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  1. Even though I love purple, and it's an inordinate color in shear volume in my wardrobe, my beef with the color scheme there was it was just so wrong. The building would have benefitted from any Georgian Mansion color, but it was at an established golf course, and after hearing the locals disparage it, I feel the countryside reacted like I did. To people living there, it could be looked on as an insult by some folks if they are of an historical-conservation bent.

    Did anyone notice the noticable difference in swapping a few of those palms' location? It was a real eye opener for me. I have a whole jumbly jungle of plants to trim up and get situated better; that helped me.

  2. Because you would not appropriately appreciate it until you broke one and wanted to replace it!! Or to give the replacement guys something to do? You would be depriving folks of an income!! We want china---they want bucks---the ancient Sumerian barter system.

    Aw, jeez, I totally forgot about the Franciscan Cherokee Rose with the green band, it is packed up. It came from gram, and I am too fearful of using it before I have a rubber table and floor (hee hee)!

  3. I reckon I've never come across it, but, hey, it's given me something to scout for. I've just not ever run up against a drinkable custard. Sounds almost like a sweetened Lassi drink. When we were sprouts, we used to make our own 'eggnog' that was egg, milk, and vanilla, with enough sugar to gag a horse, I'm sure now, on reflection. But I feel that's not mentlrph's objective. Oh my; a custardy mystery!!

    You reckon maybe that dear sweet granmama was slipping Tom and Jerry batter or syllabub in?

  4. Didn't you feel he was a tad young to be waxing nostalgic about 70's food styling and recipes? I thought that was maybe his way of ingratiating with his golf buddies.

    Also, did I hear right that there's a few thousand Yanks there? Damn, and nobody had the cujones to ask for a real burger?

  5. bloviatrix, not one single thing the way I see it.

    We'll have blackeyes and ham hocks, rice, and greens. This year one of DH's brothers at work made some apricot wine, which I'm as curious as George to try. DH goes in at 4:00 pm NYE and is back home around 9:00 am NY's Day, so I'll watch the parade, if it isn't rained out--How weird would that be?--unless something bad goes down. Anyway, when his shining face comes through the door, he will fling a handful of silver inside before he walks in, and then the New Year will officially be rung in.

    I have to admit that this New Year will have shadows that will make it very hard to be joyful. But we shall try to celebrate the continuance of the sacred circle.

  6. In a similar vein I found out this morning that one of my legion of doctors and his newly-wedded wife were in Phu Kat (sp?-probably wrong) and are still being searched for. Jaymes was totally right when she said that it becomes a much more epic tragedy if there is a connection. This man came to my hospital room in what was a sorry time for me, held my hand, and assured me that even if things were tough, they weren't irreversible. He was a gentle and good doctor, and I am praying very fervently that he and his wife are not fatally harmed.

  7. Although I know (at least I figured I know--Look Out) what Melissa meant initially---like that extra special little touch, I have to confess to being much more touched by hospitality than elegance. I have had quite a few elegant touches at different styled venues, but although they do impress, I still feel much more warmed at the core by sheer hospitality and goodwill from my purveyor. I am reminded of the most basic rules of mankind--civility to a guest. I guess I am just hoping for a quiet place to rest my weary psyche these days.

  8. I have real weird assortments of sets for everyday, but my goodies are Spode Billingsley Rose in Mansard Pink. Very plain, very comforting. I have always wanted Portmeirion Hephaistion. It's so gorgeous.

    spaghetttti, I absolutely adore your number two pattern. I am greatly attracted to intricate and subtly sensuous, and that fits that bill to a T.

  9. I'm just very glad that you are back, dear lady, and be assured I prayed very hard for everyone whom I've seen on eG from that area, because I know youall travel to and from a great bit. I am still at prayer, and my house has a multitude of candles burning. Although I am just now really exploring Indian cuisine, I am so truly impressed with the taste similarities with Native Mexica cuisine. Madhur Jaffrey is my newest guiding star. So be at peace with yourself, then post when you are comfortable.

  10. I think the little gal doing the waitron duties had the most on the ball, as well as (surprise!) the older guy with the 15 years (!?), once he caught his stride and started giving opinions of the taste. The waiter who could not answer a sentence was hilarious, as long as I was not the one signing his paychecks. Oh, woe is whosoever he waiteth on.

  11. After seeing last night's episode, I've come to the conclusion that there should be a legally sanctioned offense of Capital Murder of a Building? What the Hell color was that? What a mean-spirited thing to do to a beautiful, stately old building.

