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  1. Del Taco monster fajita. Real slices of real beef. With pico de gallo, guacamole, jalapeno slices, and sour cream. Too much to eat in one sitting. But sooo goooood.
  2. Adam, as you always do, the pictures are great! Are you going to do any ancient food again in the near future? I'd love to see another of those...
  3. Leftover posole from yesterday, with fresh sourdough from Pug Mahon's new art. bakery. Nice stuff.
  4. origamicrane gets my vote for best use of foodism! That's cool...could even help if you found yourself in handcuffs (just a thought).
  5. ludja, thank you for digging up this old thread. I miss mudpuppy SO much!! I think about her every day. I only hope she is in good health...she was so much fun.
  6. Cat Cora used to be on the (personally lamented) defunct Melting Pot quite a bit. I am kind of mystified by her selection...I am not saying she may not be just as qualified, it just seems not on the same par as the Pucks, Batalis, Flays, Morimotos. For those missing the old Chairman Kaga, I stumbled upon the weirdest Japanese Game Show on Bravo the other night. It was called Hey!Spring of Trivia! and there's guys in jackets like Kaga's, a Chairman, and a row of judges who include two giggly actresses. For those who miss the weird otherworld Outer Limits quality of the Original Iron Chef, check this out. I think the people who want more 'professional eaters' on the judging panel are not recalling the Japanese Iron Chef real well. There may have been two on occasion, but usually it was just one food professional, and the rest were just as sorry as ours. I think the reason they came off better is because the Japanese folk have a much more deep understanding of their food culture. I don't think that can compare to the diversity of the Iron Chefs here. That's one reason I said I enjoy it for what it is, and don't attempt to make too much of it. It's a cool show.
  7. Abra, I do a lot of bison cooking, and as with most of my game recipes, I always add moisture, or fat. On most roasts, I will marinate, or I have recently used a spice rub I learned and changed a bit by Madhur Jaffrey: 2T whole coriander 1t cumin seeds 1t. whole fenugreek 1t.whole brown mustard seeds 1t. whole peppercorns 3 whole cloves 3 dry hot red chiles(I use the evil little japones) Toast these in a dry frypan..Cool...Grind. I rub this on the meat, sear it, then proceed to braise it. It is SPICY, but delicious. For moisture in meatballs or meatloaf, I use a lot of Rotel tomato sauce (or the diced tomatoes packed with green chiles and onions if you can't get Rotel). The best advice for that usage to keep meatballs from falling apart if you are not going to include some ground pork sausage is to chill the meat cold enough to make your hands sore when you form the meatballs, then carefully brown them before adding them to whatever gravy. My dear husband also always requests porcupines- they're made up with raw rice in the meatball mixture, then simmered a long time in the gravy. Bison always does good when it's roasted with some porkfat laid on top--fat bacon or porkskin. Hope this helps you a little.
  8. When you could give a dang what Trump's new gal's dress looked like, but you want to see pictures of everything they ate.
  9. Afterburner, when you want to get into meat cooking, an excellent book is The Complete Meat Cookbook by Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly. Explains a lot, has interesting anecdotes, and really good recipes.
  10. Stadium nachos; with the gooey liquidized cheez whiz, and about 1/2 the sidedish of jalapeno slices. Upthread, someone mentioned the costco hotdog;1buck,50 for a hot dog and soda.Always fresh, too.
  11. Umhm...New Yorkers might use the term 'the food is TO DIE FOR,' but I'm betting they aren't toting sickles to prove their point!
  12. Mabelline

    Outdoor Fridge

    There's no longer any sodas taking up fridge space. I love the way ham gelatin can get cooled down, then lifted right out and put into another container. Oh, I forgot cake cooling. One hour to cool? Phooey! 10 minutes, but you must keep your eye on it.
  13. Sandy, you brought up something that interested me as well. I get Sargento emails every once in awhile, and they are always including that they are a family-owned, blah,blah,blah, umpty-years in the family, and now I am curious about that Parmalat listing of them as one of their family of foods.Maybe that's the family they meant. In Robert Waldrop's better times info link, there's a very nice piece of advice from the Elders.Worth reading.
  14. A vanilla shake and french fries to dip in it. And I'm not supposed to eat dairy. So it is a guilty pleasure.
  15. At the Fall of the Russian Empire, there was a very important seed/plant research station called the Vavilov Institute. These folks have gone through HELL trying to keep the seedbank and knowledge collected from being lost.www.onegreenworld.com in OR has done their dangedest to keep these folks from going under. If you truly care about Heirloom, non-engineered plants, and what happens in this modern time, I suggest you go to their website and check on it.
  16. This morning's ag report stated that the prices of most wheats had gained approximately 4c thanks to a 300,000+ ton order for wheat to Iraq.
  17. There's a definite mindset I think. And even if you are transplanted elsewhere, I think you look at things in a more gritty way.
  18. Mabelline


    Can anyone post a website that will mailorder fresh? I would love to try it, for I've yet to meet an Indian spice I didn't get along with.
  19. winesonoma, Thank you kindly. I have written it down and tomorrow's list includes library and my used booksdealer. I'll look into it.
  20. Tonite is Kitchen Nightmare time again...The Walnut Tree, I think.
  21. My favorite is a seven bone chuck roast. I love it. It's so flavorful. I think it seems as if it stays juicier; at least to me. Then I also have a beautiful bone for my 'stockpile'.
  22. I would love to know Chef Mario Batali's absolute favorite ingredient. Would like to know how much the typical food budget is per show. Would like to know what Chef Bobby Flay thinks of the modern Native American foods movement out in AZ.
  23. Chef Masaharu Morimoto will be on Live! With Regis and Kelly tomorrow morning.
  24. I liked it for what it was. The main source of interest to me turned out to be whatall they did with the bison. I would love to be able to try the tartara, tamal, and Flay's ribs. We eat a lot of that compared to most folks. I also salivated over Chef B's masa he brought :smile:as well as his chiles and herbs. Made me ready to head South--way South.
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