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  1. Rene

    New Old Rums!

    There is a lot of information about Bristol Spirits on my website rumpages.com Go to "library", click the B and you will see Bristol spirits appear on the right. Click it and read it. They are Independent Bottlers and they have some very nice rums available. Recently I tasted their Jamaica 1974, OOOOOOOOH!
  2. Take potatoes from sandy ground and some from clay ground. Cook them and than eat them. I am sure you will notice the difference between those 2. If not, you should see a docter. Cane is not the same as a potato or grapes, true. But the soil and the climat are of an influence. Not big, but there is an influence. The same goes with wine. Nappa valley wine is different from the Bordeaux wines from France. If the soil/terroir is of no importance, they should be able to produce a Bordeau style wine in Nappa. Fact is, they can't. Same for the Rum. You can not produce Australian Rum in Trinidad. I dare anyone to try it. The Japanese tried it with Whisky and after all these years they still taste differrent from the Scotch. Why? Many, many factors, but also the basic ingredient. This is not voodoo, but physics. Of all things that have an influence on the taste in spirits, the soil is one of the smallest, if not "the smallest". Saying it is zero is wrong. Lets keep things in perspective.
  3. I quite like the Pyrat, but lets be fair: a Rum with that much orange flovour in it should be called "flavoured Rum". There is no way the flavour comes from the sugar cane. It must be added, which means it should have another name. It reminds me of Grand Marnier. This is a very good Cognac based Orange liquer, but the difference is they don't pretend to be Cognac. When, oh when, will the Rum producers have a bit more pride and protect the name Rum??????
  4. Rene

    Barbados rums

    Some independant bottlers have some great Barbados Rum. Samaroli and Cadenhead are just 2 of them. These are straight from the cask, with just some non chilled filtering. No caramel added. They should be available in the US or via internet. Otherwise I can help you with some bottles.
  5. 2006 is going to be a great Rum year in Europe. So far each mont a new Rum has brought to our attention. I try to pu all new RUms on my website. If you find one, please let me know. On Rumpagesyou can find the latest Rums of 2006.
  6. Check my website (Rumpages). There is plenty of Cadenhead over there. There is more to follow.
  7. Rene

    Premium Rums

    This is a quote that I like. Some people say (in a way) they want the taste to be premium. What is a premium taste? That is to much subjective. Some people might say it is impossible to regulate the Rum world, because Rum is made everywhere. Well, so is Whisky and wodka. There are rules for those. Especially Whisky has a big control on their rules. That is the difference. It might be difficult to regulate Rum a bit more, but not impossible. The word "impossible" is a wrong word here. Everything is possible and even the biggest journey starts with one step. If people would have used the word "impossible" thousends of years ago, we would still live in caves.
  8. Rene

    Premium Rums

    A premium Rum (for me) is a product that is made according to the highest standards. The name should reflect the Rum and not its marketing. Barrel ageing for more than 3 years, Barrels should not be to big (max 50-55 gallons). Not Blackstrap molasses. Things like that. These things should be the same everywhere. Otherwise the name adds nothing to its official name, since everybody uses it in a different way. They do it with Whisky (malt) and Cognac, so why not with Rum.
  9. I tasted the Barbados Rum some days ago. No way this is pure cane syrop as in Martinique.
  10. Coincidental, I am working on an update of Rumpages which includes 5 bottles of Plantation Rum. At the end of the week, it will be there.
  11. It seems we have the same sort of taste. You wil probably like Demerara as well.
  12. I updated this page about Cuba. There are more pictures on it and I wrote some more things with these pictures. A friend of mine had my pictures. Who needs enemies when you have friends like that.
  13. I finally put a part of my journey to Cuba on my website Rumpages Only the things that are related to Rum are on it. So my scuba diving in Trinidad is not. I am missing some pictures some how, so is going to be more in the near future. Like about Bacardi and Matusalem. To be continued? Rene
  14. Loads of people read this Egullet forum, but what other rum related sites do you visit? I also wonder what you think is the best Rum site. What makes it a good site? What are you looking for when you hit the internet?
  15. Rumpages is updated. I made a lot of changes and there is a lot of new information on it. Prichard's is the main issue. I worked at Prichard’s for 4 1/2 weeks just to learn the distilling of Rum. Phil Prichard learned me a lot about making and selling Rum. He knows a lot. Everything I learned I have put on my website. There you can find the details about the production process. There are also lots of pictures on it. Visit Rumpages Just go to the main page and you will find a link to Prichard’s.
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