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  1. I never think of eggplant as a favorite veg, but I often love it when it’s placed in front of me. Here’s a dish that’s really good hot or cold, and it’s SO easy. Goes very well with lamb chops. It’s adapted from Rosamond Richardson’s “Deliciously Different” 1986, Sainsbury, UK For 2 people. Halve (lengthwise)a decent sized eggplant. Salt it and leave for half hour. Preheat oven at 300F/150C Cook 1 finely chopped largish onion with olive oil over very low heat Scoop out flesh from eggplant and fry briefly with the onions Add to pan: 14 oz tin of tomatoes 2 oz currants (I substituted raisins) chopped fresh thyme a bay leaf salt and pepper Put mixture in eggplant skins. Drizzle olive oil on top Bake for 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours Voila.
  2. I'm expanding on a post I left yesterday as the link I gave didn't work. PastryChef and Andy: I was reading that salt raises the boiling temp, and lowers the freezing temp, of water. http://www.isd77.k12.mn.us/resources/cf/ExmSciProj.html I don't read much about this in cookery books but I guess it affects the cooking times of things, potatoes included.
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