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  1. Cracker is a term relating to the folks who herded cattle through the glades with whips. It has nothing to do with whiskey. It refers to the wildin's that folks took over in their own attempt to become 'settled'.Get it right, damnit. There are numerous breeds of animals, all endangered now that are known as cracker: Cattle, Horses, Goats, and Sheep.

  2. Trust Lady Jaymes about Herdez. They are good basic salsas, taste good, add a genuine touch. Next in order would be Clemente Jacques, La Costena then El Pato. To my tastes, the last two have too much of a cannish aftertaste. But if you are stuck--say up in a elk-hunting camp with no stores, then they would suffice.Herdez Rocks.

  3. It must be just me, but picture 1 does not look like even the same dish as picture 2. The second picture looks almost like a Christmas version of rice krispie treats, if made by kids.Sorry. My experience with most Asian is if I attempt something through cookbooks, and we know how whacked those can end up.Now it doesn't look like a broth.Looks like chicken and cauliflower are in it now.

    When you decide to end the suspense, please list the ingredients, and not something unknown that I'll have to google the rest of the afternoon, por favor.

  4. arbuclo-wow, a person has to look in some odd places for a Montanan! I am loving your thread. I love your beautious photos. I have a question about the kebabs, as well. I noticed they were on some very nice-looking aluminum (?) skewers. Are they sold that way? All we get are bamboo skewers, if they are prepared ahead for take out cooking. They look scrumptious, and I thought to myself that I am sure I would have a considerable bunch of skewers in no time--unless maybe there's something like a deposit.

    Where are youall from in Montana? We (DH and myself) are in Billings, but he was born in Great Falls. Anyway, excellently interesting thread; I passionately love to learn about other cultures.

  5. Okay, don't shoot me for this, but I have one of those giant PYREX mixing bowls, which I put in the microwave with saran-covered salted water. Nuke that puppy, 14 minutes in mine, bring it out, CAREFULLY take the wrap back, and use a spider to put the vegetables in. 45 secs. I guarantee blanched,and use your regular ice bath.Works for me.

  6. I am right there with the blue food "mistrusters". It does not appeal to me, except for a black and bleu steak---but then that's not really blue.

    Purple potatoes don't exactly trip any triggers, either. I want a nice warm looking color, like a toasty Yukon Gold or Blush.

    I do not even like blue corn products, because that cornmeal was intended and used as a sacred commodity. I feel it's been overused for a chic selling point. But that's a horse of a different color.

  7. OK. I have sat back and kept my mouth shut for awhile about the muddy catfish remarks, just waiting for Mayhaw Man or Fist Fulla Roux to say something in the defense of catfish. I guess it's not happening, so I will be voluntary whipping boy and let you youall know that's crap. I have run a trotline on the Brazos River, caught 100's of pounds of cats, and by god, that meat is as white and flavorful----NOT MUDDY. It all comes down to how you finish the meat. Hang the cat, skin the cat, part out the cat, put it in SALTY water, and freeze the cat. Done right, I defy you to tell me it tastes muddy.

  8. The only thing I have to contend about the NMSU thread is the bald statement that folks in Arizona don't eat the same green. That's plain BS. Get over it. My parents lived in AZ in the 40's, because of the war. I know for a fact (Having three sons-in-law who are Navaho-Dine- and Apache) that Native American and Latinos have traded culture for centuries. If you all come with me to Tucson or Fort Huachuca or Nogales, I'll show you the same cookin.

  9. I'm afraid I'd have said "Why on Earth would you want Cool Whip on a brownie?" before my civil self could stifle the 'other' self (also known as my evil twin).

    But I guess I do okay. I still get asked to potlucks. And Crow and Cheyenne gatherings--the Plains equivalent of a potlatch.

  10. I'm pretty much decided to make a big pan of frito pie, and one of those hollowed-out-loaf-of-bread pressed sandwiches, like you take to a picnic.Meats, cheeses, tapenade, good mustard&mayo. Stick it wrapped in foil on my comal with my big skillet to weight it down overnight.

    May the best team win!

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