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  1. I haven't had cable for quite sometime, but Tyler still gave the creep with his close-talking & eye-f*cking his female guests on his show.
  2. I have the sitram 3.2 quart braiser, and I absolutely love this pot. You can't go wrong with Sitram. I find it impossible to find a great 10-12" non-stick wok that I can use everyday. The non-stick will not flake off after 2 months.
  3. Never seen this before [img noborder]http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/1125528434/gallery_12248_1697_16199.jpg
  4. Durian is uniquely and distinctively a South East Asia fruit. I remembered growing up in Singapore, during the durian season, my dad would buy a barrel of durian (about 20 - 30) and my whole family would just eat durian that evening. Out of 10 durians, we might get like 1 or 2 durians that are not so good -- either not ripe enough or just bad. My advice is never buy durians that are already cracked open. and never buy durians that have been sitting in a refrigerator for months during shipping. I wondered if your first experience of durian is so bad because of bad durian you had. I don't know of any born and raise Southeast Asian who didn't like durians. Maybe, it's not so much as an acquired taste, but more in the availablity of the freshest and best durians that you had the opportunity to experience. You are thinking of getting some frozen month old durians from Chinatown here in the States, just to get a of taste durian that way... well, I rather you not put yourself through it and have a lifetime distaste for our beloved durian.
  5. Fav: ---- Jacques Pepin - a true master chef. I always learn something useful from him. Anthony Bourdain - what's not to like. I love his honesty and snarkiness. Rick Bayless -- love his show Chef must die soon: --------------------- Rocco -- enough said Bobby Flay -- condescending and a big jerk Emeril -- just get off my fu*king screen. Enough already. Ming Tsai seems like a nice guy, but he is such a mama's boy, I wanted to puke.
  6. The absolute best thing I bought was the Wonder Mop. This thing was sold in infomerical many years ago, but now it's a common thing that you can find in supermarket. The mop head can last and last and it cleans my floor when no swifter can.
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