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  1. Beets, beets, beets, beets and beets and lima beans. Unfortunatly being married to someone of Eastern European extraction means she wants beets from time to time. That is what TDY(temporary duty) is for - she can eat what she wants and I don't have to eat/smell it. The other item was lima beans. Again, since Susan was born/raised on the eastern end of Long Island, where they grow the damned things and she likes to eat them TDY has its' uses. Though she has replicated a lima bean and rosemary spread with olive oil from a local restaurant that I do like - sucessfully I mus add.
  2. tommy, my sweet if unfiltered i don't think it will benefit from sitting ps- it's suzi signed in as johnnybird. he really isn't getting fresh
  3. My mother's 70th birthday is coming up. I am taking her and my sister to the races mid week. My mom likes italian-american food. can anyone recommend any restaurants in the malta/saratoga area.
  4. It is so strange to see your screen name on the computer. Susan in FL has the proportions right over all but you can include whatever spices you like though there has to be some kind of citrus zest and cinnamon included. The latest batch from northwest New Jersey is 1 oz granulated sugar 1 oz raw sugar zest of 1 mandarin orange .5 oz cinnamon 8 scrapes of nutmeg .25 oz allspice I will let you know how this goes by Sunday.
  5. For New Year's Eve(our Christmas) Susan brought a selection of blues for tasting with champagne. They were(with tasting notes) Roaring 40's - "i hate to say it" , said multiple times "the after taste remines me of the subtle smell when you are driving through fram country due to the dried cow patties. I think this is from the rind." suzilightning - not that this a bad thing but this is a much more subtle taste than one that will leave me salivating for 5-10 minutes later Gorganzola - creamy, salty Roquefort - much more of a bite - tastes like a musty mushroom - those that are the bad ones that taste good Stilton - almost as creamy as the Roquefort but more subtle Maytag - sharpest, most robust, and least salty but it bursts onto the palate and lingers for several minutes My favorite way - blend several of the lesser cheeses like they do with champagne before the bubbles and smear on bread.
  6. Toast Dope This is my own take on cinnamon sugar which has cinnamon, sugar, freshly grated nutmeg, orange peel and raw sugar. I use it for toast and, since Susan made the rice pudding last weekend, as a topping for that.
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