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  1. Sweet Corn Watermelon Also at Christmas time I buy a bag of that old fashioned Arabian mix candy (not found except at Christmas) . That sure brings back the memories of childhood!
  2. That's when I break out a box of Cheeseburger HotPockets or a Marie Callendar's Pot Pie! What a treat!
  3. A spoonful of Hershey's syrup when no one's looking!
  4. I can forsake most of the concession food because I won't pay the prices. I do have one weakness tho-hot fresh buttery caramel corn! I have been known to pay outrageous prices for a small bag ($5.50). Usually I bring a banana and cashews or crackers and cheese from home and spring for just a small cherry cola or cappuccino.
  5. This was sorta in the list-the BIG Kit Kat! Gotta have one today! Pay Day is a close second. Willy Wonka bars with the Golden Ticket are good too.
  6. I luv Mr. D'z on Rt. 66 in Kingman Ariz. They have the 50's old fashioned ambiance and lots of nostalgia. They also have corn fries-never seen those anywhere else. The corn fries are served with ranch dressing and a spicy vinegar sauce. Yummy!!!
  7. I live in the NE Arizona desert now and the closest place I have to go is Trader Joe's or Cost Plus in Las Vegas. There are no real ethnic produce markets around that I know of except for a big outdoor flea market on Las Vegas Blvd. in North Vegas where you can get fresh fruit, vegetables and lots of mexican ethnic foods. When I lived in Akron Onio I spent many a happy Saturday at West Point Market on Rt. 18. They specialize in gourmet and imported foods with a fabulous bakery, produce section, deli, wine dept, candy (even a Godiva candy counter!) and the cheeses there are from all over the world-they can all be sampled. I discovered the English farmhouse cheddars there-Montgomery is my favorite! They cater to the British and have a fabulous selection of hard to find beverages, canned foods and grocery items. Also there is West Side market in Cleveland where you can get fresh produce, kosher foods, nuts, baked goods, candy, meats, flowers, and imported groceries, etc. The freshest I've ever seen with meats and produce!
  8. We have a beautiful set of very heavy floral etched glasses and yet the one everyone in my household always prefers is an odd one that appeared out of nowhere with a christmasy carousel horse painted on the side of it.
  9. I luv Cape Cod Dark Russet chips! Burnt is yummy!
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