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  1. At Homung Nangmyom we usually order Bulgogi (thin sliced marinated ribeye) and another type of table grilled meat (spicy pork, shrimp or short ribs). Sometimes we'll also get the green onion pancake (nothing like chinese scallion pancake). This comes with an assortment of pan chan (kim chee, various pickled things like bean sprouts, something shredded and white (daikon or jicama?), preserved fishy thingies (bait?), very good fish cakes, a custard served in broth, etc.). You eat the meat wrapped in lettuce leaves using the pan chan as condiments. They also have dishes that are not cooked at the table, Korean and Japanese, and sushi.
  2. In case anyone cares, I had the Western Burger at Jackson Hole in Englewood. I thought Jason's East Sider had too much stuff on it. Mine had fried onions, bacon, jack cheese and BBQ sauce. This was a great combo. But, for a truly zen burger experience, next time we'll get plain cheeseburgers. I think I'll bring a scale next time we go there, the menu says they are 7 oz, but I think it was more like 12, after being cooked! It's hard to do big and good at the same time, but somehow they manage. Much better than the one I had been to in NYC. Rosie - not too far a drive for you would be Charlie's Aunt in Chatham. Excellent burgers in a bar setting. That's where my dad used to take me when I would spend the day at his office when I was a little girl. (Yes, Jason and I have been there more recently!) (Edited by RPerlow at 9:58 am on Aug. 6, 2001)
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