    But, that was funny just for the fact that it's down for posterity that the folks across the pond can manage some enormous food gaffs just as gacking nasty as we can.I am quite sure the deep-fried burgers were unpleasant, to say the least. I really enjoyed the chicken-carving lesson. It will surely make the least of the eGers feel pretty good at their knife skills.

    I have to say that I thought perhaps this establishment had a good chance of going up. I don't know what the long term effects of being the center of reality tv would be, but as well as exposing the warts, I am sure there's a residual celebrity that goes with it. I hope these folks are doing well.

  12. Welcome, and I need to ask pretty much the same question. My grams made a shipful of custard, but it was always in custard cups, and was very warm, and definitely couldn't be carried in a jug. Are youall sure custard is what you mean? Cuz I could give you not only egg punch and custard recipes. But beware...nutmeg is a serious ingredient.

  13. If I could possibly tell you of how many variations on a theme of 2 poached, grits, an English muffin, and hash browns I have nearly battled to the DEATH with slingers, I am sure you would not believe. I don't think I'm impinging the integrity of anyone to ask for that. But the variations I have gotten are incredible. Teach your breakfast staff what the terms and the product are everywhere else in the known world are, for cryin' out loud.

    I don't think youall understood me about special dietary concerns. I did not mean a quick call 15 minutes before you are due. I meant to have the grace and class to discuss it when the reservation's made. I've never found anyone to be rude or insensitive if you use a little sensitivity to the job required.

  14. I can vouch for chromedome's Menonnites. They are truly a wonderful and needed organization. When my first husband was injured in Vietnam, they were the agency far more helpful to a young mother with three kids who was scared into a nearly catatonic state.

    I feel that the shaking up of the Pacific Rim will have very dire consequences for years to come. Lately I've done a lot of studying about the Western Pacific coast volcanoes and am real concerned about Yellowstone going off her feed, so to speak, for it's reckoned to be the biggest activity area of which we've knowledge. I wonder what Mt. St. Helens sitting around simmering all these last months has to do with this extreme pressure blowoff?

  15. I know that the Red Cross takes a lot of body hits, but they are already on the move, and we were sure that our money will get there, as they do have resources. I will definitely look into the others posted, and rest assured, I am willing and able to aid. Bruce and I spoke this evening of selling off some cattle and sending that. These are the only times I wish for a larger bank account.

    I too am very concerned about the sanitation and aftermath. The worst thing I've heard so far is that there's an indeterminate number of folks who were scuba diving who are not accounted. May everyone not suffer, is all I can pray. :sad:

  16. Absolutely, woodburner. If you go asking for something special, you tote that note. But don't you just think a lot of this goes back to say, the 60's? That's when I first recall people who read a little about Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (Who WAS impeccible in her manners), mis-interpreting style and coming up with uppity as a sorry substitute? That's as close as I can reckon.

  17. I like your new icon, my man. But I feel there's a common current of missunderstanding running between front of house, back of house, and customers anymore. I tend to treat everyone with respect until THEY prove it to be an exercise in futility. But if you are going through someone's doors with that many restrictions or forbidden foods, you ought to be like the old folks always warned: Smart birds don't shite in their nests. Still makes just plain ole hard sense to me.

  18. Okay, is that an offshoot of the familytree of control I was talking about? How in the name of Aunt Hattie can one be allergic to water? Allergic to 70% of your bodyweight? OK, and believe me when I understand about contraindications with meds totally screwing up your bodies, but if your needs are that dire, and you're eating at that fine an establishment, should you not call ahead of time and give the chef a chance in Hell of accomodating? Or am I just too old for my Jimmy Chu's?

  19. Sorry I didn't tape, but I'm damn sure not missing tonight. I am sure it'll be repeated and three-peated, so you will undoubtably be able to have all four canned up. Is tonight the chef with the crap attitude? Or did I miss that on episode two?

    I love this show. I love this chef. I was thinking about how American TV would find a similar premise, and seein's how Mr. Ramsey's an ex-footballer, I figured Food Network would present maybe Michael Tyson and his efforts to straighten someone's kitchen up! Can't you just hear that falsetto now:"I said move it, you jerkoff!" Precious...and I'll sue if Food Network moves on this.

  20. I don't think it either correct, nor particularly wise, to attempt to change a chef's way with a dish. That is why you go to a certain spot. And you oughta be adult enough to know that some dishes are black and blue, some seared; fish over-done is a crime against nature (eat a fishstick--same taste sensation). I think maybe modern diners have gotten into this paranoid jag of changing everything they order, as a power trip or some such psycho-babble crap. I find this extends way past the dining realm, don't you?

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