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  1. sorry meant Sansom Street Oyster House
  2. Been to Sampson's and plan to hit it again with my brother. how's Szechuan Tasty House?
  3. I'm visting Philly next weekend and need some restaurant help... Looking for a restaurant that is asian and/or seafood already considered: Morimoto, Buddakan, Striped Bass. Other suggestions? can be low, medium, or high brow...but bottom line good! Thanks
  4. You can always ask L'Academie if they have a list of restaurants to approach so you can get some experience.
  5. If you want to do something a little more hardcore (and therefore more expensive) the L'Academie Fundamental Culinary Techniques program, one night (3 hours) a week for 20 weeks, is very good. You will learn a ton and realize that you are just scratching the surface! However, it runs $1,800 plus another couple hundred for equipment (knife set and chef jacket). http://www.lacademie.com/Academic/Continui...onteduprog.asp#
  6. Does your cousin like cheese? You could contact the fine folks at Cheesetique in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria to see if they would do a gift certificate... http://www.cheesetique.com/
  7. You need to branch out on the Hill! First Anatolia is closed and is now Meyhane (sp?) Other spots: Montemartre (french bistro) Sonoma (newly opened in old Il Raddiccio space) Pacific Grill (try the grilled lemon chicken with noodles or grilled pork with noodles) Ugly Mug (pizza and mini burgers by former Matchbox chef) La Plaza (cheap El Salvadoran food) Belga (Belgium bistro fare)
  8. The owners of Tunnicliffs and Stoneys are the same
  9. Rice is ok, decent apps, didn't find the entrees to be that inspired...portions sizes are tiny... perhaps check out the newly opened Hank's Oyster Bar at 17th and Q and then walk over to Logan Circle
  10. Drinks at Firefly, walk across Dupont Circle and dinner at Komi. Saturday lunch I'm partial to Zaytinya and their large patio, good if you are close to the museums.
  11. Montmartre on Capitol Hill does Sat/Sun brunch and they have a nice patio area overlooking the street...wander over to Eastern Market after for the farmers market and flea market
  12. I think Jose gets more coverage in the NY Times, than he does in the Wash Post Food Section! This has got to be at least the 3rd or 4th time Jose has been in the NY Times in the last year
  13. Interesting...when I was at Galileo for the grill yesterday, I noticed that Roberto Donna had a Barilla patch on his chef whites on the arm...
  14. beer, wine, fine, hole in the wall...as long as it's good I'm into it. I'm also a huge Indian food nut, so obviously I'm looking forward to exploring India!
  15. Last week when I went to pick up my sandwich I noticed a bag marked Jeff Buben 6 pork shoulder sandwiches. Guess the folks at Vidalia were hungry!
  16. cool, I figured the dollar would take me far once I got to India! what food markets are there in bangalore? I'd love to explore cool markets... I think we are also taking a trip to Mysore...
  17. Hello all, I'll be visiting Bangalore for 2 weeks end of June beginning of July. First time in india and I have no idea what to expect...so of course I come to the wise people on eG! My initial readings tell me that there is a large pub culture in Bangalore...what else should I be on the look out for? Open for anything, low brow, high brow, street fare...what are prices like? how far will the US dollar go? I'll take as much info as you have to offer Thanks
  18. You have to love a restaurant that puts down a basket of club crackers and a plate of cole slaw on the table while you look over the menu!
  19. Burp...that's some tasty pork shoulder
  20. Pork shoulder sandwich has been ordered...oh yeah!
  21. Personally I don't have a problem with a couple reviews each year that are outside the immediate DC metro area. He does this maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Generally he only does it for places that are at the top level...he is the one who brought our attention to the Inn at Easton (which I'm sure more than one DC-ite has enjoyed thanks to his attention) and he has reviewed Charleston in Balt in the past...certainly a restaurant that should be on the radar screen. From where I live on Cap Hill I can be in Baltimore in 30 minutes...not too far to drive for a quality restaurant IMO.
  22. I can see the conversation in the kitchen now - damn we still got sardines left over from last week...quick call Nebergall he'll eat them, he'll eat anything
  23. With the weather we are having who knows what will be open...in the Dupont area the Tabard Inn has a courtyard, and if it's crappy out, has a nice library/lounge area for drinks and apps. Firefly also has a nice little lounge area that you should be able to take over on a Tuesday night. Although the food is mediocre to ok, Panache could easily hold a nice size goup in doors and also Heritage India Dupont (half price martini cocktails, half price Indian tapas for happy hour, a real good deal!) has a lot of space, but then you are limiting yourself to Indian food. With all best to call ahead and see what they can do for you.
  24. Last couple times at Komi I've left large tips...once because we did the tasting menu, drank 4 bottles of wine, were there for 4 hours, and got rather obnoxious and loud by the end of the evening. Part for an excellent evening, part because we were a little rowdy! The second time, the waitress did an excellent job pairing the wines to our dishes, we had 5 different dishes and tried 4 different wines and each wine was delicious. I also leave large tips for my favorite bartender at my favorite bar, but then again he hooks us up with major discounts on beer and takes good care of us, so it's worth the money. In general I'll leave 20%, unless the service really sucks, more if the service goes above the call or the person shows a lot of knowledge and enthusiasm for the job, like our wine pairing waitress at Komi.
  25. Thanks for your reviews. We had a E-gullet dinner at Colorado Kitchen last year that was excellent. Now that the parents have their retirement house in North Carolina, I've used your site for scoping out BBQ joints...the discovery of Moore's BBQ just off the 95 in Kenly was a great fine thanks to Hollyeats.
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