. Thanks! PS. I understand that Chez Sophie has moved since I was last there???
  15. Is Max's open yet? I am heading up to Saratoga the first weekend of November and have 1 free night for dinner out - It's been about two years since I have been in the area. Are there any changes I should be aware of? Last visit, we did Spring Bistro and Chez Sophie. Are these still the best dining choices?
  16. Shame... Does anyone know where Arthur Toufayan went to?
  17. Mapquest put it in the same shopping center as Staples and DMV. Maybe it will go in where the CVS used to be.
  18. Just received in the mail current "Clipper Magazine" and on the front page it states "COMING SOON" "Bergen County's Largest Selection of Imported Foods & Groceries" Zeytinia will be opening soon at 350 Ramapo Valley Road in Oakland, NJ Their website is http://www.zeytinia.com/Home.html Has anyone heard of this chain before or been to one of their locations? Need to know whether or not to get excited over this grand opening :-)
  19. I am going to this restaurant. Has anyone been there lately? How does it compare to Blu?
  20. I drove by Sakura Bana yesterday and it didn't seem to be open yet. See you at Cafe Panache, as I am taking my husband there for his birthday on Wednesday evening
  21. Sakonnet Vineyards in Little Compton is quite good. A beautiful drive too. http://www.sakonnetwine.com/
  22. Cafe Amici in Wyckoff has wonderful prepared salads. They make a great buffalo chicken cobb salad among others....
  23. In June 7, 2006 Edition of Suburban News: Gary Needham Grilling/Cooking Demo Date: Sunday, June 11, 2006 Time: 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm Location: Backyard Living, 235 Franklin Avenue, Ridgewood, NJ Free admission
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