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  1. Yup - that pretty much covers it! Thank goodness there's some "reality" programming connected with the restaurant biz that's getting a true and realistic picture out there. One of the things that I find the most disturbing about "The Restaurant" (aside from the fact that most of those people wouldn't last ten minutes anywhere I've ever worked) is that now this is how much of America believes high-volume "professional"-level restaurants are run. Although the exposure is great (or not) PR for the one enterprise depicted, I can't think of a more damaging bit of PR for the entire industry than
  2. I did, for 48 years, but never after 'plating' !! Exactly. That was pretty much my point ... it wasn't the touching food that alarmed me (I had no problem with Tony telling one of the cooks to put his finger on the food) it was the double-dipping of plated food. Does it happen? Sure. But this happens so naturally for Rocco that he didn't even think about the fact that it was being done on camera.
  3. Wasn't he griping about not receiving a salary at some point? If so, I missed it. Anyone else? =R= In the first episode, after Chodorow and Rocco met without the cameras, Chodorow said that one of Rocco's complaints was that he wasn't getting paid.
  4. I personally did not get the impression that Rocco was "sneaking in". I thought he was just walking in, and getting right to why he was there, since he wasn't going to be there for long. I also got the impression when he and Chodorow were talking that in Rocco's eyes, the time that he's spending there is sufficient, and that when Chodorow was asking him if he was in or out, he was saying he was in, as if he didn't have to change a thing to be in. So, if he doesn't think he's doing anything wrong to never be there, why would he sneak in? I've said before, I think that in Rocco's eyes, when
  5. I wasnt' that he's too good to wear any sort of head covering ... it's just that he finds it silly to do so for the three minutes he's in the kitchen ... and it'd give him hat head that woudlnt' look good for his TV interviews.
  6. Or how about Chef Tony directing his staff: "Is the food hot? Stick your fingers in it! Is it hot?" Makes me cringe... I can't be completely happy about the WAY Rocco did it (I don't have the tape queued up here, but he took it off of a plated order, didn't he? And they certainly cut away too quick to tell if he washed his hands beforehand or afterwards), but tasting and touching food are all pretty constant and essential steps in preparation. Presumably though, they have clean hands beforehand, are wearing gloves, and/or wash their hands again after touching the food. Rocco's hands w
  7. I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk here about the double dipping on plated food that Rocco did last night.
  8. In normal life, that's what you'd say. But when you're recording voiceovers for a show to help it make sense, you'd say what is scripted. You have to watch the way Burnett edits carefully ... 99% of the time if the mouth isn't shown moving, he's dubbing in a voiceover that was either recorded, or said at a different time.
  9. Well if the ratings mean anything, Rocco may not have a Reality show job OR a cooking job at that restaurant when this is all over. 2nd place for the timeslot may not seem that bad... until you look at the difference in actual viewers--an estimated 21 million for "CSI: Miami" vs. an estimated 6.5 million for Rocky The Chef and his band of merry men (and women). Even looking at the ratings in those terms, however, doesn't really say much. Reality shows, for the most part, build an audience as they run. If the show were to maintain those viewing levels throughout the run, it probalby woudln
  10. You forgot about the part where he got out of serving all his jail time by claiming his son had Tourettes and needed him at home.
  11. There are conspiracy theories popping up on other discussion boards that The Restaurant is not actually a reality show, but is scripted, and based on a restaurant that was in NYC, Cafe Alyss. Since this is where the foodies come to discuss this show, I thought I'd ask if any of you have heard this or see any similarities?
  12. Did anybody else notice that when Rocco and Chodorow went up to "mama's" apartment for the big off camera meeting, that the inside looked like it just had a pile of boxes and a mattress on the floor? Exactly what kind of housing is Chodorow providing? And, Rocco didn't just hit the scene last week, so sureley this isn't his first paycheque. Why would he have his own mother beholden to his investor for shelter? From what I understand (and I could be wrong here) having the apartment was part of the deal in getting the space for the restaurant. Since they had no other use for it, it became
  13. I'd say they are both at fault, in addition to several others ... Rocco made the mistake of thinking that his name was big enough that as long as it was on the product, people would buy it and nothing else mattered. Chodorow made the mistake of investing his dough in a guy who had a reputation for having little regard for cost in making decisions. Both of them believed that they could defy the odds and open a place on a timeline that wouldn't be attempted by anyone. Both of them also believed they could pretty much ignore things, and everyone else would carry the flack. And those who were entr
  14. Call me crazy ... I've never worked in the restaurant business. But it seems to me that the biggest mistake being made by BOTH Rocco and Chodorow is that each of them is trying to win this battle by winning the hearts of the employees and public, rather than by working to come up with the best solution to make the place profitable. "If they like ME better, we'll make money" ????? Yeah, that's a business plan to go to the bank with.
  15. This just in ... I heard this morning that Rocco has signed with a syndicator to do a 5 day-a-week cooking/talk show. It's said to be picking up where Martha Stewart is leaving off.
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