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  1. Er. I think you'll find a few people have said that it all depends on what he wants, and that is what the OP has to find out first. The OP needs to find out if his friend's son even wants his his self admitted limited help to learn to cook. He hasn't even met him. All the suggestions are good advice for what to start out teaching someone how to cook, the title of the thread. What is not known is if the all the advice that has been given on these last few pages is wanted or needed in this specific case. (Dollars to doughnuts, I'm sure that there are other threads somewhere here on this same subject. )
  2. Mummy should not be directing you to give her 58 year old son unsolicited lessons on cooking. From your posts, it doesn't seem like Toot's has much interest in cooking. Why would her son have any interest at this stage in life? Since you've never met him, cook for the three of you as you stated and just get to know him. You can feel him out and see if he actually has any interest. If he doesn't, just get to know him and be friends. You could always direct him to egullet to ask questions. We're open 24/7 and always looking for new members.
  3. I grate garlic for most recipes. I use a knife to press it further if a paste is needed.
  4. I'm sure the waitstaff are just sitting around with their feet up smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee or having coctails. <sarcasm>
  5. Oh yes. A big platter of "dessert" and Anna's beer (or two) would make for a very happy lunch.
  6. I love to stuff those small zucchini in Shelby's picture. Slice in half and scoop out the middle. Line a sheet pan with the halves and then make the filling. I usually just go simple with the stuffing. Saute garlic and onions and then add the scooped and chopped zuc insides with maybe a few extra chopped or grated. Add cheese and breadcrumbs and bake until the squash are browned and soft. My kids would fight over them and the whole sheet pan of 10 or 12 zucchini would be gone quickly. Stuff them with any favorite stuffing - mushroom, meat, etc. added. Yellow squash isn't a favorite. I find the skin can be tough. I asked the farmer at the farmstand how he ate them. He told me to saute some onions and the squash and scramble some eggs in. I do enjoy that with some buttered toast for breakfast. Both yellow squash and zucchini are also good stewed with tomatoes garlic and onions as talked about the green bean idea thread. Those buttersicks are interesting. I'll have to look for them. Batali has a zucchini and pasta recipe that is simple and good. He slices the veg 1/2 moons and sautes with garlic. I prefer to grate the zucchini and saute with the onions and garlic until the liquid is gone. Then add back some salty, starchy pasta water to make a saucey sauce along with grated cheese. I've always used more zucchini than the recipe calls for. Pounds and pounds. Probably near 4 or 5 lbs. It cooks down to nothing. Another recipe that my kids love that uses a lot of the veg. You can top or stir in ricotta, too.
  7. Green beans, like a lot of other veg/greens, are surely good stewed with tomatoes, onions and garlic (pork fat? yes) and that's a good way to go. A pound of beans isn't really all that much. Even for 2. If you're not a fan the bean, go ahead and make a green bean and potato salad and then you can enjoy it too. Just move the beans to the side for Toots to enjoy. Make a garlickly/lemony vinaigrette, Add to hot cooked chunked red potatoes and green beans with some raw red onion and red peppers added and toss. Eat it warm or chilled. You can also pickle the beans. have as a side side dish - or you can add to cocktails if that seems like something you'd fancy..
  8. No. Whatever PD gets is of her own doing. It's all about what she's said or didn't say. If her employees or former employees speak out about how good or bad she is, I'm not going to get all pissed. It's expected, isn't it? She doesn't need to shutter her restaurants. We'll see if people continue to come. I think that they will. If stores/outlets/publishers chose not to associate with her that's their decision. She can continue to sell her pots, pans, cookbooks and DVD's in another place for the time being. She may now have more savvy and modern advisors and lawyers and is getting better advice and that may get her back on track. But really, she needs to understand the whole issue that brought her down. I don't think that she does. If she doesn't, she's made a ton of money. Retire and be happy. Hopefully brother Bubba is getting the help that he needs. It was his actions and deeds that brought her down, but she continued to make excuses and cover for him.
  9. If you're still thinking of serving the leftover steak to guests with some of the suggestions made here - Maybe quesidillas? The leftover steak (room temp-not reheated), sauteed mushrooms and onions and blue cheese. Or just keep the leftovers for yourself and start over for the guests.
  10. Then there is this series. I haven't watched since I was linked to it last year. It's very entertertaining to watch if you have the time and inclination. Going to youtube, there is part 2, part 3, part 4... I do so enjoy Giles and Sue. "I look forward to a week of constipation, hearburn and gout."
  11. msfurious1

    Cottage Roll

    Good memories of walking into the house to the smell of one of the first fall type meals. I think that I grew up eating them too, if it's the same thing as a daisy ham. My mother would make a boiled dinner with it. Simmer if for quite a while, then add peeled and large cubed potatoes to simmer till just about tender. Then at the end, add a bag or two of cleaned spinach. That was back in the day when the spinach was sold in a bag, but it came sandy and had to be washed well. It came with big stems that you had to strip each leaf of. That chore is elimated in this day and age, it's all tender baby spinach in those bags, baby.
  12. Rick Bayless Ludo Lefebrve Cindy Pawclyn I just went over and watched the Bravo videos. It looks like the third chef is Wilo Benet. Quickfire challenge - "color" Elimination challenge - "street food"
  13. Northern Jersey Shop Rite -- 2-4lb $9.99lb under 2lb $6.99
  14. As a first course, steamed mussels and/or clams done on the stovetop or a platter of cold boiled shrimp with a spicy dipping sauce.
  15. If I had to cook something, it most likely would be spaghetti or some sort of pasta and tomato sauce with a lot of shaved parm. I pretty sure though, that all the while that I was stranded, I probably would of been wishing and dreaming of being served a good burger or steak, medium rare with french fries or pizza maybe...and chocolate cake with coffee ice cream.
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