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  1. Thanks so much for the recommendations. I ended up staying in Dallas a bit longer than anticipated on business, but managed to squeeze in some fun as well. Thanks so much for the recommendations. I hit two of them and will post in more detail later. A special thanks for the recommendation of Bombay Chinese, which was indeed quite different. -Ophelie
  2. THAT sounds interesting. I will seek out that review. Luckily, I have an aunt who I will be visiting (I love mixing business with family/pleasure) and she lives in Richardson. I will make sure to make Bombay CHinese one of our stops since I will be there for a couple of days. I will let you know what we think. -Ophelie
  3. I wanted to add another pork tenderloin recipe (although it's hardly a real recipe) that a friend made for me recently (I was working on other parts of the dinner). She took a good sized pork tenderloin and placed it in a glass baking dish. She then filled the baking dish about halfway full with a combinating of molasses and sherry and rolled the tenderloin around in it. I was a tad wary of my assumption that it would be too sweet when she took it out of the oven. However, it was perfection...and the remaining sauce was fabulous. It was comfort food night; we served it with rosemary potatoes, lightly sauteed asparagus and good bread. -Ophelie
  4. Slkinsey, You're probably right. My introduction to Indian food was by a couple of INdian families as I was growing up. I have a feeling that theycould have made many of their dishes to taste (hot/spicier than traditional). So, maybe that is what I grew to enjoy. When I order (as opposed to buffet) chicken tikka masala, for example, i tend to ask the waiter to have it prepared very, very hot/spicy. I like the added very intense kick. On buffets though, it always seems far too mild for me. I like the heat to counteract a rich sauce. -Ophelie
  5. A question regarding Indian buffets for you, bergerka. Maybe you can tell me the case with your lunch buffet today. I used to eat at several indian buffets since it is chaep and easy. However, I always was disappointed with how mild most dishes were (since they were made for a lot of people). Was your chicken tikka masal (or any other dish) spicy at all? -Ophelie
  6. Thanks for the Indian recommendations, guys. I wouldn't mind getting some GOOD Tex-Mex as well (something I have not really found since I moved to New York a couple of years ago). Any favorites? -Ophelie
  7. I haven't been to Dallas in years. However, my work is taking me there again soon. I remember years ago eating in a fairly good Indian restaurant. I have no clue what part of town I was in. However, I haven't had Indian in a while, so can anyone recommend some good places? Non-Indian as well. I have meetings with some large department stores, so I will be all over the city. And I will have a car rented. -Ophelie
  8. Make this thread go away! I have 75 cents burning a whole in my pocket and I don't need to end up at Gray's AGAIN at lunch on the go - a mere two blocks away. -Ophelie
  9. Soba, that sounds yummy. I love buffalo sauces. I am also a big fan of a soft whole weat roll/bun, grilled chicken, pesto, mushrooms, and carmelized onions...for a hot chicken sandwich. For something cold, I am simple and can be thrilled by cold grilled chicken, romaine letuce, tomatoes, and Caesar dressing in a pita. -Ophelie
  10. Wow. At least they were nice and forthright. I find that refreshing. -Ophelie
  11. I am not sure how to use the quote function, so I am trying. I actually found Chipotle in Washington DC (I travel quite a bit for work and have over the years). At first, I attempted to dismiss it as a "Subway for burritos," but have since seen the error of my ways. I actually enjoy Chipotle quite a bit. I am partial to the Chicken Fajita Burrito, but can do barbacoa or their Niman Ranch Pork as well. I actually LOVE the rice in the burrito (and it's got a kick of cilantro and lime). I opt for the "hot" sauce. Their ingredients are pretty fresh and the quality is yummy. They are BIG. I can eat a whole one though. On the subject of burritos and Washington DC, Washington also has another chain Tex-Met/burrito place I like - Baja Fresh. Have any of you been to one. They have NO freezers and everything is very, very fresh.
  12. Well, I was short on cash today (and not in the mood to charge), so after seeing the thread, went to Gray's over here in the Garment District. I had one hot dog and a small papaya drink (They are chalky, but strangely addictive). And the hot dog was yummy, as always. -O
  13. I've never been to a Papaya King. However, when I am stressed and stuck in the Garment/Fashion District (where I work), sometimes I swing by the Gray's Papaya for a quick $0.75 lunch. I wish I was closer to a Papaya King. That spicy sausage sounds tempting. -Ophelie
  14. With regard to the pants. I am sure you have considered this, but did you dry clean/wash them or are you re-wearing (I re-wear "dry clean only" clothes a couple of times often (I know...ewww...oh well). Perhaps the pants stretched some. Or, maybe all of this Pilates and stairmaster is toning and firming. I need some inspiration to work out...in the morning, evening, or ever, really. So, you're kicking my ass into gear (or making me think at least). -Ophelie
  15. I have only had this problem once, while traveling overseas. I know that you said that fruit and water are a problem. However, perhaps the following might not be too much. Squeeze the juice of one half of a lemon into a cup of warm water and drink. It was a tribal remedy given to me and worked the one time I needed it. -Ophelie
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