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  1. Nick, I suggest a trip to Edinburgh Farmers' market will help you. There are plenty of suppliers there who have great produce including Austin Davis for game. Also check out Whitmuir Organics who have butchers on site www.whitmuirorganics.co.uk For fish, I find you cannot beat Eddie's Seafood in Roseneath Street Do have a look at my blog too. edinburghfoody.com - there are plenty of treasures to discover, such as Sunnyside Farm, Great Glen Game etc
  2. Apologies, the link is not working correctly. http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&img=145435 It was our first visit and we were amazed - could have spent hours there! Danielle Edinburgh Scotland
  3. Just to share some photos taken at Dehillerin recently. It was our first visit and we were amazed - could have spent hours there! Danielle Edinburgh Scotland
  4. If you are into serious walking, why not venture even further north to Scotland? We'd highly recommend Monachyle Mhor after walking on Beinn Tulaichean - very walker friendly (Scones are cooked to order!), really excellent local food. Plenty of lower level hills like Meall An t-Seallaidh 852 metres. http://www.monachylemhor.com/ http://www.munromagic.com www.scottishhills.com
  5. So pleased you enjoyed the Kitchin. Just to answer your comment about Samphire, this is a "sea vegetable" sometimes call asparagus of the sea. It's found along the Scottish coast and is very delicious! Samphire description Danielle Ellis
  6. For the central belt in Scotland and a little further afield, I would recommend the List Eating & Drinking Guide. A new edition is out soon. All restaurants are personally reviewed. They do try to emphasise the positive! Look out particularly for the Hit List - the top restaurants in each category. The current guide is also available on line. http://www.list.co.uk/eating-and-drinking/
  7. All the list reviews are available onlineonline.They are just starting to review for 2009. I would suggest lunch time forays to the Kitchin, the Plumed Horse (both Michelin starred) and a friend of mine's restaurant Redwood, based in Stockbridge. This is Californian food using Scottish ingredients. Annette is a native Californian. Wedgwood on the Royal Mile is pretty good too. Hanedan is firmly on the list, thank you. The dogs menu looks great, so I'm pretty sure it's also a go. Though, I'm not sure what "David Ramsden's style of service" means? Your last three suggestions I don't believe I've come across, so I'll look them up. Thanks! ←
  8. If you use an ice cream maker, it makes the ice cream smoother. I too do not have one. If you have a food processor, freeze the mixture until nearly solid (or if very solid leave out of the freezer a little while), then put it into the food processor and whizz round (you may have to do this in batches), then put back to refreeze.
  9. I think you'll find this is quite a small machine and it would really restrict you making soups etc. I've had various processors in the past and would really recommend spending out on a good one as cheaper versions are really not up to tough jobs. Since I have had my magimix, I've used it for so many things. It even beats egg whites beautifully. Yes, it does pulse. It's a great way of controlling what you are chopping. Nisbets had the best offer when I was buying mine.
  10. I enjoyed Sous le Nez - made me very welcome when dining on my own on a business trip. Set menu with specials - very French.
  11. Check out the Hit List on the The List website according to the type of cuisine you want to experience. These are the best out of the hundreds reviewed this year.
  12. If you go for a pre-theatre dinner (which in practice just means early usually before 7.30) you can eat at great restaurants at a reasonable price. For instance, we ate at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society society the other night where three courses were about £17 (although mainly for members, you can eat at the restaurant) The following restaurants all have good food and are reasonably priced. I've included links to the List which offers independents review of restaurants for Edinburgh. Also, you can book on www.5pm.co.uk which is very good for last minute bookings. If you like fish, try Fishers or the Mussel Inn (both good for kids!) The Atrium for a stylish, delicious meal - they do a set menu for around £25 Forth Floorat Harvey Nichols for one of the best views in Edinburgh Do enjoy your visit!
  13. For a great bistrot, check out Urban Angel, http://www.list.co.uk/restaurants/everywhe...enue/detail.php For fish check out the Mussel Inn http://www.list.co.uk/restaurants/everywhe...enue/detail.php For very modern Indian, check out Roti. http://www.list.co.uk/restaurants/everywhe...enue/detail.php It is always worth booking, especially at weekends! Of course, don't miss the farmers' market on Castle Terrace on Saturday mornings. The Kitchin currently has an 8 week waiting list for Saturday dining and is full most nights, so book now for a chance! Enjoy your visit!!
  14. Hi there! The wedding is on Waiheke. We are now booked to go on a short Abel Tasman trip over Christmas, so just working on New Year - probably either Christchurch or Wellington I think. We are in the country from 17th Dec to 3 January (wedding on 21st). Suggestions welcome particularly of eating places, in no particular order(yet!), we are visiting Auckland, Waiheke, Rotorua, Wellington, Christchurch, Fox Glacier, Abel Tasman - phew! And Doubtful sound if we can manage it
  15. Can you recommend any food tours (any length) that will take place between 22 December and 3rd January, North or South Island More interested in the food aspect rather than wine tours. Any suggestions very welcome
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