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  1. Central Market in Shoreline best selection of deli meats i've found- lots of german ones
  2. I just keep thinking "why?" Don't you live in Manhattan? You pay, like, $2500 for a one bedroom apartment? Take cabs everywhere? This thawing and food processing and dipping and freezing for the babysitter at what must be only a marginal savings (both cost and taste) over a decent frozen brand is making my head spin. Get thee to a Trader Joes, I say! This is what they are for!
  3. Yes, the ones in the Market are factory made. Are there no tortillerias here? How sad.
  4. I am looking for a good source to purchase tortillas, both corn and flour, preferable on the north side. Any suggestions?
  5. I agree, no icing, it's hard to imagine as a wedding cake. Although there is the pic of the art deco cake where she covers it in fondant, I guess that would dress it up enough, the cake is intense on its own.
  6. Did you think about calling the coffee house, finding out who used to supply the muffins, then calling them, and asking for the recipe? Or would that be too easy? Kudos to you for all the hard work you've put in, you've done a great job!
  7. Thanks! I went to Macrina and bought a mascarpone cheesecake. Pretty yummy!
  8. We moved to Seattle two weeks ago and are staying in lower Queen Anne while looking for more permanent housing. My mom is visiting this weekend and I'd like to buy a cake early Saturday morning for her. Recommendations? Thanks!
  9. jgm, you're in Wichita, Kansas, am I right? I mean, you are probably a little out there most places but I'd think even more of a rarity in Kansas, which might explain your perplexed coworkers. (yes, I know folks in Kansas aren't all a bunch of hicks, I live in a rural area myself, which allows me to comment in a way Mannhattanites couldn't get away with)
  10. My son is turning four, and I've been asking him what kind of cake he would like. He's saying "lime." So I've been thinking maybe white cake frosted with lime buttercream, filled with lime curd. But I'd love any other suggestions as well as recipes. Thanks!
  11. I'm not about trying to create more work for myself, but mixes just have a funky metallic aftertaste to me that I can't get over. Not just cake mixes, but other baking mixes like Bisquick (sp?) and pancake mixes.
  12. I made a cheesecake recently and used Pepperidge Farms double chocolate milanos for the crust (chocolate ovals with chocolate filling). Off topic, I know, but I really liked it, quick and easy chocolate cookie crust. Just wanted to share.
  13. although sometimes bottled citrus juices have that nasty metallic aftertaste, in which case I'd just use regular old limes from the grocery store, which many people actually prefer over key limes in blind tastings, quite counterintuitively.
  14. Take out. Rest and heal, forget the cooking.
  15. therdogg

    Frozen Potatoes

    Although french fries, fried once, are good out of the freezer for the re-fry.
  16. therdogg

    Frozen Potatoes

    Yes, I've frozen potatoes in stew and they were definitely weird- all mealy and falling apart. I wouldn't do it again.
  17. Okay, I don't know... what kind of strawberry is worth $12?
  18. Nobody has yet mentioned ketchup in their top three. I feel so gauche. 1. mayonnaise 2. whole-grain mustard 3. ketchup
  19. therdogg

    Dinner! 2005

    You've heard of those studies of identical twins, separated at birth who have uncanny traits in common once adults? Maybe it's time to pm each other photos. Hmmm....
  20. therdogg

    Dinner! 2005

    Dude, so's mine! Best middle name ever. And I also made paneer pizzas with a tomato chutney once. But I think that's about where the similarity ends. Well, you also both used to be vegetarians.
  21. therdogg


    Thanks for the input. I use canned pumpkin with no ill effect. A friend recently said she didn't "like" pies made with canned pumpkin but I wondered if anyone could really tell the difference; after all maybe she's only made her pies with fresh and she just doesn't like anyone else's pies, which could also taste bad for a variety of other reasons (crust, spices, etc). I found this link from Cooks Illustrated e-letter, which includes a section on pumpkin tasting: http://www.cooksillustrated.com/ft2/articl...=4761&bdc=57132 Anyone else do a tasting using the same recipe, but with canned vs. fresh? Or butternut squash vs. canned pumpkin? Just curious.
  22. bacon, cheddar, mushrooms i also (but not alongside the above) like thinly sliced manzanilla olives with pimiento
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