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  1. Has anyone had success at Macaroons using a convection oven?
  2. Boiron Fruit Pate Formulas Not Too Great From Website... I'd like to mention that for a while I was making fruit pate on a regular basis. I followed the Boiron Table from their website and tried almost every one of their flavours and recipes. I checked the final brix using a quality digital refractometer. Some of the recipes set okay but some of them are too soft! The results were consistent each time within the recipe. For Example: Kiwi set up firm every time and passionfruit was always too soft! Problems with blackcurrant too! Most of the time I was able to reasonably rescue the soft set o
  3. Ah good eye! I see the 3 layers! I wonder how cooperative the white chocolate disk is at sitting in place all nice and even!
  4. http://forums.egullet.org/uploads/12409508...1940_113879.jpg Hello Everyone! So how did they suspend the panna cotta in the glass? By inserting a frozen puck? I've never had much luck in freezing panna cottas as I find the texture suffers.
  5. http://www.pastryineurope.com/index/pastry_in_europe/news_
  6. Dear Pastry Folks, What do you think of this much anticipated new book?
  7. Have you ever worked with Lindt chocolate? I've noticed that Lindt chocolate seems to be quite fluid when melted but also seems to be quite a soft chocolate compared to other brands when molded or even just tasted out of the bag? Especially milk and white. It's always a little soft for me on the tooth....sort of like a cadburys milk chocolate bar at the grocery store ....very soft and creamy. Not really a hard crisp snap like some chocolates but from the fluidity seems to be loaded with cocoa butter. Comments?
  8. I purchased a new refractometer 0-90 brix for $175.00 I can see the scale through the eye piece and HAVE been able to calibrate the unit using distilled water. PROBBLEM:I can't see the reading when I use anything dark such as boiron fruit puree ie black currant. At times I can almost see a shadow but it's not readable. What the heck am I doing wrong?
  9. HI, My apolpgy if this has been asked before. I have a few frozen Boiron Fruit puree's, citric acid powder and slow set apple pectin powder. I think I'm set??? In one recipe I saw it asked for using applesauce in the recipe along with added pectin. Necessary? Questions: How do I make the pate de fruit? How do I mix together everything? Do I really need a fancy confectionary frame to pour it out into? What temperature do I cook it to? Do I really need a high scale refractometer?
  10. Hi, A supplier recommended Miroir neutral to me for glazing varioous products. "No need to heat or dilute, just brush it on fruit tarts, cake tops etc". I tried brushing on this ready to use product and I don't like the results. Out of the bucket it's to thick and doesn't seem to set up nearly as well as say a pectin based apricot glaze product, it stays kinda sloppy. Do you use this product? If so, how do you use it and what products do you use it for? Thanks!
  11. Hi Everybody, Does anyone use a iSi whipper in their pastry work? If so what do you make? How is this model better than other basic whip cream dispensers that are cheaper? From Williams-Sonoma website: iSi Thermo Whipper Having originated in Spain, the intensely flavorful, sweet or savory whipped foams called espumas have become popular on restaurant menus worldwide. Our vacuum-insulated whipper is the first designed for making these hot and cold foams in the home kitchen. Using N20 cartridges (sold separately), it can aerate pureed mixtures of fresh fruits, herbs, vegetables, seafood and mea
  12. I'm craving my favourite pastry treat....Napoleans! They are fairly simple but just wondering if anyone makes these on a regular basis and can share some special techniques or GREAT fillings! I like to brush the puff sheets with simple syrup then bake. Then spread the filling and top with fondant. I'm not happy with my filling. Do you like: - plain pastry cream? - pastry cream with a meringue or gelatine added etc? Any tried and true filling recipes that are GREAT! Sweet Regards! cake decorator
  13. Thanks everyone, I'll be sure to take the time to look through your recommendations. Basicaly, I want to be able to do more than fruit tarts, butter tarts, lemon meringue tarts etc. I think fancy Fench pastries are what I'm looking for. I never make small individual pastries and i would like to aquire a repertoire.
  14. Dear Eileen, Thanks for the suggestion-I love that book however I am searching for something more dedicated to actual pastries, perhaps fancy French, Swiss, Austrian etc. I really like your website-lots of tips and recipes! Please tell us more on your awards.
  15. I'm Looking for a good book written in english that specializes in fancy pastries with pictures, recipes- traditional and modern ideas.
  16. Dear Patrick, Please describle what Jean Phillipe Maury's dessert in the glass was like.
  17. Hi Everyone! Have you ever made or eaten a nice summer cool or frozen dessert in a glass- lots of fun things and layers? I'm thinking og items such as: Fresh Berries Mousse/Bavarians Ice Cream/Sorbet/-Frozen Parfait Fizzy Soda water with fruit syrups Panna cotta Gelee's Your ideas welcome!
  18. What is the scientific purpose of vinegar and cornstarch in a pavlova? How about the purpose of cream of tartar when whipping whites? Ever had a batch of meringue that just wouldn't dry out in the oven? Even overnight-stayes a little wet and sponge-finaly dries out but it's too hard? Do you find meringue a little bit mysterious? A little bit different each time you make it?
  19. Here's a good question for all you food scientists: Why does Creme Brulee Mix and Ice Cream Base work better when rested overnight in the fridge? Perhaps something to do with the fat globules?????? Please tell me if you ever DO NOT rest your Brulee Mix because mine bake crappy every time if I prepare and bake the mix the same day.
  20. I'm told....... A marble company recently told me that marble will sratch when using hand tools so buy granite and that the 'thermal heat sink" property is better with granite. Perhaps this company is biased because they build lots of granite counter tops???
  21. Just wondering who uses DISPOSABLE PASTRY BAGS and is sanitation and convenience of cleaning the reason? You still have to initialy trim the bag to fit the tip and dig out the tip when finished so is it a big time saver for you???
  22. Dear nightscotsman, Would love to hear what it's like to work at a big hotel in Vegas!
  23. What pastry books have been influentcial in your pastry/baking career and remain special to you because they contained a recipe you would make again and again? So far my top picks: Death By Chocolate-Marcel Desaulniers Baking With Julia- Dorie Greenspan The Last Course-Claudia Fleming
  24. Thank you very much for the ideas..... The label is not marked if it's sweetened or non-sweetened. It tastes fairly neutral with just a bit of sweetness. Has anyone tried chestnut ice cream??? Did you strain out the texture before churning?
  25. I have some canned chestnut paste, what the heck can i make??? A cake? Icecream? hmmmmmm A bit course in texture for ice cream??? Any ideas???
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